Claire Hogle Net Worth: 2023 Case Study

claire hogle net worth

Meet Jake

Jake was a competitive golfer for over a decade dating back to the days of being the Captain of his high school golf team. He has played more than 200 courses across 32 different states in the US. Now semi-retired, Jake continues to golf 3-4 days a week with a current 2 handicap, gives golf lessons to his friends and family, and provides a wealth of knowledge to Golf Circuit from his competitive playing days. Jake combines practical expertise with technical knowledge to create golfing strategies and training techniques for both beginners and scratch golfers.

The name Claire Hogle brings to mind a talented, beautiful woman. She has been on the rise across social media platforms. Who is this sensational golfer? Let’s dive into an overview of her life and career.

Twenty-three-year-old Claire Hogle is a professional golf player, a social media sensation, a striving entrepreneur and a YouTuber.

Her golf career began during her freshman year at university. She ultimately went on to win numerous athletic as well as academic awards.

Let’s take a look at Claire Hogle’s early life and career.

Claire Hogle Net Worth:$150,000
Birthday:September 3, 1999
Age:23 Years Old
Profession:Golf Youtuber
Birthplace:San Diego, CA
Height:5′ 7″

Claire Hogle Net Worth

Claire Hogle’s net worth is estimated to be around $150,000. She earns this income from numerous sources.

In addition to her golfing career, she has a big social media presence. Her rising popularity has earned her numerous sponsorship deals along with brand affiliation opportunities.

At Claire Hogle’s age, her net worth is impressive. She makes around $1,000 a month just from her YouTube channel, according to Social Blade. She has over 800,000 followers on Instagram and over 78,000 followers on her YouTube channel.

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At present, she is focused on her golfing career along with regular uploads to her social media platforms. Her occasional TikTok posts revolve around golf and everyday life events of her life.

She is being hailed as the ‘next Paige Spiranac’ by her fan following.

She has partnered with Blue Tees Golf as their brand ambassador, as you can see from the video above.

She also works with Goatlane Golfing Shoes and Rhoback Crave Activity as their ambassador. These companies are associated with high-quality, budget-friendly golf products.

Early Life

claire hogle

Claire Hogle was born to parents Glenn Hogle and Sherri Romo on September 03, 1999, in San Diego, California. Her father is an entrepreneur, while her mother is a homemaker. She has one known sibling, a brother named Weston.

Claire maintains a closed sphere around her family and private life. There is little known about her on her on social media or any other platform.

Her father is known to be her biggest influence in the field of golf. Glenn played the sport for most of his life and transferred his passion for it to his daughter. Although Claire did not envision playing golf or pursuing it as a career, she tried her hand at it for one season during high school.

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She was reluctant to admit it then, but she enjoyed the sport and fell in love with it. The start of Claire’s golfing journey took root at Rancho Bernado High School.

Education and Career

Once she got on the course and got a taste of the excitement, nothing could stop Claire from embarking on her professional golfing journey. Her professional career began with the Valley League Champions in 2015-2016.

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She moved on to playing numerous matches in high school, including the Cal Baptist Lancer Gold Joust and CCAA Championship.

After high school, Claire moved on to Cal State University San Marcos in 2018, where she continued to dominate the sport. She played at a junior level at numerous events like RJGA Shootout at Estrella.

Her passion and skill for the sport were rewarded. She won the CCAA Freshman of the Year award in 2018 and the CCAA Golfer of the Week award in 2019.

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She also earned numerous academic awards, including consecutive CCAA All-Academic awards during her university years and the CCAA Spring All-Academic award in 2019-2020. She earned the F.A.R. Cougar All-Academic Team award the same year.

Although her senior season came to a halt due to the pandemic in 2020-21, she has continued to grow her brand through social media. She began her YouTube channel in January 2015. The channel mainly focuses on golf, with feature videos of talented players along with tips and tricks of the sport.


Although she did not show any interest in golf when starting out, she quickly grew attached and formed a strong passion for the sport. Today, despite being only 23 years old, Claire Hogle is killing it in the golfing community.

She is rising through the ranks and making a name for herself not only as a professional golfer but also in the social media world. Claire also loves travelling and has visited Italy, France and Greece.

The sensational star is open about her shortcomings. She has written on social media about how she approaches challenges and does her best to rise to every opportunity and bring her best self forward.

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