How Many Dimples Are On A Golf Ball: 150+ Examples

how many dimples are on a golf ball

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So…how many dimples are on a golf ball?”

This is a question that beginner golfers ask quite often. I used to wonder about it, too, as golf balls have one of the most unique designs out of any sports ball.

First things first—there is no exact answer to this question. They differ according to which golf ball it is and who manufactured it, but they typically have between 300-400 dimples.

I also wondered whether they are just for looks or do the dimples serve a purpose? And is there a fixed number of dimples on a golf ball? I decided enough was enough and did a deep dive into the design of golf balls to find out all the answers.

We have included examples from 13 different brands. Use the table of contents to jump to the brand you’re looking for.

Here’s what I found:

Exact Examples: How Many Dimples Are On A Golf Ball

a bunch of golf balls

The fan-favorite Titleist Pro V1 has 388 dimples. Most famous brands like Titleist, Bridgestone, and Mizuno Tour balls all have golf balls with dimples within the same range.

However, there are exceptions to every rule. Some golf balls have over 400 or 500 dimples too. No evidence suggests that increasing the number of dimples will impact performance in any way.

Fascinatingly, the record for having the maximum number of dimples on a golf ball is 1,070.

We figure the best way to show you how many dimples are on a golf ball is to give you exact examples. So here is the number of dimples that are on the most popular golf balls on the market according to Golf Info Guide:

Dimples on Bridgestone Golf Balls

Bridgestone first began developing golf balls in 1935. Based in Covington, Georgia, they have been around for quite a while. Here is how many dimples are on Bridgestone golf balls:

Golf BallNumber of Dimples
Bridgestone Tour B330330
Bridgestone TOUR B XS330
Bridgestone TOUR B X330
Bridgestone TOUR B RX338
Bridgestone Laddie Extreme372
Bridgestones New e6 and e6 Lady330
Bridgestone TOUR B RXS338
Bridgestone e12 Speed and SoftDelta Wing Dimples
Bridgestone e5326
Bridgestone e6326
Bridgestone e6 Speed and Soft330
Bridgestone Lady Precept330
Bridgestone xFIXx330
Bridgestone Extra Soft330
Bridgestone Precept Powerdrive Golf Ball372
Bridgestone Laddie X372
Dimples on Bridgestone Golf Balls

Dimples on Callaway Golf Balls

callaway erc soft golf balls

Callaway is one of the biggest names in golf. Their golf ball technology is developed from engineers hired from Du Pont and Boeing. Utilizing aerodynamic research to create the perfect dimple design.

As you will see, nearly every Callaway golf ball has 332 dimples. Looks like they really nailed their design.

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Golf BallNumber of Dimples
Callaway HEX Black Tour332
Callaways New ERC Soft322
Callaway HEX Chrome+332
Callaway HEX Chrome332
Callaway HEX Diablo332
Callaway HEX Hot332
Callaway Supersoft Magna332
Callaway Superhot 70332
Callaway ERC Soft332
Callaway HEX Hot Pro332
Callaway Warbird332
Callaway HEX Soft332
Callaway Supersoft332
Callaway Chrome Soft X332
Callaway New Chrome Soft With Truvis Technolgy332
Callaway Strata Tour Advanced332
Callaway Supersoft332
Callaway Solaire332
Callaway Superhot 55332
Callaway HEX Solaire332
Callaway HEX Warbird332
Callaway Speed Regime 1332
Callaway Speed Regime 2332
Callaway Speed Regime 3332
Callaway Chrome Soft332
Callaway Golf Ball Dimples

Dimples on Maxfli Golf Balls

maxfli golf ball dimples

Maxfli has been around for a long time. If you have been playing golf for a while, you probably have used one of their golf balls before.

The brand was bought from TaylorMade by Dicks Sporting Goods in 2008, and revamped with new golf ball lines.

You can read our full review of Maxfli golf balls here.

