Annual Hole In One Study: 10 Amazing Facts

golf ball about to role in for a hole in one

What do you think you would find if you looked at the data of over 28,000 hole in one’s?

Well, we took a look and found some pretty interesting things. If you are a 46-year-old who plays with Titleist golf balls primarily in California, it’s your lucky year. 

We sourced our data from and National Hole in One Registry. They have been around for years, collecting data from people who have successfully hit the perfect golf shot. 

When you break down the data as we have, it isn’t all that surprising what you find. 

However, this study has a lot to take away, especially what golf club and golf ball you should be using if you hope to score an ace in golf.

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Where Are Most Hole in One’s Happening?

It is not surprising that most hole in ones happen in California because the state has over 921 golf courses and more than 1 million golfers. It is also a place where the sun is always shining, and people generally have the time to play golf. 

The odds of getting an ace are 1 in 12,500, which breaks down to one ace happening for every 3,500 rounds played.

Notable mentions include:

Florida, the sunshine state, has over 1,100 golf courses that retirees and golf professionals use year-round to improve their game. Clearly, it works since Florida came in 2nd place with 2,248 aces made since 1999. 

Michigan, the home of blue water and the longest freshwater coastline, is home to some of the most beautiful golf courses in the USA. 

With 650 golf courses in the state, it was 3rd for the most hole in ones scored in the data we looked at, with 1,372. Beating out Texas, which had 1,175 aces. 

StateNumber of Hole In Ones
New York1121

What Club Should I Use To Score A Hole In One?

The most common club used to score a hole in one is a 7-iron. Paired with the knowledge that most hole in ones happen on par three holes, this lines up. 

But what other clubs are golfers using to score an ace? Let’s take a look.

Tied for first for the most common club used to score an ace is the 8-iron, also at 14%

The third most common club used to score a hole in one is the 9-iron, with 12% of golfers using it to score a hole in one.

ClubPercent of Aces
Pitching Wedge7%
Source: National Hole In One Registry

What Ball Has Scored The Most Hole In Ones?

It is always difficult to decide what the best golf ball brand really is. 

You would think pairing this with hole in one data would clarify what ball is performing best.

However, from this data alone, it is not safe to say Titleist is the best performing golf ball brand. Rather, we think a safe takeaway from this would be that Titleist is the most popular golf ball brand.

Titleist scored the most hole in ones with the data we looked at, and it breaks down further:

Callaway came in 2nd with 1848 aces.

Nike in 3rd with 1399.

It is exciting thinking about how this data will change in the years to come as more and more golf ball brands come to market. 

Every year it seems there is a new ball that is being used in the higher levels of golf, which will ultimately trickle down to the hobbyists.

Golf Ball Brand# of Hole In Ones
Top Flite1183

Other statistics about Aces in Golf:

  • The most common day to score an ace is Friday. We aren’t entirely certain if this is the best day to score a hole in one, but maybe it helps to have the workweek at your back and the evening sun shining down on your 9th hole.
  • Speaking of the 9th hole, that was the most common hole to score a hole in one. 
  • The average handicap of golfers who scored an ace was 14. A 14 handicap is significantly below the average handicap of all golfers, meaning people who are better score more hole in ones (who would have thought, right?)
  • The average amount of time that golfers who score an ace have been playing is 18 years.
  • The average age is 46 for golfers who score a hole in one.

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