Stix Golf Clubs Review (Tested In 2023)

stix golf clubs review

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I have been playing golf for a long time, and tried everything from high end drivers to beginner golf club sets.

Ever since I saw Stix golf clubs get released during the midst of 2020 (remember that year?), I have been wanting to get my hands on a set to try out. I couldn’t help but think it was a perfect time to release a new direct to consumer golf brand, and I thought they were crushing it with their design.

I had many questions of course, many of which I imagine my readers here would have initially:

  • How does the black finish hold up?
  • How would I enjoy moving to all graphite shafted clubs?
  • How do Stix golf clubs compare to other beginner golf club sets?

Spoiler alert, these are more than just the best beginner golf club set that we have tested, and they are more than I hoped they would be when they were first released. Not only did they have stunning performance, but the beauty of these clubs were a magnet for compliments on the course.

Are you going to see these clubs slung over the shoulder of a caddy at the Masters tournament? Probably not. That doesn’t change the fact that in my opinion, Stix golf clubs are they best golf club set under $1k. Let me explain why.

Who Are Stix?

stix golf clubs brand

Back in 2020 lockdowns were abundant, people were at home twiddling their thumbs, and golf had a record year of adoption.

With all the newcomers coming to the sport of golf, there was a lot of talk about the best equipment to use for beginner golfers.

Stix was launched around the same time with one simple idea: Premium quality at a fair price. Their sleek branding and modern finish made them an attractive option for the golfers that were stuck picking between package sets.

Let’s face it, most people these days can’t go get a golf club fitting. I have found myself in this same situation at times, where I just wished there was a complete set that looked as good as it played.

Stix is what is called a direct-to-consumer golf brand (DTC), which means you probably won’t find them at your nearest golf shop. You’d recognize other brands in this space that have a similar business model.

To name a few:

That means the only place you can get them is directly on the Stix website.

They make it super easy to find the best fit for you, with different length, flex, and finish options. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise, because it is what you would expect from a premium golf brand.

Unboxing The Set (First Impressions)

stix golf clubs box

I was shocked at how quickly these clubs came. The order went through on Wednesday and I was unboxing them on Thursday. Granted, I think they shipped out of the same city where I live. I was impressed nonetheless.

The box was in good shape but I only wish it was a bit more discreet, since there have been a plethora of package thefts in my area.

I ordered got the complete 14-club Stix golf club set, along with the stand bag, and headcovers.

stix golf clubs before unwrapping them

Everything was nicely wrapped and in good shape when I received them. My first though though when unwrapped all the clubs was how awesome the black finish looked on the irons and putter. I was really excited to see how it would hold up, and I was stoked to try out the putter.

I called some friends to show them the new set and they were all really impressed with how high quality they looked.

Stix golf clubs driver, putter, and woods have a metallic finish on the bottoms which stands out on a sunny day on the course. I almost couldn’t get a good picture of them because of how shiny they were! Of course with shiny materials come fingerprints. However I imagine most golfers would have a towel handy to clean them off after a day on the course.

The clubs also come in a silver finish, which my suit the taste of some golfers; however I totally love the scratch resistant black finish.

Stix Golf Clubs Performance Review

So, I got this set in February of 2023 and I live in the Midwest (that means cold and snow) I got them on Thursday and when I checked the weather app on my phone, I had a clear, sunny, warm(ish) weekend ahead of me. The course closest to me was open for the weekend so I knew I had a chance to get out.

Of course with it still being winter and my performance being a bit rusty from the time off, I just wanted to go out there and have fun.

I didn’t expect to play one of the best rounds of golf I’ve played to date.

Yet, I did. These clubs are super solid. I truly mean it. Performance aside for a second, you wouldn’t believe the feedback I got from people on the course on looks alone. One gentleman I got paired up with said, “What are those?….they look…futuristic.”

Which is true, the clubs look amazing in the sun.

stix golf clubs on the course

The first club that I want to go over is the driver, since that seems to be the hardest club for box sets to get right in my experience. I should note that the set that I went with has regular flex shafts.

My Opinion On Graphite Shafts

Graphite shafts seem to be getting more popular with golf club sets. Up until now I only used steel shafts whenever I wanted to go out and play a competitive round.

For golfers who haven’t tried all graphite shafted clubs, I think you will be pleasantly surprised with Stix. Graphite provides a lighter golf club which is great if you tend to walk the course, but they also provide some other benefits.

For one, with the lighter weight, you can get much more club speed out of these clubs. I am planning on taking these Stix golf clubs to a simulator like the SkyTrak launch monitor to test the difference in club head speed I get.

I also noticed that you get much more flex with the graphite shafts. This provides more forgiveness for off-center shots that you may have. They also vibrate less, which minimizes the impact of foul shots. All of this perfectly aligns with the target market that Stix is aiming for with these clubs.

Testing The Stix Driver

stix golf clubs driver test

I have don’t typically have high expectations for the driver in beginner golf sets, or other complete golf sets. However with Stix boasting that they have made a premium golf set, I expected the driver to be better than most.

In short, they’ve nailed the driver.

