9 Of The Best Golf Grips To Keep That Club In Your Hands

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Finding the best golf grips is a matter of personal taste. There are several factors to consider, such as hand size, swing speed, and the climate of your home course. 

Though it’s easy to ignore your golf grip and focus on other things, like your stance and short game, it’s a mistake to overlook them entirely. 

The proper golf grips will make your game that much easier, while the wrong ones can mess things up. So, finding the best golf grips is a matter of importance. 

Below, we discuss the types of golf grips as well as the best options in the market. Then, we’ll answer all your questions about golf grips. 

Short on Time? Here are My top picks for the best Golf Grips in 2022:

???? Winn Dritac Golf GripsBest golf grips for sweaty hands

???? Lamkin Crossline Golf Grips – Best performing golf grips

???? JumboMax JMX Ultralite Golf GripsBest golf grips for large hands
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Types of Golf Grips

Golf grips come in four main types, which include:

  • Rubber 
  • Corded 
  • Wrapped
  • Hybrid 

Each type has its pros and cons, which we’ll go through below.  


Rubber grips are perhaps the most common type of golf grip, and they come in several designs. Their thickness and softness can vary significantly between styles.

So, you may find you like a particular brand of rubber grips but not another. 

In general, rubber grips provide a smooth and soft surface easy on hands and golf gloves. A rubber grip won’t tear gloves up and is ideal if you struggle with arthritis or other hand pains. 

Rubber wicks away moisture, making rubber grips a decent choice in wet weather or hot and humid days. However, their soft, smooth surface may be too squishy for those with strong hands or who deal with palm sweat on top of atmospheric conditions. 

Overall, rubber grips provide comfort and excellent feedback, making them a top choice for many golfers.

However, if you have extra-strong hands or sweaty palms, you might consider a different option. 


Corded grips provide a rough surface ideal in wet weather, whether it’s rain in Portland, Oregon, or summer humidity in Palm Beach.

They’re also suitable for golfers who struggle with sweaty palms. 

That said, corded grips are too durable for some and can tear up your hands.

Some golfers wear gloves with corded grips to combat their rough nature, but doing so means you’ll go through gloves that much faster.

For golfers with a naturally fast swing, corded grips are the best option. They ensure you can hold on without too much tension, despite a quick swing speed. However, if you have sensitive hands and a swing that’s average to slow in pace, you probably won’t enjoy corded grips. 


Wrapped grips mimic traditional leather golf grips, making them a classic choice. Their spiraling indentations feel very natural in your hand, and many golfers swear by them. 

Today’s wrapped grips are usually made of a rubber compound, making them soft but tacky. They tend to do well in wet and humid conditions but aren’t very durable.

Their design makes them prone to wearing out quickly, so they may not be the best choice if you’re an avid golf enthusiast. 


Hybrid grips blend corded and rubber grips together. Usually, the top part of the grip is corded to give your upper hand control. The lower half of the grip is soft rubber providing more comfort and responsiveness when you swing. 

What to Consider When Buying Golf Grips 

When you’re ready to regrip your clubs, the first step is choosing a grip style. Once you pick between a rubber, corded, wrapped, or hybrid type, you’ll need to select a size.

Then, you might consider whether you prefer a rounded or ribbed option. 


Grips come in several sizes, including:

  • Undersize or junior
  • Midsize 
  • Standard
  • Oversize 

Though you can get a rough estimate of the size you need by measuring your hand, you’ll find that grip sizing is far from an exact science.

Even if your hand is right around average in size, you might find you prefer an oversized or midsize grip. 

There are reasons for this. For example, if you’re dealing with arthritis pains, you might find an oversized grip helps. It will limit wrist movement, which could prevent pain and joint tenderness. 

The same is true if you tend to hook. Anything that steadies your wrist’s movement, as an oversized grip will, can help you curb a hooking habit and improve your golf performance. 

If you have an issue with slicing, you might find you benefit from a smaller grip. The smaller grip gives your wrist free movement and may balance out your slice. 

Many golfers choose to customize their grips’ thickness further using layers of grip tape. That way, they can add more thickness to the upper or lower half of the grip, creating a distinct and comfortable feel for each hand. 

Manufacturers have started to catch on to the need for differing thicknesses and now make grips that provide different breadths in their upper and lower portions. 

Take the ever-popular GolfPride MCC Plus4 grips. They simulate the feel of four layers of tape beneath the bottom hand, significantly reducing wrist tension. 

Rounded vs. Ribbed 

When picking grips for your woods and drivers, you’ll have one more choice to make: do you want rounded or ribbed? 


