Gogogo Rangefinder – The Best Budget Rangefinder for Golf?

gogogo rangefinder review

Are you looking for a rangefinder for the fairway this Sunday? Check out the Gogogo Sport Vpro GS24 for all the assistance you need with improving your gameplay experience on the course.

The Gogogo rangefinder offers you an affordable alternative to the premium brands on the market, with high-quality build components and top-level performance.

With the Gogogo Sport Vpro GS24, you get a complete package that’s ready for game day or a casual nine with your friends. This device gives you precision accuracy without breaking the bank account, and it comes with stylish looks and easy, user-friendly operation.

Let’s unpack everything you need to know about the Gogogo Sport Vpro GS24. This review looks at the Gogogo rangefinder’s features, functions, design, and performance.

Gogogo Sport Vpro Range Finder GS24 – What are the Pros and Cons?

Pros of The Gogogo Rangefinder

  • Affordable price tag compared to premium brands.
  • Excellent performance on par with leading brands.
  • Latest tech features like ARC, slope, and flag lock.
  • Multi-coated lenses.
  • The “TL” version comes tournament-ready.
  • Attractive case and accessories included.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • It lacks some of the advanced functions of expensive models.
  • Maybe hard to get replacement parts.

Gogogo Sport Vpro Rangefinder GS24 Review

gogogo rangefinder in white with features
Gogogo Rangefinder

Now that you know about the pros and cons of this device let’s look at everything you need to know about the Gogogo Sport Vpro Range Finder GS24.

Unboxing the Gogogo Sport Vpro Rangefinder GS24

Let’s start with the unboxing experience from Gogogo Sport. The box for the device is your typical brown shipping box with standard features.

After opening the box, you’ll find the grey/black soft shell carry case with its red accent trim. It’s an attractive pouch secured by a zipper that rounds the edge along the length of the accents. You’ll also find a separate pouch with your warranty and user manual, a carry lanyard, and a lens cloth.

The case has the same look as the Bushnell range (which make golf and hunting rangefinders), and you get the same premium feeling from the materials in your hands and the clean operation of the zip.

There is a patch on the rear of the case stating “Laser Rangefinder.”

Unzipping the carry case gives you a no-frills impression of the space available for the device.

The device itself also comes with a minimalist design, and the plastic body of the device with its black and white accents gives the device a soft feel that’s somewhat grippy in the palm.

This design feature makes it easy to keep control over the device, preventing it from slipping out of your hands during use. The top of the device has the power and shooting button mounted into the casing for easy operation out on the course, and the second button is for selecting your shooting mode.

The Gogogo Sport Vpro Range Finder GS24 comes with the “Slope” feature, standard on all premium rangefinder models with high price tags.

The Slope and ARC features make it suitable for tournament play, with a toggle switch on the side of the casing for easy mode switching.

This model might look a bit cheap, but from our uses, we can assure you it’s a high-quality device, and you get a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on your purchase.

Using the Gogogo Sport Vpro Rangefinder GS24

Golfing tech can cost you a pretty penny. If you want the best brands, you’re going to end up paying a big price tag.

However, does the price tag have any relevance to the performance of the device? In most cases, we often buy the device that has the biggest brand presence in the market and our environment (think iPhone).

Sometimes, it pays to go off-brand and look at other alternatives for your golfing tech. Besides, if you can save some money on your tech, you can put that towards that new set of titanium clubs you’re looking at in the pro shop.

Now and again, we come across a product made by an obscure manufacturing brand that delivers amazing results and performance. The Gogogo Sport Vpro Range Finder GS24 is that device for 2022.

This handy range finder offers you the accuracy and performance of the top branded models without the heavy price tag involved with the purchase.
I noted the following when using the Gogogo Sport Vpro Range Finder GS24 at the course on my usual Saturday morning tee time.

Build Quality

As mentioned, the device’s build quality feels somewhat cheap when you look at it for the first time. However, after you pick up the lightweight chassis and hold it in your hands, you’ll have a different opinion.

