15 Best Golf Movies To Watch On Netflix Tonight

best golf movies on netflix

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Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it’s a pastime that vast numbers of people engage in on a regular basis. Watching the best golf movies are one way people connect with the sport they love, without leaving their couch.

A game of golf can contain all sorts of different elements. On the one hand, it can be deeply relaxing and can serve as a way of relieving the sorts of stresses and frustrations that can accumulate over the course of day-to-day life.

On the other hand, a game of golf can also be extremely tense and exciting, with everything depending on the subtle actions taken in each individual moment. 

What’s more, the global popularity of professional golfers such as Tiger Woods certainly gives testament to the fact that becoming a world-class golfer can take a lifetime of dedicated training, and can be a riveting pastime in and of itself.

In recent times, there’s been a resurgence in the popularity of various sports films, ranging from comical, to dramatic.

It’s not hard to see why, as sports can reflect all sorts of different aspects of the human experience – ranging from competition and overcoming adversity, to the naturally humorous situations that can develop whenever you are a novice at something.

Thanks to popular video streaming services, it’s now easier than ever before to find any number of films within just a few minutes, and to then begin watching them in high definition, online.

The Best Golf Movies To Watch On Netflix

Here are 15 of the best golf movies that you can watch tonight in order to combine the great benefits of the sport itself with the magic of the cinema.

November 2022 Update:

Netflix changes their golf movie collection from time to time. We try our best to keep up with it! We have labeled the movies that aren’t on Netflix below.

1. The Greatest Game Ever Played

Release Date: September 30, 2005
Runtime:1h 55m
Director:Bill Paxton

Watch on Amazon Here

The Greatest Game Ever Played is an uplifting 2005 film from Walt Disney pictures, featuring Shia LaBouef, Stephen Dillane and Elias Koteas.

This film is based on a true story, and is set in the bygone days of the early 1900’s. “The Greatest Game Ever Played” charts the story of self-taught golfing prodigy Francis Ouimet, a 20-year-old from a working class background who fell in love with the game of golf and was determined to make his way in the sport, in a time when golf was considered to be an exclusive pastime for members of high society.

Against his father’s wishes, this self-taught amateur golfer entered the US open in 1913 and took on and defeated his hero – the legendary English golfer Harry Vardon.

This dramatic golf movie is an inspirational tale about pursuing your dreams whatever the cost, as well as the ability of individuals to beat the odds.

Available on Netflix?:Yes

Rotten Tomatoes Critics Rating:63%

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating:82%

2. Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore is an irreverent and slapstick 1996 comedy film that has become a cult classic, and which is frequently viewed as one of Adam Sandler’s best films – one where his trademark style of juvenile humor was balanced well by the other features of the film, instead of becoming overpowering.

happy Gilmore cover
Release Date: February 16, 1996
Runtime:1 h 32 min
Rating:PG – 13
Director:Dennis Dugan

Watch on Amazon Here

Happy Gilmore is an irreverent and slapstick 1996 comedy film that has become a cult classic, and which is frequently viewed as one of Adam Sandler’s best films – one where his trademark style of juvenile humour was balanced well by the other features of the film, instead of becoming overpowering.

Featuring Adam Sandler as the titular main character; an ice hockey player with an anger problem and a tendency for violent outbursts, who nonetheless loves his grandmother and gets into golf for her sake, Happy Gilmore is the tale of the civilised sport of golf meeting an uncivilised antihero with laugh-inducing consequences.

Although there are some heartwarming subtexts to this film, no one is likely to watch Happy Gilmore for a dramatic exploration of the human experience, or the highs and lows of the sport of golf. Instead, this is one of the best golf movies to watch if you just want to enjoy a few good laughs.

Available on Netflix?:Yes

Rotten Tomatoes Critics Rating:61%

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating:85%

3. Tommy’s Honour

Featuring stunning scenery and cinematography, Tommy’s Honour is a historical drama set in the 1800s, and focusing on an adaptation of the real life story of iconic Scottish golfers Young Tom Morris (the protagonist) and his father, Old Tom Morris.

Tommy's honor cover photo
Release Date: June 15, 2016
Runtime:1 h 52 min
Director:Jason Connery

Watch on Amazon Here

Against the backdrop of a burning passion for the sport of golf, the film investigates sensitive and complex social issues, inequalities, and the age old human desire to be the author of one’s own destiny.

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The film stars Scottish actors Peter Mullen and Jack Lowden as the father and son duo, with director Jason Connery, son of Sean Connery, adding another authentic Scottish note to the cast and crew.

Tommy’s Honour manages to successfully combine elements of a tale of self discovery with a battle against the odds, the enthusiasm and confidence of youth, and an overwhelming love of golf – all of which contribute to an effective cinematic offering.

Available on Netflix?:No

Rotten Tomatoes Critics Rating:67%

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating:69%

4. Caddyshack

Caddyshack is a film from 1980 that’s widely regarded as one of the classics of the comedy genre, and features a star-studded cast of highly renowned actors and comedians including Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, and Rodney Dangerfield.

