Who Makes Kirkland Golf Clubs? (With Review!)

who makes kirkland golf clubs

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We know the Kirkland brand has some really great spinach and artichoke dip, trail mix, and Kirkland golf balls, but what about the golf clubs?

If you have been wondering who makes Kirkland golf clubs, whether or not they are worth your money and who should play with them, we have you covered. 

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Clubs? 

Kirkland golf clubs are made by Costco. However, since Costco does not necessarily have a factory to produce golf clubs, they typically partner with other brands to bring you their products. 

For instance, the Kirkland wedges are made by the Southern California Design Company in Carlsbad, CA. The line of Kirkland golf clubs that you can purchase at Costco is rather limited, and this is partly why they don’t own a large manufacturing plant for clubs. 

Costco does also partner with Callaway, selling the Callaway Edge golf clubs in most of their locations and on the website. If you are unfamiliar with the Edge golf clubs from Callaway, they are a bit of a mix between the Strata and the premium Callaway clubs. 

With the Callaway Edge golf clubs, you can get some great deals at Costco. However, the Kirkland brand is certainly the main seller when it comes to wedges and putters at Costco locations. 

What Kinds of Golf Clubs Does Costco Sell? 

Costco currently sells two golf clubs under their brand name, the Kirkland Signature wedge and Kirkland KS1 Putter. 

If you follow golf closely, you may have heard the story recently about Bettinardi putters being sold on the shelves of Costco. This brought up some major concerns as the Bettinardi clubs are not typically considered to be “value” based clubs. 

In fact, they are some of the more premium golf putters in the game. Costco had to remove the putters from their shelves as they are not an authorized retailer. However, they are certainly well authorized to sell their own Kirkland brand clubs as well as these Callaway Edge golf club sets. 

Kirkland Signature Wedges

Kirkland Signature Wedges

The Kirkland Signature wedges are blade style wedges sold in a group of three. 

Remember, everything at Costco is sold in bulk; that also applies to golf wedges. These clubs have a very classic design and shape, and performance is fairly standard. 

Kirkland wedges are made by the Southern California Design Company in Carlsbad, CA.

Many golfers like the fact that there is consistency in the look and the feel of the golf wedges. In addition, the shaft is the Ture Temper which is considered a more premium golf shaft.

Each of the wedges features milled face technology to help improve spin. The lofts of each wedge are 52, 56, and 60. I like this option for someone that is just starting out in the game and needs a product that fills that gap in the bag for a fair price. 

As far as premium feel and spin in difficult conditions is concerned, there are better options out there from Titleist, Callaway, and Cleveland. 

Kirkland KS1 Putter

Kirkland KS1 Putter

The KS1 putter from Kirkland gets quite a bit of talk because of the fact that it looks like a Scotty Cameron putter (same putter Tiger Woods uses). If you ask any true golf lover, they will tell you there is a resemblance, but it’s certainly not exactly the same. 

The KS1 putter has adjustable heel and toe weighting, making it a forgiving putter, but you do need to buy the weights at an additional cost. 

The overall pricing of this blade style putter is very fair. Considering that it is 100% CNC milled from stainless steel, we assumed the price point would be considerably higher. 

This club comes standard at 34.5 inches and has a head weight of 340g. This is a club well suited for a wide range of players, and it can even work well on a fast green. 

If you don’t like putters with inserts, or you are simply ready to see the difference between a mallet and a blade and what it can offer, the KS1 could be an option that is worth considering. 

Callaway Edge Golf Club Sets

callaway edge set at Costco

Although Kirkland is not the name brand on the Callaway Edge set, you can easily find this set of golf clubs in stock at almost any Costco location, as well as the website. 

The Callaway Edge clubs come in both graphite and steel, and they are a complete set without the bag that you would typically get with a complete beginner set

One of the things that really stands out about the Callaway Edge is that they are not just for the beginner player. In fact, many amateur players that have been around the game for a while like the classic look and performance of the edge. 

The set comes with everything you really need to play a great round of golf, and filling in with any other clubs from the Callaway lineup can typically be a smart choice. 

Are Kirkland Golf Clubs Any Good? 

The Kirkland golf clubs are generally considered to be a good value, but that doesn’t answer the entire question. Great golfers want to know how Kirkland golf clubs stand up when it comes to feel, distance and forgiveness. 


From a distance standpoint, the wedges and putter don’t matter all that much. However, we can tell you that some golfers had a hard time controlling the distance with the Kirkland wedges. 

The clubface is just a little hot, which helps on a longer approach shot with a wedge, but it won’t do much for the golfer that is trying to control their shots and keep the wedges in play. 

If you want a bit more distance control with the wedge, look for the Vokey, it also helps you keep the ball flight controlled. 


The wedges that Kirkland produces are blade style wedges that are generally considered less forgiving. However, the sweet spot on these particular wedges is plenty big enough, and the style allows you to manipulate the face. 

In addition, the blade style Kirkland putter is a bit larger than other premium blades, giving golfers just a bit more room for error. From the standpoint of forgiveness, the Kirkland golf clubs hold up fine. 


The feel is where you really see less expensive golf clubs start to struggle. If you are a refined player that relies on feel to hit certain types of golf shots, then the Kirkland golf clubs may fall a bit short. 

With lower-priced materials being used, the clubs are just not as responsive as some premium options. However, in golf, as with anything else, this is one of those you get what you pay for situations. 

For golfers who play occasionally, the clubs are probably going to be just fine. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you now feel more confident about the fact that Kirkland Golf Clubs are produced by Costsco and their partners. The products will probably continue to evolve as the Kirkland brand grows. 

Don’t be surprised to see these clubs in the bags of your golfing friends. With fair pricing, good distance and forgiveness, and a way to fill the bag for a fraction of the price of other brands, Kirkland does offer value. 

This is certainly something we have seen from this brand in the past!

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