Golf BallNumber of Dimples
Maxfli Revolution Low Compression392
Maxfli Revolution Spin392
Maxfli U/2 Model422
Maxfli U/3422
Maxfli U/4318
Maxfli U/4x336
Maxfli U/6422
Maxfli Straightfli374
Maxfli Softfli374
Maxfli Tour X318
Maxfli Golf Ball Dimples

Dimples on Mizuno Golf Balls

mizuno tour dimples

This Japanese sporting goods company makes balls for nearly every sport you can imagine. Of course Mizuno would have perfected their dimple design.

Golf BallNumber of Dimples
Mizuno RB566566 (Micro-Dimples)
Mizuno RB566V566 (Micro-Dimples)
Mizuno RB Tour, RB Tour X360
Mizuno Golf Ball Dimples

Dimples on Nike Golf Balls

nike golf balls

It only makes sense that one of the largest sports equipment companies in the world will get into the golf ball game. Because their focus is on…pretty much everything, their dimple design may not be as refined as other brands.

Here are the number of dimples on Nike golf balls:

Golf BallNumber of Dimples
Nike 20XI-X360
Nike 20XI360
Nike One RZN X314
Nike One RZN314
Nike One Vapor Speed336
Nike Power Distance Long432
Nike Power Distance Soft314
Nike RZN Black360
Nike RZN Platinum360
Nike RZN Red314
Nike RZN White344
Nike RZN Tour344
Nike RZN Speed344
Nike Golf Ball Dimples

Dimples on Pinnacle Golf Balls

pinnacle golf ball dimples

Pinnacle golf balls have a unique design with their proprietary icosahedral dimple design which they claim increases distance and performance.

Golf BallNumber of Dimples
Pinnacle Rush322
Pinnacle Soft332
Pinnacle Bling332
Pinnacle Gold332
Pinnacle Golf Ball Dimples

Dimples on Srixon Golf Balls

srixon golf ball dimples

Srixon’s main focus is on golf balls and with their unique dimple design, it shows. Not only do they design and make their own golf balls, but they also do the same for other major golf ball brands such as Maxfli and Dunlop.

Golf BallNumber of Dimples
Srixon Q-STAR344
Srixon Soft Feel324
Srixon Soft Feel Lady328
Srixon Z-Star Spin Skin338
Srixon Z-Star XV338
Srixon Trispeed Tour324
Srixon Revamped Q-Star338
Srixon Q-Star 5th Gen338
Srixon Soft Feel Brite338
Srixon New Q-Star Tour338
Srixon Z-Star Pure White and Tour Yellow324
Srixon Soft Feel338
Srixon Q-Star XV Pure White and Tour Yellow324
Srixon Soft Feel Soft White and Tour Yellow324
Srixon Soft Lady Soft White324
Srixon Trispeed324
Srixon Z-STAR SL324
Srixon Z-STAR XV344
Srixon Z-STAR344
Srixon Golf Ball Dimples

Dimples on TaylorMade Golf Balls

taylormade golf ball

Another major contender for good golf ball dimple design is TaylorMade. They originally started back in 1979, so they have definitely had some time to figure out their golf balls.

Here is how many dimples are on major TaylorMade golf balls.

Golf BallNumber of Dimples
TaylorMade Burner342
TaylorMade New Tour Response322
TaylorMade Soft Response322
TaylorMade TP5 & TP5x322
Taylormade Kalea342
Taylormade Distance342
Taylormade AeroBurner-Pro342
Taylormade AeroBurner-Soft342
TaylorMade Lethal322
TaylorMade RocketBallz Urethane360
TaylorMade SuperDeep342
TaylorMade New Tour Preferred and X322
TaylorMade Project (a)360
TaylorMade Project (s)342 LDP
TaylorMade Noodle Neon Matte Red/Lime Green342
TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft342
TaylorMade Noodle Easy Distance342
TaylorMade Golf Ball Dimples

Dimples on Titleist Golf Balls

prov1 dimples

Some of the most asked questions in golf revolve around Titleist and “how many dimples are on a Pro V1 golf ball.”