I’m not the best off the tee but I pride myself on my mid and short range. For the most part I would expect beginner golfers to have the same problems I do off the tee.

Nothing is worse than pulling a golf shot. Especially when you are playing a course like I did, with water hazards on nearly every hole. It’s something I have struggled with for quite some time, and there are some things you can do to stop pulling golf shots.

One of those things is improving the equipment you are using.

The round I played with the Stix golf clubs is one of the first times that I definitely noticed an improvement in my drives. There wasn’t even a doubt. I think part of it has to do with who Stix golf clubs are made for: beginner golfers looking for the best set to start with.

stix driver face

Besides performing well, the driver looks amazing, and I honestly loved the simplicity of the design. The red dot right in the center stuck out really nicely when lining up my drive. I don’t have the best eyesight, so having this contrast was helpful.

Overall, I give this driver an 8/10. Again, you aren’t going to see these on the PGA tour, but for the value you can’t get much better than this.

3 Wood and 5 Wood

Playing at a relatively short course, I only got to play with the woods a few times, which is disappointing as these were some of my two favorite clubs in the set.

The woods hit straight and low, which I found to be a particularly helpful quality on the courses I typically play in the Midwest, with trees located throughout the golf courses in the region. Overall I was impressed in the few times I got to use them.

The 5 wood was easy to pickup off the fairway, which is a quality you would expect out of woods these days. With golf club manufacturers getting better with designing club faces, this is exactly how I was hoping a golf club manufacturer like Stix would perform.

I found the 3 wood to hit very smoothly off the tee. I typically like to use clubs like these off the tee when I am trying to play a hole safe. I knew that whenever I took the headcovers off these clubs, I wouldn’t be making a mistake.

4 Hybrid

I have never particularly found the need to have a hybrid in my bag until I got the 14-club set from Stix. I just typically made due with 3 irons if I needed to punch a shot down the fairway.

Until I got my hands on this 21° 4 hybrid club, thats what I thought. I also thought they were mainly used for older golfers with slower swing speeds, who can’t quite get as much loft out of their irons. I now realize the benefit there is to have a 4 hybrid filling a slot in the bag. I basically got the distance I would out of an 3 iron, with the forgiveness of a wedge.

The 4 hybrid performed exceptionally well, and gave me punchy shots from both the fairway and the rough.

Just like the woods and driver, the 4 hybrid has a sleek stainless steel design on the club head, which weighs in at 230g.

Irons and Wedges

The graphite shaft on the cavity back irons and blade style wedges that came with the Stix golf clubs are where you really see the redeeming qualities of having graphite shafts.

Because these shafts are graphite, they are much more elastic than steel shafted irons. Paired with the large sweet spot on all of these clubs and you really have a set that is designed with beginners in mind.

I found myself taking some shots from the rough (it was the first round of the season, give me a break) and was always pleasantly surprised at the result.

All of the irons weigh in at 64g which is particularly helpful when dialing in speed and control at the range.

The wedges weigh in at 57g each and come with stiff shafts for more control greenside. You aren’t going to be swinging these as hard as you would a 5 or 7 iron, so I appreciate the touch of manufacturing these with stiffer shafts than you would have with the irons.

Stix Putter

Full stop. The Stix mallet putter is phenomenal. I think it’s a great move by them to sell it as an individual club as well.

Others may have differing experiences of course, but I found the balance of this club to be perfect for how I putt. It weighs in at 430g with a length of 34″.

The oversized, square grip felt amazing in my hand, and I really don’t think I will go back to a smaller grip anytime soon.

I also think it goes without saying that the putter looks amazing with it’s milled face and black on red design.

stix putter

I think this is a club I will keep using for a long time. I couldn’t help but compare it to more expensive putters that I have tried in the past. Because, it is just that good.

Stix Bag and Headcovers Review

stix golf clubs review bags

If you have been playing golf for a while and are looking to upgrade your clubs, I will be the first to tell you to at least consider Stix golf clubs. However if you have been playing golf for a while, you probably already have you bag setup just the way you want it.

I don’t think you will be missing much on not upgrading your bag to the one Stix sells. Let’s face it, they are totally focused on creating an amazing golf club set not an amazing golf bag.

BUT, if you are like me and appreciate aesthetics, get the bag. It perfectly matches the black on red design of the set. The red loop zippers I found to be helpful when wearing winter golf gloves where my cold fingers might not be as accurate.

It comes with an insulated pocket for your preferred course drink, protected pocket for your valuables, and all the dividers you need to go along with the set.

It has everything you need which was great. The legs folded out nicely, the strap is nice, and there is ample room for rangefinders and accessories to bring along.

stix headcovers review

The head covers on the other hand were just alright. I wasn’t super amazed with how they fit the clubs. They seem to be high quality though, but I will update this in the future with how they hold up.


Overall the Stix golf clubs are, in my opinion, the best golf set you can get right now for beginners. I definitely enjoyed my time with them and will continue to use them throughout the 2023 season.

I am planning to do a full video review of these clubs once it gets a little nicer outside so stay tuned for that. If you have any questions about the set as well, leave them in the comments below and I will be sure to get back to you.

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