Tee Time In Golf: What Are They And How Do They Work?

tee time in golf

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A tee time in golf is a reservation to start your game at a particular time. It is similar to reserving a restaurant, except it is more strict.

If your tee time is for 8:32 A.M. then your group needs to tee off their first ball at 8:32.

If you want to play golf at a certain time, it is necessary to schedule a tee time. The purpose of a tee time in golf is to organize when golfers start playing.

It keeps the course from crowding up and keeps the game moving at a good pace for everyone.

Most golf course space out tee times 7-12 minutes apart depending on the course and the day. Weekends may see tee times spaced out closer together to allow more golfers to play.

How To Get A Tee Time?

Most golf courses allow you to book a tee time on their website. If there is no place to schedule a tee time on the website, there will most likely be information to book a time.

Calling a golf course to schedule a time to play is very common as well, and the person working the desk that day will let you know the times that are available to play that day. Don’t be surprised if the time they tell you is something odd like 8:47.

Most tee times are spaced out 7-12 minutes to allow for golfers to play smoothly throughout the day.

How Far Out Can I Schedule A Tee Time?

You can typically schedule a tee time a month or two in advanced depending on the golf course. More popular courses like St. Andrews or Pebble Beach let you schedule a tee time up to a year in advance!

Some golf courses like Augusta, are so prestigious that you can’t play there unless you’re a member.

Tee Times For Golf Tournaments

Tee times in golf tournaments work a little different than the tee time you would schedule for your game.

Tee times in the PGA or LIV golf tournaments are the time that a group of two or three golfers begins their round of golf.

These are highly publicized so that golf fans can follow along with their favorite golfers and watch them play.

When Should I Arrive For a Tee Time?

Typically, golfers arrive to the golf course 30-45 minutes before their tee time. This gives them time to pay for the round, get their golf cart setup, and maybe order a drink or two before the round.

Starting your game of golf at the time you schedule is of utmost importance to the flow of golf for the rest of the people playing that day.

Tee times are spaced out to allow for golfers to play without getting stuck behind a group.

What If I’m Late For A Tee Time?

Most of the time if you are late for your tee time, you won’t get to play that day. This is especially true if it’s a popular golf course.

If all of the tee times are booked out for the day, you might not be able to get squeezed in.

Teeing off at the time you scheduled is one of the most important etiquettes in golf. The flow of the course is important to a lot of players, so get that ball teed up at the time you schedule!

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