Why Bird Golf Academy Is The Best Florida Golf School

bird golf academy

The arrival of summer invites you to think about outdoor activities. If you claim to be a golf lover, then can we assume that playing golf rounds should be among your favorite things to do? Some enthusiasts even place golf as their top priority.

For this reason, and to make the most of the high season, there is nothing better than alternating playing golf rounds with your friends with golf lessons conducted by experts who will surely help you improve your game.

With our team of golf specialists, we frequently survey and research golf academies around the United States. We decided to start in Florida. That is how we came across Bird Golf Academy, one of the state’s most prestigious Florida Golf Schools.

With fantastic facilities and practice centers in Jacksonville, Boca Pointe, Orlando, and Southwest Florida, the Bird Golf Academy is an excellent example of how a golf academy works. With highly trained and highly motivated instructors –all former members of the PGA Tour or the LPGA–individual or group packages are both attractive options for those who want to hone their game this summer vacation.

Each of these five Florida golf schools branches has unique and first-class services. That is why this article is not just about playing golf.

For example, the Hammock Beach Golf Resort and Spa offers its guests much more than a fantastic golf course and the best facilities for taking lessons.

It is a luxury hotel that allows you to enjoy the best services for 3, 4, or 5 days while you fine-tune your game.

In addition, the packages are adapted to different groups, whether friends or family. The same goes for Mission Inn Resort and Spa, north of Orlando. This is another of Bird Golf Academy’s rank offerings in Florida.

A special approach

Nowadays, golf is taken from a different perspective compared to what was seen 50 years ago. That is why having a different mental approach to golf has become essential. This is how Bird Golf Academy differs from many other academies.

And this is due to remarkable work being done in the field of golf psychology. Tutored by renowned psychologist Carey Mumford, the academy’s instructors implement various reliable teaching methods and techniques.

Undoubtedly, it is a positive way to enjoy playing golf, learn and do it in the best way while having fun.

Therefore, it is vital to perfect your game. And no matter your age and ability, you are sure to find one in the wide range of Florida Golf Schools that fits your needs and allows you to learn to play golf in a way you will never forget.

Do you want to do it as a family? Do you want it to be a few days of relaxation and fun with friends? Do you want to create a father and son program and make a few days of golf a memorable occasion?

Without a doubt, the decision is yours. But we are absolutely sure that the options are outstanding. And hopefully, this article will help you learn more about offers to improve your golf game in Florida.

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