Piper Golf Ball Review: Which Color Is For You?

Piper golf ball review

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Having played golf and reviewing products for a long time now, I can confidently say I have heard of most golf balls available on the market.

However, new golf products get released everyday and sometimes they slip through the Golf Circuit lens. Piper Golf Balls are one of those products.

In this Piper Golf ball review, I will share my thoughts and experience with all four ball types and give you some technical specifications of each of them. 

By the end of this article, you will know which ball to choose according to your handicap and golf experience.

Piper Golf – An Overview of the Brand

piper golf lineup

Piper Golf is a golf ball manufacturing company founded by Mike Gottfried. The brand has been making reasonably priced golf balls that can closely compete with some of the most renowned golf brands like Callaway or Titleist.

Situated in Atlanta, Piper Golf has been manufacturing its golf balls since May 2021, leaving an impression of high quality and reliability among golfers.

Piper aims to create balls that perform outstandingly well and have excellent build quality with very affordable prices.

The company offers four golf ball types, two of which are top-end golf balls.

Piper works on a direct-to-consumer approach, meaning it wants to sell its products directly to consumers, not through retailers or your local golf shop.

Let’s take a look at their golf ball lineup.

Piper Golf Balls Review

all four piper golf balls tested

As I’ve already said, Piper Golf has a lineup of four golf ball types, and I’ve tried all of them on my favorite Arizona golf course.

Piper golf balls are different from other golf balls on the market, because they make each of their four golf balls for a specific type of golfer. This makes the process of finding a golf ball really nice.

Overall, Piper golf balls are great for the price. They are easy to control, have a wonderful feel, and work well for the type of golfer they are made for. Each of the four golf balls have 332 dimples, as well as a soft Suryln cover.

They may not have the history that Titleist or other big brands have, but coming from such a new company…I am very impressed.

Here’s a list of all four Piper Golf balls that I’ve tested:

  • Piper Green – A golf ball made for high handicappers. Long distance with a lower swing speed and more forgiving.
  • Piper Blue – Ideal for mid-high handicap level players.
  • Piper Black – Specially designed for low-mid handicap level players.
  • Piper Gold – Piper’s most premium golf ball that is meant for low-handicap and professional players.

Piper Green Review – designed for 15+ handicap level players

piper green golf balls on grass

This ball is for you if:

  • You are looking for more distance off the tee
  • You have a handicap of 15 or more. (90s-100s)
  • Your 7-iron goes less than 150 yards

The Piper Green is the most inexpensive ball of the Piper lineup and easily comparable to the Callaway Supersoft or Titleist Velocity.

I can honestly say that I’m not a high-level golfer, so the Piper Green suited me surprisingly well. After trying it with several golf clubs, including the 7 iron, I can truly say that it is made for more straight shots and lower spins, just like advertised.

The ball flew quite far and with great precision, not losing its trajectory or stability at all along the way.

On the technical side, the Piper Green has a 2-piece construction and a durable Surlyn cover made by DuPont. The cover is a copolymer composed of methacrylic acid and ethylene for increased durability.

So if you’re a 15+ handicap level golfer, then the Piper Green will provide you with incredible distance, flight, and reduced spins, which is ideal for getting a feel for golfing.

I can confidently say this ball could take you on your way to break 100 in golf.

Piper Blue Review – designed for 5-15 handicap level players

testing piper blue golf balls

This ball is for you if:

  • Your swing speed is between 90-105 with your driver
  • You shoot in the 80s-90s
  • You hit your 7 iron over 150 yards

Moving on and trying the Piper Blue was a slightly different experience. It felt similar to Piper Green when I played the Callaway Superhot or Titleist Tour Speed in terms of distance and stability.

Like the Piper Green, this ball has lower spin rates and is designed for mid-high handicap level players, a category I find myself in. That’s why playing this ball was a great experience, as it covered an incredible distance, even when my swing speed was quite low. 

Design and material-wise, the Piper Blue is made of three parts, with a Surlyn cover made by DuPont, just like the Piper Green. The additional layer between the cover and the interior increases the ball’s spin and feel at the expense of a lower stability flight. 

All these factors make up for amazing covering distance, even with a lower swing speed, as I’ve already said. If your handicap level is between 5 and 15, then the Piper Blue would be ideal.

Piper Black Review – designed for 0-12 handicap level players

piper golf ball black

This ball is for you if:

  • Your swing speed is 100+ MPH with your driver
  • You are able to shape shots
  • You shoot in the 70s-80s

Now we are getting into the first premium golf balls made by Piper Golf.

Believe me when I tell you that the Piper Black offers a completely different experience from the previous two balls. I can easily compare it to the TP5x or the Pro V1.

Because of its build quality and materials, the Piper Black is a softer ball with a much better feel than the others, and it is its strongest suit. Trajectory-wise, the Piper Black is most similar to the Piper Blue, as it only outperformed it by about a couple of yards. This is mainly due to the same three-piece construction.

Unlike the previous two balls, the Piper Black has a Urethane cover, which adds to its softness. It also makes the ball acoustically quiet when hit, and this is a difference I certainly noted.

Accuracy-wise, the Piper Black needs a more experienced touch, as it is prone to higher spins and increased curvatures.

Piper Gold Review – designed for 7 or below handicap level players

piper gold review

This ball is for you if:

  • You have a driver swing speed over 100+
  • You have a handicap of 7 or less
  • You need more control to shape shots

The Gold is Piper’s most expensive golf ball.

With the Gold, you get all the characteristics of the other balls but optimized to fit a professional golfer.

After having tested and compared it to the Callaway Chrome Soft X, I have noticed that the Piper Gold gained the most spin of all the previous Piper Golf balls. 

With a much higher spin than the rest, the Piper Gold traveled less distance than the Blue and Green because my shooting power is not as powerful as that of a 7 handicapper.

Durability-wise, the Piper Gold comprises four layers, and the top layer is a soft Urethane cover with sound-dampening properties. It can take powerful hits quite well, and allow you to easily hook or slice if you’re looking to shape shots. 

So if you’re a highly experienced golf player who wants affordable premium balls, then Piper Gold is the right choice.


Are Piper golf balls good?

Yes! Piper Golf makes great golf balls for varying levels of golfer. They perform just as well as more expensive golf balls on the market.

Who makes piper golf balls?

Piper Golf Balls are made by Piper Golf which is based out of Atlanta, GA. Their golf balls are made using the same manufacturers as other golf balls from much bigger brands (just like u003ca href=u0022https://golfcircuit.com/posts/who-makes-kirkland-golf-balls/u0022 data-type=u0022postu0022 data-id=u0022995u0022u003ekirkland golf ballsu003c/au003e.)

are piper golf balls Legal?

Piper Golf balls are completely USGA compliant as of 9/7/2022. This means that their golf balls are not illegal to use in USGA sanctioned events.


Having gone through each of the four types of Piper golf balls, I can confidently say I will be picking up more of these in the future. These are

In my opinion, Piper Golf offers incredibly quality golf balls that you can benefit from at affordable prices. The prices are so good, it’s worth it just to try! You never know, they might be your next favorite ball.

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