How to Drive A Ball 300 Yards

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Driving a golf ball 300 yards is one of those things that are often heavily debated around the 19th hole. Is it possible to do it? And if it’s possible, are there many golfers who can do it? Let’s have a closer look at the matter.

According to the MyGolfSpy website, only around 4 percent of golfers have ever been able to drive a golf ball 300 yards. And another 11 percent of them can drive a ball 275 yards or further (but not quite 300 yards). 

To put it differently: 96 percent of golfers have never been able to do reach the 300-yard milestone. So, no offense intended, but if you are 89 and you only play golf on your birthdays, trying to score a 300-yard hit might not be the most sensible thing you attempt this year.

Having said that: driving a golf ball can be done. But why can some people do it while others can’t?

The Secrets Of Driving A Golf Ball 300 Yards

Achieving such a considerable distance won’t happen overnight. You will have to develop an unusually effective swing that will propel your golf ball off your clubface like a rocket. Having said that: In the majority of cases, it’s not about how hard you hit the ball, more about how you hit the ball. 

To regularly hit golf balls 300 yards or more, the first thing that both expert and beginner golfers have to practice is their stroke…. and they have to practice it over and over. To achieve the necessary amount of power and the correct technique will require a lot of patience and practice. 

The following five tips should help:

Effort and speed. 

If you would like to eventually become part of the 4 percent of golfers across the globe who can hit a 300-yard shot, you are going to need a lot of learning and, as we said above, even more patience. Exactly how much will become a little bit clearer if we tell you that the average speed the club head will have to reach to perform such a feat is more than 120mph. A 120 mph shot will ‘only’ give you a distance of 295 yards. Not bad for an amateur, but still not 300 yards.

Be aware of the wind direction and speed. 

When you try to achieve a 300-yard drive, the wind blowing from the right direction and at the correct rate can play a crucial role. Trying to hit against the wind will make the whole thing virtually impossible. Playing downwind could add yards essential to the shot – maybe all you will need to achieve that 300-yard dream. Apart from that, the wind can directly impact the golf ball’s flight path. When you are setting up the tee shot, you will have to make a mental note of both the wind speed and the direction because both of them can and will affect your shot.

Use the right golf club. 

This might be the most crucial decision you make. Using the right club can hugely benefit your chances of driving that golf ball 300 yards – or more. A simple example might help to illustrate the point. With a 9-iron club, you can typically not send the ball further than 145 yards. Longer irons will generally drive the ball somewhat farther. But the best club to use if you want to hit the ball a long distance is the good old driver

Have clear thoughts and impeccable timing. 

If you want to make the perfect swing, excellent timing is of the utmost importance. With timing should also come things such as rhythm, the correct body posture, and a clear, fully focussed mind. Your thoughts can significantly impact the success or not of the shot. As a golfer, you should focus every single thought on the ball and how you will hit it. A distracted mind will virtually guarantee that your attempt won’t succeed.

Be driven, focused, and confident. 

This is related to the previous point about being focused, but it’s about more than that. To achieve a 300-yard drive, your mindset should be correct. You should want to do it with your whole heart. And it would be best if you believed that you could do it. Nobody who didn’t believe in him- or herself ever hit a golf ball 300 yards. And finally, for the days leading up to your attempt, you should eat, sleep and dream that shot. 


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