Callaway Strata Set Review: What To Love

callaway strata review

This is our in-depth Callaway Strata Set Review.

Are you looking to take up golf or lift your game to the next level this year?

Whether you’re new to the sport or an experienced player, Callaway Strata is a name that’s sure to appear in your research.

Our comprehensive Callaway Strata review will help you determine whether it can go a fairway to put you on the right path to improved experiences on the green.

I’ve now enjoyed several rounds with various Callaway Strata sets. So, are they worth your time and money?

Here’s all you need to know before hitting your local course.

Our Top Callaway Strata Set Picks

Short on Time? Here are Our top picks for Callaway Strata Set:

Men’s Callaway Strata 16-Piece Set– Best Callaway Strata Set for Men

Women’s Callaway Strata 16-Piece Set– Most Callaway Strata Set for Women

Callaway Strata 12-Piece Set –  Budget Callaway Strata Set

The Importance Of Choosing The Perfect Golf Club Set

callaway clubs at sunset

Golf is one of the most popular participation sports in the world and has seen another spike in popularity in recent times.

The National Golf Foundation stated that over half a million new players took to the tee in 2020 alone.

And those figures have continued to rise – so, if you’re looking at buying the Callaway 16 piece set or another set of clubs, you are not alone.

I love nothing more than seeing new players take up the beautiful sport of golf.

In my personal experience, though, using the wrong clubs is the chief reason why some people fail to fall in love with the game.

The benefits of finding the right clubs include, but are not limited to;

  • Quality golf clubs will aid your performance, allowing you to drive further and putt with more accuracy than ever before.
  • Boasting a quality golf club set from a top manufacturer like Callaway will encourage you to get out on the course more frequently.
  • A full golf set ensures that you have the right club for every possible scenario, including bunkers and the rough.
  • Using the same golf clubs enables you to develop your swing while adjusting the clubs to your personal preferences.
  • Robust golf clubs will last many years, thus providing excellent value for money as a long-term investment.

So, now that you appreciate the value of finding the best golf clubs for this season, it’s time to check out my Callaway Strata review.

We’ll discuss the brand’s quality, who the Strata club sets are aimed at, their value for money, and overall performance.

Callaway: Driving Golfers To Better Performances

golf clubs in grass with golf balls

Since first opening its doors in 1982, the Californian sports equipment manufacturer has become one of the globe’s biggest names in golf and the largest company of its kind in America, even surpassing the likes of Nike and TaylorMade.

While it also specializes in bags, balls, apparel, gloves, and more, it is primarily known for producing some of the best golf clubs on the market – not least their drivers and distance irons.

The company has been regarded as one of the elite golfing brands for at least 25 years and its list of sponsored golfers – known as Team Callaway- boasts names such as Phil Mickelson, Jon Rahm, Henrik Stenson, and Sandra Gal. 

However, as well as providing quality clubs for the professionals, the manufacturer is also highly regarded for producing affordable and accessible clubs for players of all experience levels.

The Callaway 12 piece complete set is unquestionably one of its most popular. 

Callaway first inherited the Strata brand in 2003 after beating Adidas to the $125m acquisition of Top-Flite and its various assets, which also included the Top-Flite and Ben Hogan brands.

In the years since, the manufacturer has continued to develop and improve its Strata clubs, making it one of the most recognizable names on the market.

Introducing The Callaway Strata Family

The first thing any new golfer (or experienced golfer looking to update their equipment) must do is determine what clubs they actually require.

The Callaway Strata range includes several sets suited to players of different backgrounds, experience levels, and requirements. The famous Callaway sets consist of;

  • Men’s Callaway Strata Tour 16 piece set
  • Women’s Callaway Strata Tour 16 piece set
  • Men’s Strata 12 piece set
  • Women’s Strata 11 piece set
  • Men’s Callaway Strata Plus 14 piece set

All sets include a durable Callaway golf bag that’s designed for the specific set and incorporates various compartments for accessories like golf balls.

So, keeping your golf equipment organized during play and in storage should be easy.

