Top 5 Tips: How To Hit Longer Drives

How to hit longer drives

Golf is a sport unlike most of the others in the world. Being athletic is fine, but a golfer’s skill and technique are what separates the mediocre from the great.  Any amateur golfer you meet will have similar stories of frustrations with their short to intermediate game. Whether they are toying with their putting stance … Read more

What Is A Stimpmeter And How Does It Work?

what is a stimpmeter in golf

If you watch golf on television or hang around with golfers that know a lot about the game, chances are you have heard the term Stimpmeter come up once or twice.  The Stimpmeter is always referred to when discussing the speed of putting greens (or even office putting sets.) If you are curious about what … Read more

How High of a Ceiling for Golf Simulator? (4 Major Factors)

How high of a ceiling for a golf simulator

When you’re considering making your own golf simulator, there are many factors that you’ll have to take into account before you commit to the process. For us, the greatest of these factors is the space provided for the simulator, specifically the height. Golfing indoors can feel a bit off-putting, especially if it’s not something you’re … Read more

Augusta: What Is The Masters Font? 

Masters Font: Augusta

The Masters tournament, many would argue, is the most special and highly regarded tournament in the United States each year. The Master has a tremendous history, and people that are lucky enough to attend the Masters know that it is truly a unique experience.  One of the things that help the Masters stand out as … Read more