Can You Use Rangefinders in Golf Competitions?

Jordan Spieth using a rangefinder on the PGA Tour

Rangefinders, as they relate to competitive golf, have been a source of both extreme accuracy and extreme confusion, but thanks to rule changes enacted in 2019, we finally have a straightforward answer.   Rangefinders are now allowed in golf competition, unless directly stated by a club, tournament or tour.   There is one caveat to the rule … Read more

Gogogo Rangefinder – The Best Budget Rangefinder for Golf?

golfer using gogogo rangefinder

Are you looking for a rangefinder for the fairway this Sunday? Check out the Gogogo Sport Vpro GS24 for all the assistance you need with improving your gameplay experience on the course. The Gogogo rangefinder offers you an affordable alternative to the premium brands on the market, with high-quality build components and top-level performance. With … Read more