Men’s Callaway Strata Tour 16 Piece Set

Callaway Strata Set Men's Tour 16 piece set

The Callaway 16 piece set for men is built with long driving distances and high flying wood shots. It comprises the following items;

What’s in the set:
A lightweight 460cc forged Driver
An aerodynamic 3 Wood 
Hybrids 4 & 5 
Stainless steel Irons 6-9
Stainless steel Pitching Wedge
Stainless steel Sand Wedge
Mallet Putter featuring visual alignment
Blue and black Callaway stand bag
Headcovers (Driver and clubs 3-5)

Women’s Callaway Strata Tour 16 piece set

Women's 16 piece Strata Set

The Callaway 16 piece set for women features slightly smaller and lighter clubs that are ideal for female players and are additionally popular with teenagers. The set includes the following clubs;

What is in the set:
Lightweight 460cc forged Driver, featuring large sweet spot
A fairway 3 Wood 
Hybrids 4 & 5 
Lightweight stainless steel Irons 6-9
Lightweight stainless steel Pitching Wedge
Lightweight stainless steel Sand Wedge
Mallet Putter featuring accuracy alignment
Mocha and black Callaway stand bag
Headcovers (Driver and clubs 3-5)

Men’s Strata 12 Piece Set

Testing Men's Strata 12 Piece Set

The men’s 12 piece Strata golf club set features the same quality as the Callaway 16 piece set but without quite as many pieces, making it perfect for 9-hole players. The set includes;

What’s in the set:
Lightweight 460cc forged Driver, featuring titanium head
Oversized 3 Wood
Hybrid 5 
Stainless steel Irons 6-9
Stainless steel Pitching Wedge
Mallet Putter featuring accuracy alignment
Blue and black Callaway stand bag
Headcovers (Driver & 3 Wood)

Women’s Strata 11 Piece Set

Women's Strata Set 11 Piece Set

The women’s 11 piece Strata set is ideal for beginners or players who love a 9-hole or par-3 round. The set, which can be designed for left-hand play too, includes the following items;

What’s in the set:
Lightweight 460cc forged Driver
Oversized Fairway 5 Wood
Hybrid 5 
Stainless steel Irons 7 & 9
Stainless steel Sand Wedge
Mallet Putter featuring visual alignment
Pink and black Callaway stand bag
Headcovers (Driver and 5 Wood)

Men’s Callaway Strata Plus 14 Piece Set

Men's Strata+ 14 Piece Set

The men’s 14 piece Plus set is an ideal midway point between the 11 and 16 piece sets. Designed with distance, forgiveness, and control in mind, it features the following clubs;

What’s in the set:
460cc clubhead Driver, featuring large sweet spot
An aerodynamic Fairway 3 Wood 
Hybrid 5 
Stainless steel Irons 6-9
Stainless steel Pitching Wedge
Stainless steel Sand Wedge
Mallet Putter with alignment view
Red and black Callaway stand bag
Headcovers (Driver, 3 Wood & Hybrid 5)

Callaway Strata Set: My Honest Review

As a regular golfer myself, I’ve certainly used Callaway clubs in the past – and definitely have experience of using their golf balls and gloves.

However, I hadn’t used the modern version of the Strata set for a full round until trying it out specifically for this Callaway Strata review. 

To sum up the review: it’s good, very good.

The fact that I’ve since played around a dozen rounds with the set instantly paints a positive picture. But you probably want to know a little more than that.

So, let’s take a more detailed look at some elements that will inform your purchasing decision.

For transparency, I’ve been using the Callaway 16 piece set although I did borrow a Driver from the women’s 11 piece just to feel the difference in weight.

Overall Appearances

Every golfer wants to look the part. There are a couple of minor issues that you may experience when using the Callaway Strata set.

Firstly, the clubs are not manufactured directly by the company, which only distributes them.

As such, the individual club heads do not feature the brand logo.

Secondly, the overall design focuses on simplicity and usability, which slightly compromises the professional vibe you’d gain from the top range sets like the Mavrik.

