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Golf Circuit

Golf Circuit is an independent branch of Offslate Media. We focus on providing golf equipment reviews and guides on how to get better at golf.

What Golf Circuit Is All About

Founded by a golf professional golfcircuit.com is all about helping you get better at golf.

We know how overwhelming it is to find golf equipment and the right guides to go along with them. Golf balls, Clubs, and Tips are just one piece of the puzzle. What really matters is how you put them all together.

We have dedicated and consumer friendly golf guides, product reviews, golf tips and tutorials, and more.

Meet Your Golf Pro

Jacob DaltonFounder of Golf Circuit

Jake started his golf journey as a helping hand for an ex-army veteran golf pro named Mike. 

After being involved with hundreds of lessons, Jake realized how complex golf equipment can be for new (and experienced) golfers.

He started Golfcircuit.com as a free online resource for golf equipment and to explain ‘how things work’ for new golfers.

How Golf Circuit Can Help You

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The golf industry is full of high commissioned sales people just looking to make a quick buck.

But what are the best golf clubs to buy?

How do you put backspin on a golf ball?

What is the best place to place a ball in your stance?

You won’t get an unbiased answer from a golf shop, and that’s where Golfcircuit.com comes in.

This blog is where you can get insider secrets from industry veterans, golf professionals, and expert equipment providers.

No fluff or “high-level” advice. Just insanely actionable tricks that will save you money on golf equipment and help you improve your game.