Be warned, though, that this film is a standout example of the crude, slapstick and irreverent style that some will adore and others will hate.

caddyshack movie cover
Release Date: July 25, 1980
Runtime:1 h 37 min
Director:Harold Ramis

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With sleazy characters aplenty, power tripping officials, and a crazed groundskeeper engaged in an ongoing war with a local gopher, Caddyshack is packed with memorable characters, highly quotable lines, and a series of absolutely ridiculous scenarios that make for the kind of comedy that was so perfectly executed during the 1980s.

The movie unfolds at a golf course, and includes some characters and situations that experienced golfers will likely to be able to relate to. All the same, it’s worth pointing out that you probably shouldn’t use this film as a reference guide for improving your game.

Available on Netflix?:Yes

Rotten Tomatoes Critics Rating:73%

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating:87%

5. Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius

Bobby Jones was an iconic figure in the world of golf, bearing the honour of being the only player in the sport to have won all four of the men’s major golf championships in a single season — back in the 1930s, when the majors in question were The Amateur Championship in Britain, the U.S. Amateur, The Open Championship and the U.S. Open.

Release Date: April 30, 2004
Runtime:2 h 8 min
Director:Rowdy Harrington

Watch on Amazon Here

Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius is a bright-eyed biographical drama about the power of honest passion and self-belief, and the incredible true story of one man who wasn’t interested in making a fortune from golf, but played his heart out for the love of the game, and who achieved the extraordinary.

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While the film isn’t a big hit among critics, many audience members sincerely appreciate it. If you’re interested in a relatively uncomplicated film focused on the positive, and on overcoming limitations, this might be right up your alley.

Available on Netflix?:No

Rotten Tomatoes Critics Rating:26%

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating:61%

6. The Legend of Bagger Vance

The Legend of Bagger Vance is a golfing drama from 2000, featuring an all-star cast including Will Smith as the titular Bagger Vance, Matt Damon as golfing royalty Rannulph Junuh, and Charlize Theron as love interest Adele Invergordon.

the legend of bagger vance movie cover
Release Date: November 3, 2000
Runtime:2 h 6 min
Rating:PG – 13
Director:Robert Redford

Watch on Amazon Here

Loosely based on the sacred Hindu text the Bhagavad Gita, and adapted from a novel by author Steven Pressfield, The Legend of Bagger Vance is an emotional rollercoaster of a film dealing with themes including a fall from grace, despair, regaining a sense of direction in life and overcoming obstacles, and connecting with a higher sense of meaning.

When protagonist and former golfing prodigy Rannulph Junuh returns from the horrors of the First World War, he suffers trauma that destroys the direction of his life and his knack for the game alike. That is, until a mysterious guide appears.

With spiritual themes and elements woven together with a tale of personal redemption on the green, The Legend of Bagger Vance is considered by many to be a classic golf film.

Available on Netflix?:Yes

Rotten Tomatoes Critics Rating:43%

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating:65%

7. A Gentleman’s Game

A Gentleman’s Game follows the story of 12-year old junior golfer Timmy Price, whose father recognises his potential early on and enlists a skilful coach with a troubled past to help the young protagonist realise his full potential.

a gentleman game movie cover
Release Date: 2002
Runtime:1 h 57 min
Director:J. Mills Goodloe

Watch on Amazon Here

Along the way, Timmy learns life lessons about being true to himself, finding love, dealing with adversity, and standing up against bullies — especially those in high places.

A Gentleman’s Game is an uplifting story of one young man’s personal journey into adulthood, and his path of self-growth, through the game of golf and the memorable individuals he meets along the way.

For fans of coming of age dramas with an optimistic direction, this film could be one to check out.

Available on Netflix?:No

Rotten Tomatoes Critics Rating:N/A

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating:57%

8. The Caddy

The Caddy (not to be mistaken with Caddyshack) is a part-musical 1953 comedy film, featuring iconic comedy duo of the era Martin and Lewis.

the caddy movie cover
Release Date: August 10, 1953
Runtime:1 h 35 min
Director:Norman Taurog

Watch on Amazon Here

With protagonist Harvey Miller Jr. being expected to follow in the footsteps of his famous golfer father’s footsteps, but opting to become an instructor and caddie for his fiancé’s brother instead, the stage is set for various hijinks, ups and downs, and some love stories as well.

The Caddy is a film with a loyal cult following, and is an iconic example of the comedy of the 1950’s. It also features cameos from some of the premier golfing pros of the day, including Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Byron Nelson, and Julius Boros.

Available on Netflix?:No

Rotten Tomatoes Critics Rating:83%

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating:79%

9. Pat and Mike

Pat and Mike is a 1953 romantic comedy with a cast of memorable characters all trying to navigate the intricacies of professional golf and athleticism in general.

pat and mike movie cover
Release Date: June 13, 1952
Runtime:1 h 34 min
Director:George Cukor

Watch on Amazon Here

Leading lady Katherine Hepburn plays Pat, a super-athlete who seems to have the golden touch when it comes to any sport she cares to try her hand at. Her troublesome fiancé, however, pressures her to quit golf so that they can get married.

