8 Best Golf Balls For Women (2023 Update)

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There are some great and talented women golfers out there (Claire Hogle is a great example), and then there are those of us who enjoy the game and aspire to be the best that we can. Of course, we also play our best game, but we also play to enjoy the game. 

No matter your purpose for playing, it would be best to have the right equipment. It might seem like all women’s golf balls would be made about the same, but the truth is that they aren’t. There are many different brands out there, and they all have some unique quality that sets them apart. 

So what are the best golf balls for women? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! We searched through the options to narrow it down for you, and we found some great hits (pun intended).

If you’re looking for the best golf balls for women, keep reading because we have some great selections to choose from. 

The 8 Best Golf Balls for Women Reviewed

Our goal was to offer you versatility and quality, and performance to share with you the best golf balls for women on the market.

There are many great options and brands out there, so we hope that narrowing them down for you can help you find a really great choice for your needs. 

Short on Time? Here are My top picks for the best Golf Balls For Women in 2023:

???? Titleist Pro V1 – Best Overall Women’s Golf Ball

???? Bridgestone E6 Lady – Best Budget Golf Ball For Women

???? Callaway Reva Pink – Best For Straight Shots
Jake Dalton
Founder @ Golf Circuit

Bridgestone E6 Lady Pink Golf Balls

First up, we have a great option from Bridgestone. These pink lady golf balls are a lovely medium shade of pink, so they aren’t overly soft and feminine, and yet they are bright enough to stand out in a field of green, sand, or trees.

They are a highly-rated selection across the board, so you really can’t go wrong here. 

You can customize the ball with text if you would like to. As a pack, these come in a traditional 12-pack. The E6 line comes from Bridgestone. These particular options are for moderate swing players who want as much distance as possible. 

The dimples are nicely designed, and this is a two-layer women’s ball. The construction has even been enhanced and improved with the two-layer design. The compression core helps every player get high speed without being stiff and uncontrolled. When compared to a standard E6 ball, the lady’s version is softer. 


● Medium pink color

● Low compression to create higher speed

● Updated design for better compression

● Two-layer construction

● Soft and straightforward but very well-made


● Some would prefer other shades to choose from

Callaway Reva Pink Golf Balls

Callaway is another famous brand for women’s golf balls. This is a somewhat new offering from the brand as they have recently redone the balls to offer an even better design.

If these are anywhere near as grand as previous lines, you won’t be disappointed. 

The Reva ball comes in either pink or white, and you can also get a customized option for just a couple of dollars more if you prefer.

The pink is a lovely, bright color that stands out. It’s also not overly feminine if you like bright to soft colors. These balls were designed to really help female players get the best distance possible. 

Remember that this is a new ball, but everything about it says ingenuity and precision. Launch your ball higher, gain more distance, and enjoy the game. They are a two-layer ball with great compression to achieve all of the above. 


● Designed for long, straight shots

● The bright, fun shade of pink

● New and improved design on the market

● Two-layer construction with optimal compression

● Easy to hit with higher launches


● With this being a new design, there isn’t a lot of tried and accurate information available yet

Titleist Pro V1 Pink Golf Balls

Next up, we have a premium option. This package of balls comes from the Titleist brand, so they are a little more expensive, which is to be expected for the brand. They are really great balls, and Titleist is rated #1 in golf balls, so you know it’s a brand and a design that you can depend on. 

These come in pink, but they don’t give us any pictures of the pink ball, so we can’t really describe the shade for you. You can also find them in white if you prefer something besides pink. These balls are one of the top balls for tours. This line is trendy. 

These balls are built for speed and a low spin. This gives you a better range for an average swing and yet also gives you plenty of control as well. The ball is soft with a low compression rating. They are two-layer balls, which is ideal. If you want a softball with low spin and fast movement, these are a great option. 


● Top choice for tours

● Available in pink or white

● A premium brand across the industry

● Designed for a low spin as well as speed

● Optimal compression materials


● A bit more expensive than some of the other options out there 

● These are listed as pink, but a lot of purchasers on this site mention they get white instead

Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls

You may or may not have heard of Srixon in the market of golf, but they are a company that really is noteworthy, and these women’s balls are something not to overlook. They are a soft white color rather than pink, but they are designed very well, and we think you will be happy with their performance despite the white color. 

