Noodle Golf Balls: The Best Bang For Your Buck

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If you’re looking for a budget ball that is still worth checking out, TaylorMade Noodle balls would be a superb option. These balls are known for being cheap, but that doesn’t make them cheaply made or unreliable. They still come from TaylorMade and are backed by the TaylorMade quality we all know and love. 

We’ve put together a simple guide, covering 3 of the TaylorMade Noodle line balls and sharing everything you need to know before running and trying these babies out. 

About Noodle Golf Balls

Noodle golf balls might not measure up to other pro golf balls, depending on your skills, but they are still great balls to play. How well the balls work for you might rely on how refined your golf game is, but the good news is that these balls still have good spin and control, and feel exceptional when you consider the overall cost. 

The most popular Noodle golf balls are the Long and Soft original balls, but they also have an Easy Distance ball and a Neon line that is super fun. You’re looking at about $14 to $20 for these, depending on what you choose. To be clear, you get a minimum of 12 balls for these prices as well. 

Of course, each of these balls is designed differently, and they all have their unique qualities about them. We will dive into the individual details here shortly. Overall, we think you will find that these golf balls are great for your standard drives and long shots

For a ball that is considered to be a “cheap ball,” these exemplify stellar quality compared to others in the same category. 

Now, let’s get down to business! 

TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft Golf Balls


The Long & Soft Noodle balls are the most popular selection from this line in general. They label the box with a motto, “Have fun. Play better.” We feel like this is a pretty good rating of the ball quality in general. These long & softballs work well with long shots. They are soft with good compression, and you get a decent spin with plenty of control. 

The downside to this particular golf ball is that it isn’t always great when you’re making a chip shot or perhaps even a short putt on the green. However, it won’t be awful in those situations either. It’s designed for distance shots. 

These are simple balls designed with 342 aerodynamic dimples. Those dimples work well to slice through the air and carry your ball farther and longer. The compression is an ultra-soft 34 level compression core that gives it just the correct bearing. This means you get a good combo for both feel and compression, so you can get distance and spin with a good amount of control as well. 

Overall, people who have played with this ball say it’s a great value golf ball. The soft feel and the excellent distance make them pleasant to work with without spending a ton of money using them. They are great to have in your bag, and you can’t beat a pack of 24 for this price, either. 

If you’re a recreational golfer or know your skills are consistent, these make a great option. Additionally, if you’re the golfer that often loses balls, you won’t be out a bunch of money either. 

We love the distance, spin, and control you get with the Noodle Long & Soft. It is not the best for chip shots or short pitches, but it also is not the worst, and if you are a good golfer, you probably won’t have a significant issue. A lot of times, the ball has no impact on your skill. 

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● Perfect for distance and long shots

● Compression of 34 that is perfect for control and distance

● A reliable dimple design

● Value golf balls with a pack of 24 for a great price

● Overall quality design, perfect for recreational and distance use


● May not perform as well for chip shots or short pitches

● These may not hold up as long as other balls that tend to be more expensive

TaylorMade Noodle Easy Distance Golf Ball


This next option is another popular choice from the Noodle selection. It’s an Easy Distance design, and it lives up to its name. Again, these balls are ultimately designed for distance. This brand is so fun because they come up with unique sayings for each ball, and this one sport “the ball that invented long.” That gives you some indication of what this ball was made for, and that is a long shot—looking for distance enjoyment with an inexpensive ball? This is perfect!

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These balls are made to last and made to go the distance. They are perfect for those drives and long shots. They are not as great for short shots like chips and pitches with that in mind. You can use them, but they aren’t designed for that type of performance. Playing at the driving range? Making long drives and looking for distance? Both of these are perfect for this ball. 

The Easy Distance ball has maximum compression with a core designed for explosion (not literally). The core helps build distance, and with the compression, you have solid control, a touch of spin, and plenty of length. The compression and explosive core combination work as a spring, giving extra energy to the shot. 

These balls are made for durability and sport cross link materials to make them sturdy and last longer. They also have an anti-sheer coating on them. So you get distance and a long-lasting ball in a simple and affordable style. You really can’t go wrong here when you add up the details. 

If you’re curious about how the Easy Distance compares to the Long & Soft, the dimples and compression are different. Easy distance is genuinely designed for distance with that explosive spring-like impact touch. At the same time, the Long & Soft is excellent for distance but designed for everyday play. The stance behind Easy Distance is that they go long and last long. 

If you check out what others say about this ball, it’s described as an affordable ball with low spin and plenty of distance. It’s great for distance and an awesome ball for a simple practice round, beginners, or a day on the range. 


● Designed for distance with control and minimal spin

● A great, affordable ball with reliable quality

● Built to be durable for long shots and prolonged use

● The explosive core acts like a spring on impact

● Perfect for practice rounds or the range


● Minimal spin so your play patterns may need to accommodate any spin requirements

● Not ideal when you compare it to more expensive balls but remember it is a reliable and affordable ball

TaylorMade Noodle Neon Matte Red Golf Balls


Finally, let’s take a look at the Noodle Neon golf balls. These are fun because they sport some bright color to them with the quality of the Noodle line of balls. They are also incredibly affordable at just over $1 a ball. You really can’t beat them if you want quality and affordability. These balls are labeled as “performance in flying colors.” This is a relatively new option from the Noodle line, but people seem to enjoy using them. 

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With these still being new, it’s a bit more challenging to find many details on them, but we did some digging and will share what we were able to find. These balls are designed to be just like the long & softballs but with added color for visibility and maybe just a fun touch. 

With that in mind, you can consider everything about the long & soft line to be true of these balls. They cost just a little bit more because of the colors, but they are still relatively affordable overall. These balls are very soft with ideal compression that stands out. This gives you speed, control, distance, and the perfect amount of spin. 

We love the neon colors that are a matte finish. This gives you a standout color that looks sleek and nice without having that glare that gloss finishes sometimes have. You get high visibility combined with a soft, speedcore, and ideal compression for distance shots. 

Much like the long & softballs, these aren’t always great when you’re hosting a chip shot or a short pitch, but you can still master them in those scenarios if you have the skills. We love that these have the reliable functionality of the long & soft line but some color for both usefulness and fun. 

You really can’t go wrong here! People that have tried and enjoyed this ball love the feel and the build quality. It is worth noting that the color makes it easy to see if you find yourself in a hazard zone. You even see comments that say things like “I’m not a great player, but these balls fly,” and well, you can’t complain about that, right? 


● Designed similarly to the long & softball line

● Bright colors for visibility with a matte finish

● Soft and compressive, so you get distance and control

● No skill required to enjoy the quality and color

● Great for long shots of any kind


● Some users mention that the matte red still can sometimes be hard to see because of the matte color

● Many players tend to be overly cautious because of the cost of the balls


In closing, if you want a quality affordable ball that isn’t going to fall apart, you really can’t go wrong with any of the Noodle balls. You have various options, and they are all ideally made for distance. The balls are reliable, and they are well-made. 

Many times when you look at cheap balls, you assume they are going to be poorly made. They are the balls you play for fun or when you’re concerned about losing a ball. This is not the case with these TaylorMade Noodle balls. 

Yes, they are cheap, but the quality is there. People love them as a quality, inexpensive golf ball. They do what they were designed to do. Whether you like the softball for going the distance or want the explosive ball from the core, you really can’t go wrong here. 

If you’ve been looking at these balls wondering if they are worth your while, it might be worth giving them a shot. They aren’t perfect, but they are of good quality, and they are reliable when you need them. Go the distance and enjoy the game! 

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