Top 7: We Tried The Best Golf Alignment Sticks

best golf alignment sticks

It’s terrific to take a break from golfing occasionally and spend a peaceful morning on the practice range or practice holes.

That said, among the several training tools available, golf alignment sticks are one of the most popular and straightforward tools to help improve your swing path and aim.

With that in mind, the following are some of the best golf alignment sticks on the market today.

  1. SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks
  2. GoSports Golf Alignment Training Sticks
  3. Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Stick
  4. Callaway Alignment Training Stix
  5. Shaun Webb Golf Alignment Sticks
  6. Billisa Golf Alignment Sticks
  7. David Leadbetter A Swing Alignment Rods

There are so many components to a golf swing that we occasionally drift, which might lead you to hit the ball inaccurately.

Therefore, it’s crucial to get rooted in your alignment. The best alignment sticks for golf are made specifically for that purpose.

Having stated that, let’s look at what these top seven gold alignment sticks offer.

Short on Time? Here are My top picks for the best golf Alignment Sticks In 2023:

???? Callaway Alignment Training Stix – Best Overall

???? SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks – Best Deal

???? GoSports Golf Alignment Sticks – Best for Travel
Jake Dalton
Founder @ Golf Circuit

7 Of The Best Golf Alignment Sticks In 2023

You don’t necessarily have to be a Tour pro to understand that not every golfer has the same stroke. Of course, there are many different golf swings, but they all appear to share a similar characteristic.

That would include proper alignment, coupled with setup, posture, and other factors. And for this reason, training tools like the best golf alignment sticks are well-liked.

Golfers are most likely to be seen utilizing valuable equipment, such as alignment sticks, at the driving range on almost every course.

After all, utilizing these sticks is straightforward; you must align them properly by placing them parallel to the target on the ground.

Even transporting and keeping them in a golf bag is incredibly practical. Golf alignment sticks may all appear the same, but despite their initial lack of distinction, they have a few little distinctions.

So, starting with the SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks, let’s take a closer look at what value they may bring to improve your game.

???? Pro-tip: See our guide on the 12 best alignment stick drills to improve your game.

1. SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks

sklz alignment sticks

Key Features

  • Durable to wear and tear
  • 9 rings for consistent alignment
  • Made of lightweight fiberglass
  • 48-inches long

The most durable in terms of sturdinessweather resistance, and wear and tearSKLZ Alignment Sticks are produced by a company that also produces some of the most excellent golf training equipment.

Each stick is lightweight fiberglass with nine rings in the center for consistent alignment (setup and ball positioning). 

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The best part about it is how compliant these 48-inch-long fiberglass alignment sticks are, making them perfect for golf bags. In addition, using the Pro Rods set during pre-swing setup establishes a pattern for repeatable alignment

In addition, nine rings are present on each rod, allowing for many configurations. It helps you to practice essential puttingdistance alignment, and your whole swing plane.

Finally, each stick also has a rubber safety cover on one end and a pointed end that may be easily inserted into the ground. 

However, the only downside is that the SKLZ alignment sticks are longer than their competitors, so they tend to stick out of your golf bag. However, according to reviews, most players did not find this too much of an issue.

???? During our test, we found the SKLZ alignment sticks to be a great value for the money. Golf equipment can be quite costly, but we found the SKLZ alignment sticks to have an assortment of ways to enhance your game.

2. GoSports Golf Alignment Training Sticks

gosports alignment sticks

Key Features

  • 3 rods included
  • Can be extended to 48-inches
  • Foldable for easy storage

Next, we have the GoSports Golf Alignment kit, a fantastic set with three rods to assist you in improving posturealignment, and swing plane.

These sticks can be extended up to 48 inches when used; however, unlike SKLZ sticks, GoSports designed its sticks to fold for simple storage.

Furthermore, they are light enough to be left in your bag even while playing a round of golf.

Finally, each stick has a pointed end that allows you to stick them into the ground for workouts involving the swing plane and weight shifting.

???? When we first got the GoSports alignment sticks, we were skeptical. But after trying them out, they proved to be top-notch alignment sticks. We loved how they easy fold up to fit in the side pocket of your golf bag. Even if you use a Sunday golf bag!

3. Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Stick

Orange Tour Stick Alignment rods

Key Features

  • UV-coated for fade resistance
  • 46-inches long
  • Variety of color choices

In terms of various training drills, Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Sticks, one of the first alignment sticks to hit the golf industry, is incredibly reliable and are often the first to be referred to by many players.

These two rods are UV-coated for maximum fade resistance and are 46 inches long, which is relatively the same as your driver’s length.

Additionally, there are a variety of color choices available, allowing you to tailor the visibility of these alignment rods to your particular requirements and tastes. 

But most importantly, your game will improve once you start using them since there are so many different ways you can utilize the sticks. They will also stick with you throughout your career because of their durability.

???? During our test, we were going through all the alignment stick drills that you would use these for. Somebody noticed that we were using them with the pointed ends in the ground to simulate shot shape training. They chimed in, ” That is way better than using my golf clubs to verify alignment!”