These are two-layer balls that have a superior feel to them. They are soft and made with low compression so that women can really get some distance behind the ball. If you compare these to some of the more expensive brands, we think you will find they are very similar in quality. 

The company boasts that you can increase your driving distance and still have that soft feel and control you are after. The performance will not be an issue with their unique design that stands out. Their dimple pattern is 338, which is a competitive dimple design in the industry. 


● Stellar dimple design

● Budget-friendly balls that are often overlooked

● Soft feel with speed in mind

● Quality and performance in a simple ball

● Two-layer construction materials


● Not as popular on the market and often overlooked

Volvik Crystal Women’s Golf Balls, Assorted Colors

If you’re looking for some more color variety besides just pink or white, take a look at these. Not only are they colorful and fun, but they are also high-quality balls that deliver performance results. The package comes in 6 different colors, and all of the colors are bright and stand out. You get some neon colors as well as a white ball. This brand also has some lighter options that are more pastel if you prefer. 

This ball is again a new and improved ball in the line from some of their previous models, and they are highly rated across the board. The core is a bit larger, and the cover is more durable. Overall, the result is a better distance behind your swing. This does have two-layer materials with soft compression. 

This company uses Innovative Aerodynamic Technology in their design, bringing you optimal ball flight with added work to ensure it. The dimple is 322, designed for longer distances and consistent control of your game. 


● 322 dimple design

● Multiple colors in a single package

● Designed for distance and control

● Softcore with optimal compression

● Intuitive studies to optimize flight


● The package does contain a green and a yellow, which are harder to see on the course

TaylorMade Kalea Peach Golf Balls

Next up, we have another unique option from TaylorMade. The Kalea line was perfectly designed for women, and they are outstanding. These are another affordable golf ball so if you need something on the less expensive side, check them out. They are a matte peach color, so not overly pink. 

One thing to mention about these is that the matte paint used to color the balls is UV resistant, so it’s less likely to fade than some of the brands out there. These are extra-soft and designed to help you get more lift and more distance from your swings. 

The Kalea line does have some other colors available, including a lovely purple color that is sometimes really hard to find. On the downside, there isn’t a lot of detailed information about the ball to really understand the design and the compression potential. The packaging rates them as a 60 compression, which is towards the high end. 


● Peach color with some other colors available

● Designed for lift and distance

● Listed as an extra soft feel

● 60 compression helps with extended distance

● Budget-friendly option


● Not a lot of details about the make openly available 

● Limited information from verified users

Pinnacle Soft Women’s Pink Golf Balls

You most likely are familiar with the Pinnacle brand, and these soft pink golf balls are pretty awesome. Not only do you get quality, but you also get 15 balls instead of 12, and you get them for an incredible price in the market. These are great balls that deliver! 

These balls are designed to be soft so that your swing makes the ball go farther in the end. They have low compression, giving your swing more energy. The simple design is 332, which is undoubtedly optimal compared to others. You get low spin and plenty of control with this. 

The balls are available in either white or pink. Players love that these balls are consistent, and the soft feel really works well for gaining distance while also maintaining control. These have a high energy core, and the overall design is very well-liked. 


● High energy core with low compression

● It comes in pink or white

● You get 15 balls at an affordable price point

● 332 dimple design

● Consistent for distance and softness


● Pinnacle sometimes gets a reputation for cheaply made items. These are not that! 

Wilson Duo Optix Red Golf Balls

For our final option, we present to you a classic winner in the golf ball industry. You really can’t go wrong with the Wilson brand, and these affordable balls are wonderfully engineered. They are pristine by design and highly rated by those who have put them to the test. 

This particular option is a red golf ball, which is closer to a neon orange color. They do have some other colors available in the line, including green which we recommend you avoid. You can brighten up your game with the fun colors and a performance woman’s ball. 

These balls were undoubtedly designed for distance. They are consistent in quality, and they feel great when you make contact. Your ball will fly higher and farther with a low spin element and more control. These have low compression and softcore as well. 


