8 Best Office Putting Sets (To Practice At Work)

Office putting set in office

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Playing great golf requires plenty of practice and time put in. The problem with this, of course, is finding that time! With a great office putting set, you can practice your game at work and ensure you are ready for your next round. 

Here are the 8 best office putting sets on the market; we included options for all price points and office sizes. You may not be able to practice reading greens, but you’ll get practice with pace!

Short on Time? Here are My top picks for the best Office Putting Sets:

???? Perfect Putting Mat – Best Overall

???? Boburn Golf Training Mat – Best For Large Office Space

???? SKLZ Golf Office Putting Green – Best Value Office Putting Set
Jake Dalton
Founder @ Golf Circuit

Best Office Putting Sets

After trying 8 of the best office putting sets (to our bosses dismay) we have settled on these as the go to sets for your workplace.

Some of them are more serious than others, so we recommend getting one based on the vibe of your office.

Perfect Putting Mat (Best Overall Office Putting Set) 

perfect putt office putting set

I’ve tested quite a few of these office putting sets through the years, and all I can say is that this Perfect Putting Mat got its name for a reason. The feel, the ease of use, and the overall consistency in the roll are the best we can find. 

Putting in the office can be about having fun or improving your golf game. However, with the Perfect Putting Mat, you could certainly use it for both. 

We are impressed with the ball return feature that allows you to stay in one place and make putt after putt. Many of these ball return features can get stuck, but the automatic nature of the Perfect Putting Mat is effortless to work with. 

With this office putting set, you also have clear guides to help you work on alignment and speed, and distance control. For golfers that are both left and right handed, this is a nice looking and high-quality office putting set. 


  • The very high quality putting surface
  • Lines to practice your stroke or roll 
  • Works for left and right handed players 
  • Ball return feature


  • Priced slightly higher than other office putting sets 

Boburn Golf Training Mat (Best For Large Office Space)

Boburn putting mat

If your office is large, you may want to look at a putting green as opposed to a putting mat. The concept is the same thing, but the Boburn Golf Training Mat is much larger than a single strip putting green. 

The putting green is made with heavy-duty material, and it allows players to stand on it while they putt it from different angles. There are three different holes on this mat and even a fringe area that you can putt the ball out of. 

Our favorite feature of the Boburn Golf Training Mat is that it rolls at a 10 on the stimpmeter. If you are serious about bringing your practice from the office out to the golf course, you may as well practice at the same speed. 

The Boburn Golf Training Mat cups are made of stainless steel. They hold up well over time but even more importantly, they make a “ding” type noise each time you make a putt!


  • Positive reinforcement with the stainless steel cups
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Nice rolling high quality turf 
  • Three holes to practice on 


  • It takes up a little extra space that your office may or may not have 

SKLZ Golf Office Putting Green (Best Value)

SKLZ office putting green

If you aren’t sure how much you will use your office putting set, it may not make sense to spend too much money on it. That is where the SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green makes the perfect solution. 

This is a 3’ x 9’ design, so you may need a little extra space for it, but it allows putts from a few different angles. In addition, the True Roll Surface will help you feel like a real putting green. 

The mat is designed with a slight uphill sole, and that ensures that you have that little bit of added confidence you need on the putting greens. Players can also work on accuracy because of the bunker behind the hole that is to be avoided. 

For golfers just looking to see how often they will actually work on their putting at the office, we love the SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green


  • Very fair value for what you get 
  • Premium true roll surface
  • Three holes to putt to 
  • Total of about 8.5-foot putt distance


  • Need a little more room to set it up
  • Not much padding underneath 

SurePutt Practice Mat (Best For Serious Golfer) 

Sureputt putting set

The more serious golfers who feel the need to work on their stroke while at the office will love the SurePutt Practice Mat. This is one of the more high quality designs with 33% more strength than other competitors. 

That means you will have this particular mat for many years. In addition to the mat, you will also get a putting mirror and the SurePutt golf cup. This particular set also comes with the mini mat that allows you to take the set anywhere. 

This is a very easy option for the office that has limited space and not enough room to leave the putting mat out at all times. The total length is about 10 feet long, but it rolls up and stores in the bag or box with ease. 

There are plenty of lines on the surface to ensure you are lining up correctly and getting the ball as close to the hole as possible. Golfers also like being able to stand on the same surface that they are putting on to make it easier to make putts. 


