The 9 Best Golf Wedges For The 2022 Season

golf wedges and golf balls

A good golf game requires good clubs and accessories paired with your golf game. It’s incredible how a lousy club can harm your swing. Your golf wedge can impact things like your shot, the span of your shot, and even how the ball peaks and drops. With that in mind, we scoured the market to try … Read more

What is Scrambling in Golf?

golfer finishing golf swing at dusk

Scrambling in golf is a statistic that assesses and calculates a golf player’s short game performance. A successful scramble requires that a golfer has a chip or putt from less than 50 yards, requiring only one putt or less on the green. The statistic is formed from this calculation: Successful scrambles divided by missed greens.  … Read more

Noodle Golf Balls: The Best Bang For Your Buck

noodle golf ball in grass

If you’re looking for a budget ball that is still worth checking out, TaylorMade Noodle balls would be a superb option. These balls are known for being cheap, but that doesn’t make them cheaply made or unreliable. They still come from TaylorMade and are backed by the TaylorMade quality we all know and love.  We’ve … Read more

Dirt and Rust: How to Clean Your Golf Clubs

dirty golf club and ball

How To Clean Golf Clubs If there’s one person who immediately knows what type of golfer they are dealing with when you meet the first time, it’s your caddie. Caddies know better than anyone else that the condition of your golf clubs says more about you than you might ever realize. Clean and nice-looking golf … Read more

How to Drive A Ball 300 Yards

driver sitting behind golf ball

Driving a golf ball 300 yards is one of those things that are often heavily debated around the 19th hole. Is it possible to do it? And if it’s possible, are there many golfers who can do it? Let’s have a closer look at the matter. According to the MyGolfSpy website, only around 4 percent of golfers … Read more

How To Clean Golf Balls

clean golf ball by hole

During a typical 18-hole round, golf balls are put through an unsurprising amount of torture. Not only do you beat them over and over with a clubface, but they are also subjected to various elements on the course. And they seem to have a surprising knack to find dirt, even on a well-maintained golf course. Not surprisingly, … Read more

How To Hit A Low Golf Shot

golfer in pink shorts hitting low golf shot

When you need to hit a distanced golf shot, but the height will not be on your side, you have to use a low golf shot to get the ball to its destination. Hitting a low golf shot which also makes it a decent distance, can be challenging.  When you have to take a shot … Read more

TaylorMade M6 Driver Review

taylormade m6 driver with white background

If you are looking for a new TaylorMade driver, you won’t have to look long or far. TaylorMade puts a new driver on the market every single year. They make sure that they are constantly improving and updating their technology so that average golfers can get better results. As long as TaylorMade wants to keep … Read more