● High visibility with a matte finish that is semi-translucent

● Softcore with optimal compression

● Straighter and higher lift

● Made for distance


● Some users mention that the balls feel cheaply made in your hand compared to others

What to Look for in a Ladies Golf Ball

First things first, before you look at the different ball options, you need to consider what makes a ball a quality choice. What might set some ball choices apart from others, and what characteristics are essential to you as a player? 

We’ve put together a quick guide here to walk you through the process of previewing your options and perhaps narrowing it down to the perfect one for your needs. We want to make sure you are fully informed before you go out and buy. 

Men’s Golf Ball Vs. Women’s Golf Ball

You might think you can pick up any random golf ball and use it. While this is true to some extent, you should be aware that men’s and ladies golf balls are different by design. This is because men and women are others who build and swing and play. The styles are structured to accommodate these differences. 

The most noticeable difference is the ball’s compression rate when you compare women’s and men’s golf balls against each other. Women’s golf balls have a compression rate of about 50-70. In comparison, men’s have a compression of 70-100. Men tend to have a more rigid and faster swing, so women play a better game with lower compression. 

A woman with a fast and hard swing might be able to easily use a men’s ball and never even notice the difference. 

The other noticeable difference between men’s and women’s golf balls is the dimples. The appearance is slightly different as women’s golf balls have slightly different dimple patterns. 

Of course, ladies can also find some alternative colors – the most popular pink. 

That being said, ladies who specifically want ladies golf balls should look at both the dimples and the compression rate. 


Something important to every golfer’s game is the spin they can put on a ball. You might be able to put some spin on the ball if you have a fast swing, but having a ball with some spin can also be helpful. 

Golf balls come with low to high spin. High spin balls are precise as they sound, but they can also be challenging to control. Low spin balls give you just a little bit of a spin, and you get to keep control as well. We recommend low spin unless you are confident in the speed of your swing and the power you can exhibit. 

Ball Build

Another factor to consider is what the ball is made of. The materials do matter, and so does the overall design concept. The majority of women’s balls are made with two pieces. There is the interior and then an outer layer and no more than that. Two-piece balls typically are a bit easier to hit, and they also usually go farther. 

There are times that two-piece balls are not perfect performers, but they are almost always the best choice, making them a winning recommendation overall. 

Some women prefer to use golf balls made for men, but the balls made for women are intuitively designed for most women’s features and qualities rather than being prepared for a man. 



Do Women’s Balls Go Further?

Women’s balls are designed to go further than men’s balls, and they indeed might if a woman has a high enough swing speed. Women’s balls do maximize distance. As we mentioned earlier, a lady’s swing tends not to be quite as hard or fast, and this is why the ball is designed as such.
As a female golfer, if you can maximize your swing speed, you will have a longer distance on your golf shot. If you’re looking for an area to improve your play on, working on your swing speed to get the most out of your shot and the ball you are using. 

What Golf Ball Should Women Use?

We recommend that women use women’s soft golf balls. You will want to use something designed for high performance and look for the correct number of dimples and a good compression rate that is lower than 50 if possible. 

You can use what you feel you are most comfortable with but always go for high performance and quality to ensure that your ball is well-made and designed to give you the best possible shot for your game. 

Are Golf Balls with Color Better?

Using color can help make your ball more identifiable than a white ball. It will easily distinguish your ball from every other ball on the course.

They may be more visible than other balls, especially if you happen to hit the ball into a place where it may otherwise be hard to see. 

Is It Common to Have a Low Swing Speed? 

There are many people with low swing speeds, and that is ok. This is one reason why there are specific balls designed for women. It is expected that most women will have a slower swing speed than men simply because we are built differently. 

Women do far better with both speed and distance when they use women’s soft golf balls, and it’s because they are designed to accommodate their unique features instead of the men’s balls intended for men’s unique features. 


Prepare yourself for the best golf games by getting high-quality balls that come in brilliant colors. Having the option to choose what is right for you makes all of the difference. We hope that you can find a set of balls here that seems like the perfect fit. 

Here’s to a brighter golf future with lots of distance behind your new ball. 

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