5 Factors: How Long Does Mini Golf Take?

how long does mini golf take

Mini golf is one of the few activities that we all can enjoy. You do not need a reason except that you want to enjoy a mildly challenging form of entertainment. How long does mini golf take to play? That depends on these five variables.  How Long Does the Ideal Mini-golf Round Take? It takes … Read more

Golf Basics: How to Swing a Golf Club Perfectly

how to swing a golf club

Swinging a golf club can take quite a bit of effort.  While there are several differences and varieties in the swinging techniques that golf professionals usually rely on, there are still some basics that they always go back to. In fact, learning about these basics can then help you practice and improve your swing to … Read more

Prestige: What Are the Four Majors in Golf?

what are the four majors in golf

The four majors in golf refer to the four main kinds of golf tournaments and championships throughout the year.  These are highly reputed, popular, and advanced tournaments that all the best players in the world tend to participate in. Initially, these majors included open championships and amateur tournaments in England and the United States.  Still, … Read more

Top 10: Which President Played The Most Golf?

which president played the most golf

Golf is one of the most popular presidential past times. There is even a putting green on the White House lawn.  But which President played the most golf? Surprisingly, it is not any president in living memory. The sport of golf is strongly associated with the Oval Office, and the history of presidents playing golf … Read more