The plastic shell is lightweight, but the color accents feature a soft rubber-like material adding grip to the handling of the device.
The overall feel in the hands is great, and with the wrist lanyard included, I don’t think I’ll be dropping it on the course. The size is perfect for slipping into the carry compartment of the club bag.

Grip and Controls

The casing provides an ergonomic grip to the device, with the buttons easy to access without moving your grip.

You also get single-handed use for convenience on the course. The design team made it easy to access all the controls without using two hands or looking at the device to find the right buttons.
The viewfinder window offers you a clear, bright view and black text where you expect to find it.

Measuring Distance, Accuracy, and Performance

I found locking onto the pin very easy using this device. The Gogogo Sport Vpro GS24 integrates the latest tech into the rangefinder, including ARC (angle range compensation), continuous range readings, and the legendary Pin-Seeking and Flagpole-Locking Vibration (the device vibrates when locking onto the pin).

During my testing, I found it easy to read the pins from a distance, with the manufacturer claiming it has a range from five to 650-yards. You get +/- 1m high accuracy tolerance with 6x magnification and flagpole locking at distances up to 150 yards.

The Gogogo rangefinder offers you bright, clear visuals, thanks to the fully multi-coated optics lenses reducing reflected light and enhancing light transmission. The Slope function in the device is amazingly accurate, and the device issues you with subtle haptic feedback, vibrating in your hand when locking onto the target.

Battery Life

The Gogogo Sport Vpro GS24 doesn’t come with batteries included, and I recommend going with a set of rechargeable for your device. You’ll have to fork out for a set of AAA rechargeable batteries to get the best use out of this device.

However, the device does offer excellent battery life. For the three hours I spent out on the course, I didn’t see the battery indicator drop at all.

Affordability and Value for Money

The Gogogo Sport Vpro Range Finder GS24 offers you the same performance and game quality as you get with leading brands like Bushnell.

The crisp optics, proper functions, and user-friendly operation make it a solid choice for your next viewfinder. Did we mention that it comes with a price tag that’s just over half of what you would pay with the competition for a similar device?

Gogogo Sport Vpro Rangefinder GS24 TL – What’s the Difference?

You have the option of ordering the Gogogo Sport Vpro Range Finder GS24 TL model if you’re looking for a “Tournament Legal” model. The TL version of the device features a slope switch allowing you to turn the slope function off at any time to remain compliant with tournament rules.

Gogogo Rangefinder – The Verdict

If you’re looking for a bargain viewfinder, you won’t find anything better than the Gogogo Sport Vpro Range Finder GS24 TL. This viewfinder comes with all the advanced electronics of the top models from leading brands at an affordable price point that’s somewhat unbelievable.
If you’re on a budget or looking for an affordable Christmas or birthday present, the Gogogo Sport Vpro Range Finder GS24 TL is a great choice for a thoughtful gift and a functional device.

Gogogo Sport Vpro Range Finder FAQ

What is the range of the Gogogo Sport Vpro Range Finder GS24 TL?

All Gogogo Sport Vpro Range Finder GS24 models, including the TL and MTL options, have a range from 5-feet to 650-feet, with clear images produced by the multi-coated optical lenses.

What is the difference between the Gogogo Sport Vpro Range Finder GS24 and the TL version?

The TL and MTL versions of the Gogogo Sport Vpro Range Finder GS24 feature a toggle switch for the Slope function, allowing legal use in tournament play.

Does the Gogogo Sport Vpro Range Finder GS24 TL have all the same features as the top-of-the-range brands and models?

Yes, you’ll find all the top features of the most expensive rangefinders packed into this affordable model.

Does the Gogogo Sport Vpro Range Finder GS24 TL come with a warranty?

Yes, you get a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty included with your purchase of the Gogogo Sport Vpro Range Finder GS24 or TL model.

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