Advanced EV Golf Cart Review: A Good Option In 2023?

advanced ev golf cart review

Testing out golf cart brands has taught me so much about what variation there is between manufacturers. Some brands are smaller and offer customization and fancy paint colors as their prime selling point (Tomberlin golf carts are a great example of this.)

Other brands like Advanced EV try to provide consumers with a golf cart solution that works for golfing, flying around the neighborhood, and overall convenience. The Advanced EV brand is getting bigger, and when you learn about the carts, it’s no surprise. 

Take a look at this Advanced EV golf cart review to get a better idea as to what to expect. 

Advanced EV Golf Cart Models

Advanced EV Golf carts are golf carts created by dealers with more than 35 years of experience in the industry. This group got together, looked at the issues as a whole, and decided to fix them. 

A few of the main concerns they had for golf cart owners were vehicle performance issues, inconsistent quality, and even trouble trying to obtain parts. Advanced EV addressed all of these in creating their golf cart models. 

There are three main types of Advanced EV Golf Carts, and then within each of these types, there are numerous configurations and choices for customization and details. 


advanced ev golf carts EV1 lineup

The first option from Advanced EV is EV1. This would be considered more of a base model golf cart with all of the most important features and nothing that you won’t end up using. 

With the EV1, you get a choice of color options and full customization of features and benefits. The EV1 has an Electromagnetic Braking system and a built-in Drive Package for better safety. 

The EV1 models are the following: 

  • EV1 2
  • EV1 4
  • EV1 4 L
  • EV1 6
  • EV1 6L

When it comes to battery choices, you will have the option of lead acid or lithium ion. The lithium ion carts have a higher price tag but are a longer lasting golf cart battery. 


Advanced EV advent models

If you want a little more than a base model, the next step up would be the Advent. This is a sleek golf cart with some noticeable upgrades from the EV1. 

The more critical mechanical features include an energy-efficient AC powertrain, world-class suspension, and industry-leading ride quality. 

If you spend time taking your cart longer distances, even on the roads, the Advent is a great option to consider. This sleek-looking cart tends to be a popular option among homeowners in golf lifestyle communities. 

The Advent models are: 

  • Advent 2
  • Advent 4
  • Advent 4L
  • Advent 4F
  • Advent 4FL
  • Advent 6L

The Advent 4F is a popular model in that the second row of seats is forward-facing. This has become a more popular model, especially for those with families. 

With the Advent, you can choose between 8 exterior colors and three seat colors to make the cart truly unique to your needs. 

Advanced HD

advanced hd models in our test

The last of the Advanced EV golf cart models is the Advanced HD which is a work cart. This is a nice looking and electric-powered work cart, and there are five different models to choose from. 

With something like the Advanced HD, there will be fewer color options and customizations to choose from. Most work carts need to be white, black, or dark green. 

In years past, the capabilities of battery-powered golf carts that are built for work would be minimal. The Advanced HD changes that. With advancements in technology and ease of use, this is a high-functioning cart with great value. 

Advanced EV Golf Cart Features and Benefits 

advanced ev features

As I mentioned, the creators of the Advanced EV Golf carts have had over 35 years of experience in the industry. Therefore you won’t have to worry about the quality of these carts; they genuinely give golf cart owners everything they need and a place to return should there be issues. 

Getting parts from Advanced EV is easy. 

In addition to mechanical benefits, the Advanced EV golf carts offer all of the fun bells and whistles that modern cart owners want. 


The Ev1 and the Advent models come with a full five-year warranty. The Advanced HD has a two-year warranty. 

Keep in mind that when purchasing an electric golf cart, most of the time, the warranty does not include the batteries outside of the first year. 


I was really impressed with the customization options that you can choose from with the EV1 and the Advent models. The Advanced HD is a bit more limited, but this is to be expected with a work cart. 

In addition to full color and style customization choices as you build your cart, there are also upgrades that you can choose from. Some of the upgrades include features to make the cart ready for the road or to increase the technology that you find in the cart. 