When Pat teams up with the dubious sports promoter Mike to help her achieve her full potential, he begins to fall in love with her and the story takes new twists and turns.

With lighthearted comedy meeting a touch of drama, Pat and Mike is a fun throwback to enjoy.

Available on Netflix?:No

Rotten Tomatoes Critics Rating:85%

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating:69%

10. Seve: The Movie

Seve: The Movie is part biographical documentary and part drama, looking at the life and career of golfing legend Severiano Ballesteros Sota.

seve the movie cover
Release Date: June 27, 2014
Runtime:2 h 4 min
Director:John-Paul Davidson

Watch on Amazon Here

Starting from his humble origins as the son of a farmer, and charting his meteoric rise through the golfing world, Seve: The Movie is an earnest, fascinating and touching look at the life of one of the men who was at the forefront of the sport of golf from the period spanning from the mid 1970’s to the mid 1990’s.

With charisma, immense talent, and a moving personal story, Severiano Ballesteros stands out as a hero of the sport. This golf movie offers a worthy look at his career.

Available on Netflix?:No

Rotten Tomatoes Critics Rating:73%

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating:69%

11. Tin Cup

Tin Cup is a 1996 romantic comedy focusing on the story of down-and-out washed-up golfer Roy McAvoy (played by Kevin Costner), who has set up a driving range and has apparently turned his back on his golfing aspirations.

tin cup movie cover
Release Date: August 16, 1996
Runtime:2 h 14 min
Director:Ron Shelton

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When he meets and falls in love with an attractive psychologist by the name of Molly Griswold, however, and butts heads with her boyfriend — the professional golfer David Simms — a battle soon begins; both for Molly’s heart, and also for dominance on the green.

Tin Cup contains many of the features of an iconic ’90’s romantic comedy, all set against the backdrop of golf.

Available on Netflix?:Yes

Rotten Tomatoes Critics Rating:72%

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating:65%

12. Seven Days in Utopia

Seven Days in Utopia charts the story of lead character Luke Chisholm, a professional golfer who experiences a meltdown during a tournament and becomes temporarily stranded in the rural community of Utopia, Texas, after driving his car through a fence.

seven days in utopia movie cover
Release Date:  September 2, 2011
Runtime:1 h 38 min
Director:Matt Russell

Watch on Amazon Here

In Utopia, though, the jaded golfer finds more than he bargained for in the form of a wise and eccentric rancher played by Robert Duvall, who has some valuable lessons to impart — both about the game of golf, and about life itself.

Seven Days in Utopia is one of those golf movies that has not received a favorable reaction from critics, but which has attracted a substantial fan following nonetheless. Consider watching this film if you’re after a golf-themed tale of guidance and self-rediscovery.

Available on Netflix?:Yes

Rotten Tomatoes Critics Rating:21%

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating:67%

13. From The Rough

From The Rough is a drama film with plenty of comedic moments and a plot that deals with serious issues such as overcoming adversity, pushing back against stereotypes and low expectations, and finding a way to maintain confidence and grit when it matters most.

from the rough movie cover
Release Date: July 1, 2011
Runtime:1 h 37 min
Director:Pierre Bagley

Watch on Amazon Here

This film is based on the true story of Catana Starks, a former swim coach for the Tennessee State Tigers, who became the first woman ever to coach a college men’s golf team, and who faced plenty of adversity as she set about doing so.

From The Rough is a golf movie that approaches the topic of overcoming adversity in golf from an angle not usually seen.

Available on Netflix?:No

Rotten Tomatoes Critics Rating:N/A

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating:71%

14. The Short Game

The Short Game is a 2013 documentary film looking at the journeys of eight young golfers all striving to be the 2012 U.S. Kids Golf World Champion.

the short game cover
Release Date: September 20, 2013
Runtime:1 h
Director:Josh Greenbaum

Watch on Amazon Here

This film is a fascinating look at the lifestyles, training routines and sacrifices of the children who aspire to champions in the sport of golf — and it may raise some questions about just how much pressure parents should put on their kids to succeed at an early age.

With excellent cinematography and plenty of real-life dramatic tension, this is a golf documentary worth watching for any golf fan.

Available on Netflix?:Yes

Rotten Tomatoes Critics Rating:84%

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating:84%

15. Swing Away

Swing Away is a comedic drama film that starts with professional golfer Zoe Papadopoulos having a breakdown during a tournament, and retreating to her grandparents’ village in Greece to recharge and find her equilibrium.

Release Date: May 7, 2016
Runtime:1 h 39 min
Director:Michael A. Nickle

Watch on Amazon Here

While in Greece, our heroine reconnects with her roots, gains a newfound sense of perspective on what’s truly precious in life, and rediscovers her love of golf with the help of a young protege she takes on, all while battling against a greedy businessmen who threatens the future of local area.

This is a heartwarming feel-good golf movie about rediscovering the things that really matter in life.

Available on Netflix?:No

Rotten Tomatoes Critics Rating:80%

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating:80%

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