Rounded grips are smooth and symmetrical. They look sleek on every club and are ideal for intermediate and advanced golfers. 


Ribbed grips include a ridge that runs down their centerline. The ridge acts as an alignment guide so novice golfers can see exactly where their hands should be. 

Best Golf Grips 2022

Whether you want rubber, corded, rounded, or ribbed golf grips, they’re on this list. Below, we share our top nine golf grip picks, including classic designs and more innovative options. 

Winn Dritac Golf Grips

Winn critic golf grips
Winn Dritac Golf Grips

Winn is a well-known golf brand, and their Dritac golf grips don’t disappoint. These soft rubber grips provide enough tackiness to handle a rainy round.

You won’t feel the need to death grip them, despite their extra-comfortable feel. 

Many golfers who swear by these Winn golf grips find they can ditch their golf gloves. That’s how soft and luxurious the grips are! 

The only downside to these grips is that they may wear out quickly. Soft rubber tends to wear down faster than corded or hybrid options. 

Of course, it’s hard to say whether these grips wear down fast because of their material or because they’re getting extra use. With grips like these, you might find more frequent reasons to get out on the course! 

Check them out here.

Lamkin Crossline Grips

Lamkin crossline golf grips
Lamkin Golf Grips

Lamkin golf grips have been a “tour favorite for over 15 years,” as the company points out. There’s no doubt that it’s true. Lamkin Crossline grips are the classic choice for many amateurs and professionals. 

Simple but distinctive, these grips are made of smooth synthetic rubber with a densely spaced pattern from top to bottom. The design helps you to keep a lighter hold overall, giving power to your swing. 

Overall, these grips are soft and give exceptional responsiveness, but you may struggle with them in wet weather or high humidity. 

For fair weather golfing, though, Lamkin grips are durable and sure to last you the season. So, if you live in Southern California, where the weather stays relatively dry, Lamkin crossline grips might be the ones to try. 

Get the Lamkin Crossline Grips.

JumboMax JMX Ultralite Golf Grips

Jumbomax JMX Ultralite golf grips
Jumbomax JMX Ultralite

The JumboMax JMX Ultralite golf grips rose to fame when Bryson DeChambeau used them to win the 2020 US Open. Their fame is far from overhyped or unwarranted, though. These grips have more than a few exceptional features. 

For one thing, these JumboMax golf grips are 20-25% lighter than other lightweight grips, giving you more power in your swing. At the same time, they have an oversized profile giving you complete control. 

Their tri-texture design promotes perfect tackiness, disperses moisture, and helps with hand placement, making them ideal in any weather. 

They’re not the most affordable golf grips out there, but they’re well thought out. With a mid-firm feel and twist-resistant core, you might find these are some of the best grips you’ve ever used. 

Check them out.

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade Multicompound Grips

golf pride golf grips
Golf Pride

Golf Pride’s hybrid grips give you a tailor-made feel without needing extra tape. Their grips are made to mimic the customization you would get if you wrapped four layers of grip tape around the lower portion of the grip. 

A corded top half gives your upper hand plenty of control, while a softer lower portion provides better comfort and responsiveness. The combination means these grips work well in summer heat and rain. They also come in plenty of bold and bright colors so you can choose your favorite. 

Get these golf grips.

Karma Velour Golf Grips

Karma velour golf grips
Karma Velour Golf Grips

For some golfers, fancy grip designs and bright colors are unnecessary. They want a quality grip with a classic build, one that’s affordable, reliable, and long-lasting. If that describes your golfing style, you might want to consider Karma’s Velour Golf Grips. 

These grips are an exceptional value given their price. They’re soft but tacky and feature a traditional grip pattern that’s guaranteed to be comfortable. 

Karma grips work well in fair weather play, but their soft rubber build may cause issues in more extreme weather conditions. In rain or high humidity, you might struggle a little more. That said, they’re incredibly durable and sure to last all season long.  

Find these grips here.

Superstroke Traxion Tour Grips

superstroke golf grips
Superstroke Golf Grips

Superstroke’s Traxion Tour Grips features a soft and tacky outer layer that’s comfortable to hold. Inside, they have a firm core that gives greater stability. The combination is ideal for most golfers in most weather conditions. 

X-shaped treads sit in high sensory areas on these grips, giving maximum comfort and hold. At the same time, a minimal taper from top to bottom allows golfers to give even hand pressure as they swing. 

The taper helps with swing speed while promoting a square clubface at the time of impact. In other words, it will help you put the ball where you want it, improving your overall performance. 