Nonetheless, the set still looks excellent, particularly in the Callaway stand bag that will feature compartments for your accessories and balls.

The headcovers also add a professional vibe. For example, when teamed with the Callaway polo shirts, you’ll strut with confidence on the green and in the clubhouse.

And I feel that the women’s sets look equally as impressive at a glance as the men’s.

The Driver

We all remember the first time that we hit a long quality drive.

With the titanium 460cc Driver that’s included in the Callaway 16 piece set, you will experience that thrill time and time again.

Straight away, this makes it one of my favorite sets for 2022.

The combination of a 10.5-degree head and a huge sweet spot means that you can get some serious distance from the tee box, even when you’re just slightly off with your swing.

However, it should be noted that this particular club is best suited for naturally fast swings. If your action is slow, you will lose a lot of potential length.

Even as a regular player, it took me a little practice to truly get the hang of it.

However, the fact that the ball still travels a long way while you’re acclimatizing will make using this Driver a lot of fun – regardless of whether it’s your first or not.

The Fairway Wood

The fairway 3 Wood promotes itself as offering a more aerodynamic head shape for long, high-flying shots.

callaway strata 3 wood

It’s hard to argue with that as the 15-degree loft, and 57-degree lie will provide decent length and a good level of control as you play towards the green.

At 351g in weight, it finds a good balance between stability and speed through your swing, which I personally enjoyed.

Most new (and seasoned) golfers have more trouble with this type of club than any other, so you’ll still need practice. Nonetheless, compared to a lot of 3 Woods at this price range, there are no major gripes.

In short: be prepared for some slices and potentially some lost balls in return for some excellent results when you do get it right.

The Hybrids

Callaway strata hybrid club

I feel that the hybrids, particularly #5 will become the firm favorite for many users as they head down the fairway. The small head can take a little getting used to. After a little practice, though, the 25-degree loft and trajectory should produce pleasing results.

Better still, the #5 has a decent sweet spot, which makes it a great recovery club.

Shots from the rough or the sand can be made with this versatile club while it’s not uncommon to hit 150 yards or more from the fairway.

The #4 may produce a slightly lower distance and power, but it’s still a flexible club that can achieve good results.

Nonetheless, as great as they are, I must admit that most new players and casual golfers can easily survive with just the one hybrid. If having both the #4 and #5 is your incentive for choosing the Strata 16 piece set, you may want to save money and get a smaller package.

The Irons

The four irons (6-9) in the full Strava set give you the choice of loft between 28-degree and 40-degree, going up in 4-degree increments.

callaway strata set irons

This also sees the lie increase from 62-degree to 63.5-degree while the length of the clubs falls from 37″ to 35.5″. All in all, it gives you good options when you are anywhere between 50 and 150 yards from the pin.

Again, a larger-than-average sweet spot can help correct your slight errors, meaning the ball stays on the intended path and trajectory.

The stainless steel shafts allow for good distance and accuracy while simultaneously ensuring great durability – which is a positive that can be attributed to every club in this range.

From personal experience, good iron play can make a huge difference for a casual golfer. Getting onto the green in one shot fewer will result in lower scores.

The PW & SW

Both the Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge are included in the full 16 piece set, although the Callaway 12 piece complete set only uses the PW.

While they both have the versatility to be used in the same situations, you’ll find that both are needed as you gain experience.

The clubs are each 35″ and feature a 64-degree lie. The main difference is the 44-degree (PW) versus 66-degree (SW) loft.

The Sand Wedge will give you a good distance and excellent trajectory, which is ideal for chipping onto a green when there isn’t much length to the hole.

The Pitching Wedge still gets good height for short-to-mid chips.

In both cases, the stainless steel shafts offer a good level of comfort, control, and forgiveness in the shot. The high flight tech, that’s also on the irons, is very handy.

The Putter

callaway strata mallet putter

The Strata Putter is one of the most appealing clubs in the set, especially for beginners. New players will instantly be attracted to the visual alignment aids.

