Two Under Par: What Does It Mean?

two under par

You likely heard the term ‘two under par’ in two cases: if you’re a golf fan or if you’re a crossword puzzle enthusiast.

Weird, isn’t it?

The golf-related term seems to be a famous crossword puzzle answer.

Whether you want the answer for your next puzzle or golf match, we have answers for you!

What Is ‘Two Under Par’ in Golf?

The term ‘two under par’ refers to an eagle in golf. When someone says a ball went two under par on a hole, this means the ball got eagled. The term will usually come in crossword puzzles in either of these forms:

  • Two under par: eagle
  • Went two under par on a hole: eagled

If you’re a golf fan, you probably already know that you must complete a predetermined number of strokes for each hole. This predetermined number is called a par, and each hole on the course has its own par.

To know how to score an eagle, you’ll need to subtract the hole’s par by two. The resulting number refers to how many strokes you need to get rewarded.

What Is an Eagle in Golf?

In golf, an eagle is a score you can achieve when you sink the ball in two strokes under your hole’s par. In other words, if you drop the ball in two strokes on a par 4, three strokes on a par 5, or four strokes on a par 6, you score an eagle. 

Eagles are pretty rare, and only pro golfers manage to score them. However, some of them are easier than others.

For example, while an eagle of two strokes on a par 4 is pretty challenging to achieve, an eagle of three strokes on a par 5 is more manageable because there’s more room for mistakes.

Rickie Fowler’s eagle in the 2014 World Golf Championships is a good example of that.

Why Is an Eagle Highly Desired in Golf?

Eagles are highly desired in golf for two reasons. For one, anything that’s deemed rare or extra challenging is always sought after. Players thrive on challenge, so they beat themselves on the course until they earn an eagle. 

The second reason is that an eagle can have you winning the match in no time. It’ll lower your score, hopefully to the point of winning. Or, at least, it’ll take you out of the dangerous zone and put you closer to winning.

How to Raise Your Chances of Scoring an Eagle

Although scoring an eagle mostly depends on skills and tons of practice, some external factors may help you.

For example, scoring an eagle on shorter courses is easier because you’re closer to the ball. You may also get better chances in the summer than in winter since the heat causes the ball to fly more distance.

Lastly, the course’s altitude can significantly affect your chances of winning a game. Downhill golf holes are generally easier to aim at, allowing you to shoot further.

Final Thoughts

Two under par in golf means scoring an eagle. To know how many strokes you need to achieve an eagle, subtract the hole’s par by 2, and you’ll get your number.

Though scoring an eagle is quite rare, it’s not impossible if you practice enough.

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