Hitting Straight With The Polara Ultimate Straight Golf Balls

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Overall Rating: The Polara Ultimate Straight golf balls are a wonderful addition to any golfer’s bag. While they are not legal for USGA sanctioned tournaments, any amateur golfer will appreciate the added benefits they provide to their golf game. Polara is known for having the best anti-slice golf balls on the market.

You just spent an hour at the driving range before your round. You worked your way up to the driver and were hitting straight stingers out to the net with no problem.

I know what you are thinking to yourself, “Today is going to be a great day of golf.” No matter what happens, any day on the golf course is a good day. You line up on the tee box for the first hole and hit your drive…slice. 

Any experienced golfer has had days where they just can’t hit the ball straight. Golf is such a technical sport that any change in your form will change how the ball flies.

Every golfer has been there before. Some days you can’t seem to hit the ball straight no matter how much tweaking you do in your swing. It looks like it only gets worse no matter how you place your hands on the club. 

“Why can’t someone just make a ball that flies straight?”

Well, that is what Polara set out to do with their Polara Ultimate Straight golf balls. These golf balls are self-correcting, meaning you are almost guaranteed to have a pleasant and straight flight on your golf shot.

Polara Ultimate Straight Golf Balls Review

When I first saw these golf balls, I knew I had to try them out. I figured it would be nice to have in the bag for those days when I feel like I just can’t hit the fairway. Plus, it would just be fun to try them out.

The Polara Ultimate Straight golf balls are for the golfer who has a problem hooking or slicing their drive off the tee.

They are designed for the golf ball to fly 75% straighter than it usually would. In the past, I experienced a slice of about 100 feet.

I eventually corrected this with better technique, but if I had used the Polara Ultimate Straight instead, my slice would have been reduced to 25 feet with the same shot off the tee. 

While testing these golf balls, I had some moments where I would hit my drive and think, “There is no way that is going straight.”

We have all had those last minutes thoughts where you can feel that the golf swing wasn’t where it was supposed to be as it hits the golf ball.

To my surprise, the Polara Ultimate Straight performed as expected, with a minimal 5-10 foot hook. Without these golf balls, a hook-like would have usually been 20 feet or more, throwing the ball way off the line from the fairway.

With the way the Polara Ultimate Straight golf balls are designed, you do see a reduction in flight distance. I guess there is no such thing as a free lunch in golf!

While you will see a slight decrease in flight distance with Polara golf balls, most experienced golfers will tell you that hitting the fairway is more important than a long drive into the rough. 

Why is hitting the fairway more critical? Well, it sets you up for better shots down the line. Bringing down the average that you a ball go haywire. The fairway provides a much more forgiving launch surface. 

Overall, I feel comfortable keeping these balls in my bag. They look great, fly straight, have a lovely spin near the green, and fly long enough not to make much of a difference compared to other golf balls.

Let’s take a look at the features that make these Polara golf balls fly straight.

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How the Polara Ultimate Straight Golf Balls Work

The Polara Ultimate Straight golf balls have a dimple design that allows for straighter flight off the tee. As you may have guessed from looking at any other ball on the market, dimple design is an essential part of any golf ball.

The dimples on this golf ball have shallow dimples on the ball’s equator and deeper dimples along the poles. This is why when you go to hit the shot, you must line up the arrow where you want the ball to go. 

This dimple design works by providing less lift and drag than a traditional golf ball. The team at Polara has figured out that a reduction in lift reduces the force that causes the golf ball to hook or slice.  

Comparing it to a gyroscope, the Polara Ultimate Straight has a reduced moment of inertia.

Because the dimple design on the ball has more volume near the poles and less around the ball’s equator, the result is a phenomenon that causes the ball to spin in a way that prefers the poles.

All of this results in a ball that flies straighter than the leading ball on the market. 

Polara Golf Ball 2 Piece vs. 3 Piece

While doing your research, you may have found that Polara has a 2-piece design and a 3-piece design. The difference between the Polara 2-piece and 3-piece all comes down to how the golf ball is designed. 

The Polara 2-piece design has two pieces, an outer cover, and a central core. The 3-piece design has a solid inner core, another inner layer, followed by the outer surface, which provides all of the benefits of straight ball flight.

The 3-piece Polara golf balls provide greater spin control compared to their 2-piece golf balls. While they cost just a bit more, most golfers will argue that this better spin control is crucial once you get off the tee and closer to the green.

Check out Polara’s 3-Piece golf ball.

Are Polara Golf Balls Illegal?

Yes, Polara Ultimate Straight golf balls are illegal for USGA golf tournaments. Polara recommends these golf balls for the average golfer who enjoys playing for fun.

Why are the Polara golf balls illegal? Looking at the USGA rules behind what makes a golf ball conform, we can see a couple of things that make these golf balls illegal.

The one that stands out the most is that they must adhere to specific measurements for distance and velocity. Part of that is spin measurements. The favorable spin is how these golf balls can fly straight. 

In addition, the difference in dimple size around the ball causes reason for concern since they must not be asymmetrical.

For these reasons, and because Polara may not have submitted these golf balls to the USGA for testing, these golf balls are indeed illegal for tournament use. 

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Should I use the Polara Golf Balls?

Because the Polara Ultimate Straight golf balls are illegal for tournament use, you should never use them in a USGA sanctioned golf tournament.

However, I always keep them in my bag for fun since they are designed for golfers who don’t take the game as seriously as others. Even those golfers who take the game seriously sometimes need a little pick me up when having a rough day.

I wouldn’t recommend them for beginner golfers who take the game seriously. If you have an issue with your swing, it wouldn’t nearly be as apparent with these golf balls. Part of getting better at the game of golf comes from knowing what your weaknesses are.

If you never figure out that you have a hook or slice, you’ll never be motivated to learn the technique to fix it. 

With that being said, most golfers simply enjoy being outside and playing golf. If that resonates with you, then I highly recommend giving the Polara golf balls a try. 

Try Polara golf balls here.

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