Superstroke’s grips have a very distinct ridge, so there’s no question where to place your hands. They come in a broad range of colors like:

  • Red 
  • Grey 
  • Tan
  • Black 

Their versatility and color options allow you to match the rest of your golf gear. Stylish, functional, and well-designed, these grips are an excellent all-around choice. 

Buy them here.

Ping ID-8 Grips

ping id-8 golf grips
Ping ID-8 Grips

Ping golf grips provide extra durability despite being constructed of soft, comfortable rubber. As a result, you shouldn’t need to regrip more than once in a season, even if you’re an avid player. 

These ID-8’s allow for easy alignment thanks to ribbed graphics, but they aren’t too showy. The ribbing is subtle and discreet, which many golfers prefer. If you want something flashy and bright, you’ll have to look elsewhere. 

Ping ID-8 grips also have the perfect amount of texture, giving you plenty of control despite their soft and responsive feel. They may be a little challenging to use when the weather is overly wet, but a little fog or humidity shouldn’t be a problem. 

Get these classic golf grips.

Winn Excel Wrap Oversized Grips 

Winn Excel Golf Grips
Winn Excel

If you have any hand or finger pain issues, be it from arthritis or an old injury, the Winn Excel Wrap Grips may be your best option. Their traditional wrap design gives natural indentations for your hands, and because they’re oversized, your wrist movement will be a little more limited, promoting a pain-free game. 

Unlike other wrapped grips, the Winn Excels are durable. They should last through the season, though they don’t do well in wet conditions. With a glove, you might be able to get through an extra-humid day, but it may be a bit more complicated than it would be with other grip options. 

Check these grips out.

Saplize Golf Grips

saplize golf grips
Saplize Golf Grips

Saplize is a newer golf brand that offers economical products backed by a truly excellent customer service team. Their golf grips feature an anti-slip, high-stability design that makes them a good option for a broad range of golfers. 

They come in bold and striking neon colors that will stand out on the course and feature a hybrid design. The upper half of the grip features a rougher, anti-slip surface, providing plenty of control, while the bottom portion is thicker, softer, and highly responsive. 

The only problem with these grips is how quickly they wear out. They may show signs of wear and tear far faster than other options. 

If you’re an intermediate or novice golfer who only gets out a few times a month, they might work well, but for more advanced and avid players, you might want a higher quality grip option. 

Get these grips here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying golf grips comes with a lot of questions, especially if you’re newer to the game. Below, we address some of your most commonly asked questions. 

How often should I change my grips? 

Most experts will tell you that you should replace your grips every forty rounds or so. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThat works out to about once per season if you manage to get out on the course once or twice per week. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf you play more often than that, you’ll likely need to regrip more regularly. Signs of wear or impeded performance are good signs that it’s time to change your grips. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eYou may also notice that some clubs need new grips faster than others. For example, if you rely heavily on your driver or 7-iron, you may need to regrip them more often than you do your other clubs. 

Do good golf grips make a difference? 

Yes, good golf grips can make a difference in your performance. Better put, the wrong golf grip could mess your swing up. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf you have to squeeze your club too tightly because your grips aren’t tacky enough, you might have difficulty squaring your clubface, effectively running your shot. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eYou’ll also run into problems if your grip is the wrong size. So, finding the proper grips for you is an essential part of golf. 

How do I know if my golf grips are worn out? 

You’ll know your grips are worn out if you see any of the following:u003cbru003eu003cbru003eTexture smoothingu003cbru003eCracks in the rubber u003cbru003eShiny spots u003cbru003eFaded designsu003cbru003eLoss of tackiness 

Should my driver grips be the same as my iron grips? 

Many golfers choose to match all of their club grips. Usually, this is an aesthetic choice. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThere’s nothing wrong with mixing your grips up if you prefer to do so. You may want a different size, material, or firmness level on a u003ca href=u0022https://golfcircuit.com/posts/how-to-hit-a-9-iron/u0022u003e9 ironu003c/au003e than you do on your driver, and that’s okay. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eMixing up grips also gives you a chance to experiment with different styles and brands. You may find one you like so much that you regrip all your other clubs to match it. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re new to golf, the conversation about golf grips can seem overwhelming. There are several types to choose from, and knowing where to start can be challenging. 

Even if you’re a seasoned professional, finding the best golf grips can be a challenge. Brands are constantly coming out with new designs and comfort measures, some of which are expensive, and others are overhyped. 

The key to finding the best golf club grips for you is to consider all the factors, like the size of your hands and how much moisture you’ll have to deal with when you play. Then, you’ll need to try them out on the course. 

If there’s something you don’t love about your grips, try a different set next season. Soon enough, you’ll find grips that swiftly improve your performance and make playing more enjoyable. 

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