Even for someone that thinks they are OK at keeping a straight line, I loved this feature.

However, it’s actually the weight and size of the head that I really love about this forgiving putter.

You can really feel your weight through the swing, which helps you play with confidence and achieve a good contact time and time again.

This can really help you master the distance to avoid falling short or bouncing out of the hole. The result: lower round scores.

Putters may be the cheapest club to replace, but most players will find that this 35″ mallet style is perfect. 

Value For Money

Value is largely in the eye of the beholder, so it will depend on what you are looking for in a golf club set.

The bottom line, however, is that you will not find a better set of new clubs on the market at this price point than the Callaway Strata.

The Callaway 12 piece complete set is available for as little as $350 while the Callaway 16 piece set is priced under $600.

Of course, a professional player will want something to match their elite play. For a beginner to average quality player, or a casual golfer looking to replace their outdated clubs, it will be difficult to find better value.

Recap -Things To Love About The Callaway Strata Set

golf ball on grass with iron

Like any golf set, the clubs aren’t perfect. For example, you may get a longer distance with some other products on the market.

Nonetheless, there is a lot to love about the Callaway Strata clubs. Some of my key features, especially for new players are:

  1. Sets available in men’s and women’s sizes
  2. Looks fantastic and offers all the clubs a beginner could need
  3. The Driver is perfect for fast swings and long drives
  4. All clubs are manufactured from robust materials for regular use
  5. The large clubface of the Driver and Wood are supported by the Putter accuracy aid
  6. Exceptional pricing and great quality at this price range
  7. The bag is fairly heavy, which makes it sturdy too
  8. The putter, in particular, leaves you feeling in great control
  9. Some of the sets can be made for left-handed players
  10.  It’s a perfect set for developing your swing without the need for 100% precision

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer looking for a new club set, Callaway is always a great place to start.

By now, this Callaway Strata review should make you realize that it is one of the world’s most popular ranges for good reason. Both male and female players can find suitable club sets while even left-handed players can look to this range.

They look the part, feel the part, and are particularly good at helping amateurs perfect their swing.

This is underpinned by large sweet spots, visual alignment features, and long swings. From novices to average golfers, it is a great all-in-one solution for your golf play.

Meanwhile, more advanced golfers can still add this set to help develop their swing and general play.

Lastly, thanks to the quality materials and craftsmanship, the Callaway Strata set is one of the best value for money sets on the market.

If you’re looking for the perfect set for this year and beyond, we cannot recommend this enough.

FAQs About The Set

Is there a warranty?

All official Callaway golf clubs, including the Strata set, are covered by a two-year manufacturer warranty that relates to the workmanship.

The manufacturer explains that it will replace any club or component that “is defective or becomes defective during normal use” during this time.

What clubs are in the Callaway Strata set?

All sets within the Strata range include a Driver, Wood (3 or 5), Hybrid 5, Irons 7 & 9, SW, and mallet Putter. However, the Callaway 16 piece set also adds a Hybrid 4, Irons 6 & 8, and PW.

All sets come with a specialized stand bag and the appropriate number of headcovers.

What other sets are in the Callaway family?

In addition to Strata, Callaway offers the Solaire range, which covers both men’s and women’s sets, as well as the Callaway REVA. The REVA features both adult and junior sizes, including child and teen sets.

The XJ junior range is also available. However, a semi-pro may want to consider the company’s Mavrik range instead.

What is the difference between Callaway Solaire and Strata?

The Solaire arguably looks more professional due largely to the bag’s sleek design. While it does feature an extra iron (up to seven for ultimate sets), it loses a club elsewhere.

When combined with the simplicity and comfort of pieces like the Callaway 16 piece set are deemed preferential by most.

Is the Callaway Strata everything I need as a new player?

In terms of clubs, absolutely. While some players may add or replace specific clubs over time, thousands find that the set lasts a lifetime.

Even the 11 (women) or 12 (men) piece sets will see you complete a full round with comfort. Meanwhile, the set is designed to support speed, distance, and accuracy throughout your play.

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