Titleist makes some of the most recognizable, premium golf balls on the market.

Golf BallNumber of Dimples
Titleist AVX352
Titleist DT TruSoft376
Titleist Tour Soft342
Titleist 2020 TruFeel376
Titleist EXP-01346
Titleist DT SoLo392
Titleist NXT Tour302
Titleist NXT Tour S302
Titleist ProV1352
Titleist ProV1x328
Titleist Velocity332
Titleist DT Trusoft376
Titleist Tour Speed346
Titleist Golf Ball Dimples

Dimples on Top-Flite Golf Balls

topflite golf ball

Top-Flite used to be owned by Callaway, but was recently bought by Dicks Sporting goods. They have been around for quite some time, so of course they would make great golf balls.

Golf BallNumber of Dimples
Top-Flite D2+ Distance332
Top-Flite D2+ Feel332
Top-Flite D2+ Straight332
Top-Flite Gamer Tour332
Top-Flite Gamer332
Top-Flite XL Distance332
Top Flite Bomb332
Top Flite Gamer Soft332
Top-Flite Golf Ball Dimples

Dimples on Vice Golf Balls

vice pro golf ball dimples

Vice is the new kids on the block but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to make a good golf ball. They have a traditional dimple design, but it seems to be serving them well.

Golf BallNumber of Dimples
Vice Pro Soft Golf Ball336
Vice Pro Golf Ball318
Vice Pro Plus Golf Ball336
Vice Tour Golf Ball392
Vice Golf Ball Dimples

Dimples on Volvik Golf Balls

volvik golf ball dimples

Volvik has been developing golf balls and their dimple design for other 40 years. That kind of experience would lead you to believe they know what they are doing.

And it’s true, with Volvik golf balls, multiple long drive competitions have been won.

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Golf BallNumber of Dimples
Volvik Vivid Golf Ball322
Volvik Crystal350
Volvik Pro Bismuth446
Volvik Vista iV392
Volvik S4336
Volvik S3336
Volvik Vista iS392
Volvik Vista DS 77372
Volvik Golf Ball Dimples

Dimples on Wilson Golf Balls

wilson ultra golf ball

Mainly working in other sports besides golf, Wilson is no stranger to ball development. They make some of the best sports equipment in the world and golf is no exception.

Here are the number of dimples on Wilson golf balls.

Golf BallNumber of Dimples
Wilson Duo Soft+ & Duo Optic362
Wilson Staff Duo Professional362
Wilson Staff C:25302
Wilson Staff DUO312
Wilson Staff FG Tour X312
Wilson Staff FG Tour312
Wilson Staff Fifty Elite302
Wilson Staff Zip302
Wilson Staff FG Tour Urethane362
Wilson Staff Duo Soft Spin302
Wilson Staff Duo Urethane362
Wilson Staff Duo Spin302
Wilson Staff DX3362
Wilson Staff DX3 Spin302
Wilson Triad302
WIlson Golf Ball Dimples

Why Are There Dimples on Golf Balls?

Dimples on golf balls are not there just for show. There is very simple science behind it. The dimples are always tiny (.010 inch), concave indentations on the golf ball.

Unlike any other dents or nicks on sports equipment, the dimples are there to serve a very specific purpose.

When you hit a golf ball, and it flies through the air, the dimples on the surface of the ball disrupt the air around the ball. This cuts down drag and makes the performance of the ball better. They act in the same way as ‘turbulators‘ on Ping’s new golf club.

golf ball on golf course close up

The dimples on golf balls create a boundary of turbulence made of a thin layer of air, which attaches itself to the ball’s surface. This means that the air surrounding this boundary can flow more smoothly.

