Cost Of Golf Club Fitting: 4 Factors To Look For

golf club fitting cost

A golf club fitting will cost anywhere from around $50 to more than $300. The golf club fitting costs vary based on the type of fitting you are going for, where the fitting is located, and who is conducting it. 

If you are in the market for a golf club fitting, it’s important to understand the associated costs before you sign up. Not only can you ensure that you get a better deal, but you will be happier with your overall results from the fitting as well. 

Let’s look at how much golf club fittings cost and how you can ensure you get the best deal for the money. 

Why Are Club Fittings So Important? 

Golf club fittings are important because they ensure that the clubs you are purchasing will be a fit for your golf game. Paying $1000 for a set of beginner golf clubs that do not fit you is unfortunate. 

Most golfers are finding golf club fittings to be well worth the money. 

Types of Golf Fitting

There are several different types of golf fittings that you can choose from; the full bag fitting is generally the most expensive. 

Full Bag

Full bag fittings take several hours of your time and usually cost $200 or more. The full bag fitting requires hitting every club in the bag and determining whether or not it is a fit for your golf game. 

When you go for a full bag golf fitting, try not to hit too many shots before hand, you will need plenty of energy to get through the whole bag. 

Shaft Only 

shaft only fittings

The shaft only fitting is for a golfer that likes their current clubhead but knows the shaft is no longer a good fit. Shaft only fittings usually cost between $30 and $100, and they are quicker as they usually apply to just the irons or a driver. 

Shaft fittings are helpful if you are having trouble finding a good driver shaft length.

Individual Club

Individual club fittings are for golfers that need a new hybrid or fairway wood. If you want to add a wedge to your bag or get a new driver, the individual club fitting is a good choice. 

These are usually around $50 but can be a little more when looking at a set of golf irons. Individual club fittings are great for golfers that are looking for just a small adjustment or upgrade to their equipment. 

Short Game

More and more fitting centers are offering short game fittings. A short game fitting will be a mix of wedges and a putter fitting. 

With the short game being the most important area of the game from a scoring perspective, it’s worth the money to get wedges and a putter that works for you. 

Most short game fittings will be around $100. The pricing is a little higher because it often incorporates two areas of the game, both putting and chipping. 

Putter Fitting

Putter fittings have come a long way in the last few years. Launch monitors have recently improved their overall functionality when it comes to putting and measuring spin, loft angle, and more. 

For a putter fitting, you can be either indoors or outdoors, and it’s sometimes easier to try different putter options because the shafts are not as customized to player needs. 

Most putter fittings cost between $50 and $150, depending on the technology used during your fitting. 

Loft Gapping Session 

Several years ago, when golf club manufacturers started to make golf clubs with lower loft angles, the loft gapping in golfers’ sets became a major problem. 

All of a sudden, golfers had 10 to 15 degrees of a gap between their pitching and sand wedge. 

During a loft gapping session, the fitter will measure the loft of your clubs and see what gaps you have. Then you may get fitted for something like a fairway wood, hybrid, utility iron, or even a wedge that could fit the needs of your game. 

Loft gapping sessions typically cost around $80 to $120. You can learn a lot about your golf game with something like this. 

Locations For Golf Club Fitting

The price of your golf club fitting will also depend on the location. Generally speaking, a higher price is expected from a private country club, like Clubcorp clubs. Public golf courses and fitting centers sometimes have fair pricing, but it depends on the one. When considering the location, make sure that you are smart about the technology that this location offers. Sometimes the launch monitor technology is better at one facility than another. 

Club Fitting Professional 

Just as some golf professionals are better than others, some club fitting professionals are better than others. A club fitting professional walks through each club with you to help you determine which is best. 

Here is a good video explaining exactly how golf club fittings work.

One of the things that help golf club fitting professionals stand out from others is their ability to sort through the information on the launch monitor and then apply that to their product knowledge. 

The better a professional is at this, the more accurate your fitting will be. 

What To Look For In A Golf Club Fitting

A great golf club fitting for the money will not only help you find the right clubs for you, but it will also help you learn quite a bit about your game. Here are a few things to look for when booking your golf club fitting. 

Great Technology

It just takes a few minutes to learn that the Trackman golf launch monitor technology is one of the best in the game. However, Foresight also has some great options. 

In addition, SkyTrak launch monitors also has some technology that can work for fittings. 

Essentially, I would not recommend going for a golf fitting without golf technology in place. Golf club fittings without launch monitor technology may save you a few dollars, but you won’t get the same accuracy and results. 

Finding a fitting location that uses the best golf simulator will provide a much better level of fitment.

Flexible Schedule 

Golf club fitting locations tend to get busy. If you can find a location that has openings in the morning or in the early evening, you may be able to get your fitting in sooner rather than later. 

When you get a fitting and order custom clubs, it can take a few weeks. Go with a place that gets you in sooner rather than later. 

Grass Turf

Some golfers only want a club fitting in a place where they can hit off of grass turf. Grass turf makes it easier to see how the golf ball will react on the golf course. 

I will tell you that golf technology can give accurate results from real turf or a mat. However, if you are particular about how the club and grass interact, you may want a grass fitting. 

Indoor vs. Outdoor? 

Some golfers struggle with swinging a golf club indoors. 

All fitting centers have plenty of room; you won’t have to worry about hitting the ceiling or walls around you. However, if it causes mental difficulties, consider an outdoor club fitting option. 

Launch monitors are calibrated to work indoors and outdoors, so you won’t have to worry about accuracy. I like the outdoor fittings, but I have noticed lately that the indoor fittings that allow for a shot to fly outdoors are also great. 

Are Golf Club Fittings Worth The Cost? 

If a set of golf clubs cost $100, a fitting would be hard to justify. However, with a full golf club set such as the Callaway Strata set costing $2000 or more at times, the cost of a fitting makes a lot of sense. 

I’m not sure about you, but I don’t want to spend that kind of money on a set of clubs that don’t fit my needs as a player. 

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of golf club fitting’s cost. Some facilities will include the cost of a golf club fitting if your purchase a complete set of clubs. 

However, even if you have to pay for a golf club fitting, it’s worth the money to have clubs that fit you properly. When your golf clubs fit you properly, the chance of striking the center of the clubface is considerably higher.

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