What Is A Mud Ball In Golf?

Golf Ball laying in mud with golfer about to hit it

If you have been playing golf for some time or noticed an announcer on tv mention it, you may be wondering, “What is a mud ball in golf?” A mud ball is a golf term that describes a golf ball covered in mud. A ball that is covered in mud could be adversely affected as … Read more

Why Do Rich People Play Golf?

Rich people golfing

Rich people play golf because they can afford the financial costs necessary to overcome its entry barriers. In addition, besides being an enjoyable activity, golf provides a certain social status, and it allows them to network with other wealthy individuals. Rich people also tend to have more free time, as nothing is tying them down … Read more

Wolf Golf Game: A Fun Way To Change It Up

golfer putting ball on tee

After you’ve played 50-100 games of golf, do you think to yourself, “This is fun, but I wish there were a bit more variety?” Playing golf games, like the Wolf golf game, can help keep things interesting on the course. Let’s face it, there are only so many courses you can play, and most golfers … Read more

What Is A Handicap In Golf?

Golf score card used for calculating handicap in golf

You’ve spent some time in the country clubs and heard the term thrown around a lot. Or, you were talking with your friends and were bragging about it. Regardless, you are now wondering what a handicap in golf is. A handicap in golf is a number used to score a golfer’s skill based on how … Read more

What Is Inside A Golf Ball?

cut out of the golf ball core

When most people pick up a golf ball and squeeze it, the first thought that comes into their head is, “What is inside a golf ball?”. It only makes sense since the golf ball is unlike any other sports ball on the market. Their small, unique design prompts many questions. All golf balls are different, … Read more

What Is The Grand Slam In Golf?

US open golf trophy for winner

The grand slam in golf is when professional golfers win all four major tournament events in the same calendar year. The four tournaments that qualify a golfer for a grand slam are The Masters, the PGA Championship, the U.S. Open, and The Open Championship. Major Golf Tournaments Required For a Grand Slam: The Masters is the … Read more