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volvik vivid golf balls

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Jake was a competitive golfer for over a decade dating back to the days of being the Captain of his high school golf team. He has played more than 200 courses across 32 different states in the US. Now semi-retired, Jake continues to golf 3-4 days a week with a current 2 handicap, gives golf lessons to his friends and family, and provides a wealth of knowledge to Golf Circuit from his competitive playing days. Jake combines practical expertise with technical knowledge to create golfing strategies and training techniques for both beginners and scratch golfers.

Volvik Vivid golf balls are highly versatile sports equipment and can be used by amateurs and more experienced players. The defining factor of these golf balls is their vibrant color—they are unmistakable on any golf course.

If you’re someone who needs a brightly colored ball that can be easily spotted from great distances, this is the perfect golf ball for you.

Read on for an in-depth review of Volvik Vivid golf balls.

Overview of Volvik Golf Balls

volvik vivid golf ball color line up

True to its name, the Volvik Vivid golf balls are available in various vibrant colors, including white, green, blue, pink, orange, and red. The balls also have a unique matte finish, making it seem like they don’t have the classic golf ball dimples.

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However, they do, in fact, have dimples. The Volvik Vivid golf balls are quite advanced for a fairly new company.

It has a 3 piece construction ideal for players with a slow swing. If your swing speed is between 70 to 90 miles an hour, this is a great ball to play with. Volvik Vivid golf balls have a compression of 80, and the visibility is quite remarkable, thanks to the vivid colors.

The Volvik Vivid golf balls have a solid performance considering their 3-piece design. Players report excellent performance with shots in the medium to slow range.

Slow swingers are especially happy with the explosive distance they can achieve with this ball.

You don’t have to worry about losing them. It will be quite hard to lose this golf ball on the course. You will most probably recover most of the balls, which means that one pack will last you a long time.

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This particular model helps players improve their form too. The golf balls have high visibility, and you can see them while swinging, which helps you improve your swing.

You have a better idea of the ball’s trajectory as you can follow it in the air, so you’ll be able to improve your form overall.

This ball gives you a great bang for your buck, considering the price range. If you are a slow swinger, the Volvik Vivid golf balls are the ideal companion for you.

Volvik Vivid Golf Balls Performance

orange volvik vivid golf balls

Let’s look at how the Volvik Vivid golf balls fare in an actual game. After 10 shots with a wedge, 7-iron, and a driver, here’s what I discovered:

Long Game

The Volvik Vivid golf balls are low-spin balls. On average, they have an rpm of 1,800 at a 2.5-degree side angle. If you have a slicing problem and want to avoid an unsuitable trajectory, these balls will help you achieve that.

The driver gives a pretty high ball speed. Faster than the average at about 160 mph. The balls also have huge carry. If your usual range is around 260 to 280 yards, you can expect to hit around 300 yards with the Volvik Vivid.


These are supposed to be low-spin balls, and you can feel them during the game. The Volvik Vivid is a soft golf ball.

There is decent speed and carry with the mid-iron. The driver has a better carry at about 170 yards. I had a better than usual spin rate with the 7 iron.

The low spin really makes itself felt with the sand wedge. No shot exceeded 9,000 rpm. You are probably not that concerned with the ball coming to an abrupt stop if you are starting out.

If you are an experienced player wanting to make the ball move on the green, you will have to work a lot harder than usual.

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What Is the Compression of the Volvik Golf Ball?

The Volvik Vivid golf balls have a compression rating of 80. The balls have a softer core, yet the outer layer is quite dense. This falls in the mid-range of hardness.

This makes for a ‘hard’ feel while playing. You get a higher ball speed, and the shots are much more direct, albeit with lower spin.

Volvik Vivid vs. Callaway Super Soft

The Volvik Vivid and the Callaway Super Soft are pretty similar in many aspects. Let us compare the two in more detail:

● Both the the Volvik Vivid and the Callaway Super Soft fall in the low price range. Considering that they cost the same, the Volvik Vivid offers more features than the Callaway Super Soft.

● The Volvik Vivid has a 3-piece design, whereas the Callaway Super Soft has a 3-piece design. This gives the former a much more consistent performance and a higher launch with less spin.

● The Volvik Vivid has a patented matte finish with concave dimples. This greatly increases distance, especially with a slow swing. The Callaway Super Soft has a hexagonal surface to improve carry and increase flight height.

● Callaway Super Soft is available in 6 colors, whereas Volvik Vivid is available in 8 colors. While the Callaway colors are bright, they pale compared to the Volvik Vivid.

While they are both pretty amazing at the price range of $24.99, the Volvik Vivid certainly has the edge in terms of novelty in design, the patented finish, and better performance for players with a slow swing.

Final Thoughts

The Volvik Vivid golf balls are certainly a game-changer in their price range. They have a lot of functionality at a low price and gradually help the players improve their swing.

The high visibility of these balls is certainly their most salient feature, but the formidable carry is also a great selling point. If you have a slow swing, I would definitely recommend you try the Volvik Vivid golf balls.

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Volvik Vivid also claims to have the first matte finish golf ball. The concave dimples and matte finish help keep the spin satisfactory and give you greater distance.

If you’ve been struggling with distance in your long game, you should try out the Volvik Vivid. It will certainly change your game for the better.

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