There was a time when golf balls used to be smooth all over. These balls can cover only half the distance as golf balls with dimples. Not to mention how hard it is to get smooth golf balls to fly straight.

Smooth golf balls have a very unpredictable trajectory, and it isn’t easy to achieve any level of accuracy with them. Players have very little chance of controlling a smooth golf ball.

With dimpled golf balls, the surface area that air flows around increases because of the layer of air that is already around the golf ball. The flight path and trajectory of the golf ball are a lot smoother, and players get a greater sense of control.

Since it is lift and drag that makes golf balls with dimples perform better, increasing the number of dimples doesn’t create much of an impact, but the surface depth of dimples has much more effect on the flight of the golf ball.

Even a difference of 0.001 inches in depth of the dimples can have a vast impact on how far the golf ball can travel and its overall trajectory.

Let me explain—the ball’s lift is due to the ball spinning backward as it advances. The air pressure on the bottom is higher than that on top of the ball, causing the ball to rise in the air. With dimples on its surface, the ball can rise twice as high.

The exact shape of the dimples also plays a part in how they perform. Traditionally, they are always spherical, but some new advancements have made aerodynamically sound shapes to maximize performance.

When Did We Start Having Dimples on Golf Balls?

golf ball dimples with blue background

Golf has been around since the 15th century. It was first played in Scotland with smooth balls and was much more difficult because of the preliminary design of the golf balls and clubs.

Wooden balls were among the first golf balls, later replaced by leather ones filled with feathers. These were called ‘featherie’ balls, with the next innovation coming during the 1800s when Dr. Addams Patterson created ‘gutties.’

These were made of dried tree sap and were an attempt to make the process of creating golf balls less expensive. When these balls got worn out and developed dents, golfers realized they were much better to play with than new, smooth golf balls.

Soon, manufacturers started creating golf balls with raised bumps to change the texture of the surface. By the 1900s, dimpled golf balls started becoming the norm as they gave players more control and covered more distance.

Companies like Callaway and Titleist continuously fine-tuned golf ball designs to create the best quality balls and continue experimenting with them today.

Benefits of Golf Ball Dimples

close up of golf ball dimples

Let’s go into the specifics of the benefits provided by golf ball dimples:

● They Increase Lift: The dimples on the golf ball determine the ball’s lift. They minimize air resistance and help the golf ball cover more ground and rise higher.

The path of the golf ball becomes more stable, and players get greater control when they hit the golf ball. I have also noticed that the dimples are not uniform on all golf balls.

When the dimples are spaced apart evenly and precisely, the golf balls don’t veer left or right, and the player can make more accurate shots.

● They Improve Distance and Trajectory: The discovery that dimples on golf balls can increase their trajectory and the distance they can cover was quite accidental, but it has made a significant difference in golf’s history.

The best pattern, by far, is one deeper dimple followed by a shallow dimple. A consistent and even pattern like this vastly increases the distance a ball can cover and improves its trajectory.

Which Golf Ball Pattern Is the Best for You?

Not all golf balls are created equal. They vary in the number of dimples, depth of dimples, pattern, and spacing. It is quite natural to wonder which of these is the absolute best for you.

titleist golf ball on turf

Well, the only way to find the best golf ball pattern is to ask yourself what is most important to you. Some patterns are touted to increase the distance of your shot manifold thanks to an aerodynamic design.

If distance is what you’re looking for, these balls will work great for you. In the same way, decide if you want low spin or high spin and high launch or low launch.

These are the characteristics that depend on the pattern and form of the dimples, so choosing between these factors will help you find the ideal golf ball pattern for yourself.

Wrapping Up

They might like an insignificant detail, but dimples on golf balls vastly improve their performance. If you have been struggling with a certain aspect of your game, trying out a different pattern of dimples can really help you.

The pattern and depth of the dimples vary between manufactured and even between different golf balls from the same manufacturer. Every good brand specifies these details to help you choose between them. Sometimes it is even imprinted on the golf ball itself.

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