Some of the most important upgrades to the Advanced EV carts include: 

  • DOT Rated Windshield with Toughened Glass and Wiper
  • RoyPow Lithium Battery 
  • Custom stitching in the cart seating 
  • Stealth 6 Soundbar 
  • Enclosure
  • Parking Pat 
  • Phone Bracket 
  • Custom Key 

The Ride 

As I researched the Advanced EV golf carts, one of the things that kept coming up was the importance of a great ride. This is not a cart that just looks pretty; it is also enjoyable to ride. 

When building the Advanced EVE models, the suspension was something that was focused on. 

Most will feature an independent rear suspension, coil springs, and hydraulic shock absorbers. Essentially you can travel on the road or on the golf course and not feel as though you are going to get thrown off the cart! 

Model Selections

Between the EV1 and the Advent, there are 2, 4, and 6 seat configurations for golf cart owners to choose from. The models are pretty easy to understand; the number represents the number of seats. 

The letter L in the model number refers to a more extended top and a longer overall cart. The letter F stands for the forward-facing seat option. 

Website and Shopping Experience

The Advanced EV website is very easy to use and was one of my favorite shopping experiences. There is a lot of information for you when it comes to customization and choices, but it is all very clearly laid out. 

In addition, you can apply for financing directly on the website to see if that is going to be an option that helps your purchasing decision. 

Advanced EV Golf Carts Pricing 

The Advanced EV golf carts are offered at locations nationwide, but you won’t find the exact pricing for the carts on the website. 

I had heard that these carts were fairly priced, so I did a little research to see what I could find. I found that the base level models with very few upgrades (in the 2 seater option) would sell for around $7000-$9000. 

This, of course, includes traditional lead acid batteries. When you go to LIthium batteries, the pricing is considerably higher. 

One thing that stood out to me here is how nice looking even the base model Advent carts are. If you don’t want to get stuck paying for all the bells and whistles but would like a more modernized look to your cart, this is one to look at. 

Advanced EV Golf Carts: Our Take

Now that you have all the info about the features and functionality of the Advanced EV, here is what my ultimate verdict was on these carts. 


If you choose an Advanced EV golf cart with lead acid batteries, I feel like you could get more for your money than you can with other brands. The included upgrades are better and the overall ease of getting parts and maintenance is considerably improved. 

When you switch to the Lithium Iron battery pricing, the carts certainly don’t appear as affordable. As Lithium Ion batteries hopefully start to decrease in total pricing, we will see this improve. 


Overall I think the customization options from Advanced EV are impressive. I love the fact that you can change the cart color on the website and see exactly what it will look like. 

When I’m spending this kind of money on a product, I want a pretty clear picture of what I’m getting. 


The longevity of the Advanced EV Golf carts seems really good. Remember that you can get all of your parts directly from the manufacturer. They have a good team, and it’s growing as the company grows; customer service is easy to work with.  


I hope you have a better idea as to what to expect from the Advanced EV Golf carts. These are growing fast, and it’s no wonder why. 

When you compare the Advanced EV to big names like Yamaha, EZ Go, and Club Car, you will quickly see that they offer all the same features and functionality. 

Many times the pricing for the Advanced EV is a bit lower. Certainly, to get a high-quality golf cart, you still have to make a significant investment, but the Advanced EV could certainly be a smart one for your needs. 

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  1. Hi Jake – thanks for posting this review! Can you tell us where Advanced EV carts are manufactured? Their site states they have a facility in Texas, but they don’t clearly state if all of their carts are manufactured there.


    1. Hey Matt – I actually don’t know for certain but my guess is that some of the major manufacturing like the metal frame is done in TX and then everything else is probably “assembled” in TX. I would guess a lot of the plastic components are coming from overseas and would bet the batteries, suspension components, and so on are coming from 3rd party suppliers, whether they be US or international too.

    2. They, like most of the carts now, come from China. There are a bunch manufactured within 2 different plants, and sent here for finally assembly (Advanced EV’s are in TX, SC, and Orlando.)

  2. Thank you for taking the time for this review. I’m looking at a used Eve 2010. Every thing seems great so far, but I’m wondering where I can buy parts for it when needed? I’ve read that it is very easy to get parts for the Club cart as well as a couple others, but unsure about this.

  3. Where do we find the parts. Can anyone share me the address of parts store or manufacturer.
    The pinion is broken in my 2014 machine.

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