  • Complete training studio in a box
  • Mini Mat can allow you to stand on the same surface you are putting on
  • Some golfers also use it for chipping practice
  • Allows for a variety of drills


  • A bit too advanced for the average golfer 

Go Sports Pure Putt Challenge (Best For Office With Great Carpeting) 

Gosports office putting mat

The Go Sports Pure Putt Challenge is a fun choice for an office that already has a great carpet in place. If your carpet is one you have been putting on all along, the Go Sports Pure Putt Challenge will make it even more beneficial to work on your game. 

With the Go Sports Pure Putt Challenge, you only get the cups; there are a total of 9 of them. In addition, you get a scorecard and golf balls to help complete the set. 

My family has this set, and we use it on rainy days, and everyone has fun. You can get creative in the golf course setup, and it would make a great office putting set for a team that all lilies to golf. 

This is also a affordable option and can easily be put away in a small box when you are no longer using it. 


  • Great for a unique setup
  • It works well if the carpet already rolls like a putting green 
  • Easy to put away after use 


  • Does not come with the actual putting green surface 

ABCOTech Indoor Golf Putting Green (Best Automatic Ball Return) 

abcotech putting green

The ABCOTech Indoor Golf Putting Green is the best for automatic ball return. When on a phone call, if you like to walk around your office and make putts, you can do so with the ABCO Tech and have the ball returned to your feet each and every time. 

The Smart Ball Return System that is included with this particular model allows the ball to roll back to you, and it comes at a very slow and consistent pace. Don’t be worried about golf balls flying around your office. 

This mat comes with three bonus practice balls, it rolls up easily, and the surface of the putting green is very lifelike. The overall fair value and ease of use of the ABCOTech make it a great indoor putting green for the office. 


  • Portable and compact
  • Good feel on the green 
  • Smart Ball Return system 
  • Longer putts than other mats offer 


  • Putting surface not as consistent as the Perfect Practice Putting Mat 

WellPutt Golf Putting Training (Best For Working On Speed) 

Wellputt putting trainer

The WellPutt Golf Putting Training aid is a great office putting set for the golfers working on their speed control. Interestingly this golf putting training mat has two different speeds for you to work on. 

If you putt one way on the mat, the putting green rolls at an 11.5 stimp speed; if you put the other direction, it rolls at a 10 on the stimpmeter. You can learn how to control your speed and distance control if you play at a golf course with fast greens. 

Our favorite feature of the WellPutt golf putting training is that you can download the app and work with their program to help you get better. The app is a complete training solution that makes this one of the best options on the market. 

The total of 54 exercises on three different levels will really focus your practice and eliminate some of the mistakes you currently make on putting green. 

If you want to get better at putting while you are also at work, give this particular model a try. 


  • Rolls at two different speeds
  • Developed by professionals 
  • It comes with 54 exercises to work on your game
  • Easy to roll up and put away 
  • Lifetime guarantee 


  • Not much padding underneath, it works best when put on a soft surface 

Crestgolf Office Putting Game Set (Best For Practicing With Friends)

crest golf putting game set

Some office putting sets are made for the golfer trying to get their handicap to the next level, and others are made for those who want to have fun at work. If you are part of a team that likes to think outside the box and enjoy your time at work, the Crestgolf Golf Putting Game Set is a perfect solution. 

With this particular model, not only do you get the putting green, you will also get two putters and ten balls. This is a great way to get other people in the office who aren’t golfers interested in the game. 

In addition to being more than just a great place to roll down some 10-foot putts, you can also play the game that comes with this mat. There are 10 holes on each side, and your goal is to putt the ball into one of the holes and then cover it up. 

We like this option better for those looking to have fun in the workplace, as opposed to someone looking to work on their fundamentals. 


  • Great way to get the entire office involved
  • Comes with putters and balls
  • The game is entertaining to play and makes you forget you are practicing putting 


  • Not as great of an option for single player practice
  • The putter quality that the set comes with is not very high 

What To Look For In An Office Putting Set 

The best office putting sets are not hard to find because there are so many of them out there. The hard part is determining which is best for you. 

When looking for a golf putting set, keep these things in mind: 

  • Measure your space and determine the size of the mat that will fit
  • Think about how much padding is under the putting mat or green, as it will impact the speed
  • Portability and the ability to roll up the mat come into play in an office-type setting
  • Decide between a fun putting game and a real short game tool 
  • Automatic ball return can be useful when multitasking in the office 


The Perfect Putting Mat stands out as the best overall office putting set this year. However, we have tried all of the options on the list, and they have some great features and feel that are certainly worth trying.

Regardless of your budget and the amount of space you have, there is an office putting set that will work for your needs.

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