4. Callaway Alignment Training Stix

Callaway training stix

Key Features

  • Very high quality
  • 48-inches long
  • Collapsable into a 19-inche storage tube
  • Rubber covers on one end

The Callaway Alignment Training Stix is another renowned brand of golf alignment sticks. Even though Callaway is a premium manufacturer of golf clubs, their other accessories are also as outstanding and of high quality. Furthermore, when wholly expanded, Callaway Stix is 48″ long

Their shock chord construction, on the other hand, lets them collapse into a 19″ storage tube that fits neatly into a side pocket or case of your golf bag.

The only reason Callaway is lower on the list is that the Callaway Stix only comes in a pair of two, limiting the number of places you can deal with simultaneously.

However, if utility and ease of storage are essential to you, Callaway golf alignment sticks are unrivaled.

These alignment sticks include rubber covers on one end for safety and a UV coating to prevent fading and come at a budget-friendly price.

???? If you need alignment sticks for range practice, the case that comes with these alignment sticks allow you to store them neatly in the side pocket of your bag.

We found the feature to combine the sticks allows you to practice your swing path better than other sticks.

5. Shaun Webb Golf Alignment Sticks

Shaun Webb best golf alignment sticks

Key Features

  • Comes with 3 alignment rods
  • Made with rigid riberglass
  • Comes with storage tube

Shaun Webb Golf arose from the need for high-quality training aids produced by a field specialist.

Shaun discovered that the market’s training aids were not assisting his students since their designs missed several necessities.

So he resolved to create the finest golf training tools to assist his students and hundreds of other golfers experiencing the same issue. 

As a result, the Shaun Webb Golf Alignment Sticks are made of rigid fiberglass and can take a lot of punishment.

The set includes three alignment rods, allowing you to simultaneously practice several aspects of your swing. Furthermore, the set has a storage tube to organize all the rods.

Although these alignment sticks are not foldable, the storage tube keeps them from protruding from your golf bag.

Finally, detachable covers shield the sharp edges, reducing the possibility of an accident.

???? The Shaun Webb alignment rods for golf are the perfect length and width for range practice. They are definitely a good option for your first pair!

6. David Leadbetter A Swing Alignment Rods

David Leadbetter A Training Rods

Key Features

  • 44-inches long
  • Comes with 2 alignment sticks
  • Lightweight and durable
  • UV coating to prevent fading

Next, we have the David Leadbetter A Swing Alignment Rods. Given his reputation as one of golf’s top instructors, it is not surprising that David Leadbetter has introduced a line of alignment sticks.

That said, two alignment sticks measuring 44 inches each are included in this package and are made of lightweight and durable fiberglass.

These rods are solid and have UV coatings to prevent color fading. Unfortunately, the sticks are not collapsible.

However, because they are 44 inches long, they tuck in neatly and do not protrude far from your luggage.

Finally, the bundle includes a booklet with advice and exercises from Leadbetter.

As a result, this set fits perfectly into all skill levels, whether you want to learn how-to’s, touch up on your chipping and putting, or fix thin golf shots.

???? We found the pointed ends make drills using the sticks vertically super easy. The transparent storage container that is comes with supports them nicely while shielding your clubs from rubbing on the sticks.

7. Billisa Golf Alignment Sticks

Billisa golf alignment sticks

Key Features

  • Comes in 2 or 3 piece sets
  • Range of bright colors
  • 48-inches long
  • Clear tube for easy storage

Another excellent option if you’re looking for something lightweight with solid visibility is the Billisa Golf Alignment Sticks. The sets come in two or three pieces of training sticks with a range of bright colors.

Furthermore, the sticks are 48-inches long with a plastic cap on one end and a sharp tip on the other and are supplied with a clear tube for easy storage.

Every golf enthusiast wants to experience good form with each swing. The impact of practice and contact results can be enhanced using alignment sticks. However, a solid swing also requires the correct training techniques.

Billisa sticks can assist in fine-tuning the golf ball’s path and controlling the arm’s or wrist’s angles during the swing.

Additionally, they are hassle-free to carry and store. Moreover, considering the option of three stick bundles, Billisa is also supplied at a very reasonable price. However, they do not come with an instruction manual for beginners.

As a result, I recommend this product to more advanced golfers who already understand the essential uses of an alignment stick.

Even though Billisa is among some of the newer brands of alignment sticks, they are growing in popularity.

???? The Billisa alignment rods perform exactly as they are supposed to. We found the material doesn’t feel fragile or cheap in the slightest, while not being as expensive as other brands.


The best golf alignment sticks are adaptable, reasonably priced tools that help you with practically every aspect of your game. 

However, to optimize its usage and enable it to become a mechanism for continuous development, you want to ensure that the material you choose is durable and resistant to the elements since there are many poorly made alignment sticks on the market.

Fortunately, this list includes some best options available at competitive pricing.

Given their variety of uses, choose one that is visually appealing. Depending on your degree of expertise, it’s never a bad idea to include a guide to assist you in improving your technique.

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