5 Best Golf Simulators Under $5000 (Updated 2023)

best golf simulators under $5000

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Golf simulators are becoming more and more affordable. However, they still require several thousand dollars to invest. 

Years ago, the best golf simulators on the market were $50,000 or more. Although you can still put together a system in this price range, most are going to be less than $20,000 at this point. 

Luckily for golfers on a budget, there are a few good options for the best golf simulators for less than $5000.

Don’t expect all of the same features and functionality that you get from the high end models, but you can still enjoy your experience with any of these simulators. 

We recently tested five of the best golf simulators under $5000. Let’s look at what they come with, who they are for, and whether or not this is worth you spending your money.

Short on Time? Here are My top picks for the best golf simulator Under $5000:

???? Mevo+ Practice Package – Best Overall Golf Simulator Under $5k

???? Garmin R10 Practice Package – Best Golf Simulator Under $5000 For Beginners

???? Optishot Golf In A Box 4 – Best Golf Simulator Under $5k For Families
Jake Dalton
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What’s The Difference Between Premium Golf Simulators and Cheap Golf Simulators? 

Although it’s hard to call $5000 cheap, in the world of golf simulators, it is. 

The main differences you can expect between a premium golf simulator and a cheap one have to do with accessories and accuracy.

Many of the lower priced golf simulators have slightly less accuracy. 

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These models are really good at getting basic stats, but when it comes to things like spin, launch angle, and club path, the info and data just won’t be as accurate. 

The premium golf simulators also come with projectors that are high-end and even gaming laptops. However, you can always purchase the lower-priced simulators and then add accessories in over time. 

Premium golf simulators and cheap golf simulators are really like any other product in the golf world. You will get what you pay for. 

Best Golf Simulators Under $5000 in 2023

Here is our list of the best golf simulators under $5000. Have you tried any of them? Let us know down in the comments.

Mevo+ Practice Golf Simulator Package (Best Overall) 

Mevo+ golf simulator under $5000

The Flightscope Mevo has always been one of our favorite golf launch monitors for the average golfer. However, as technology has improved and the game has progressed, so has Mevo. 

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The latest model, the Mevo+, has some of the best accuracy in its price range as well as impressive usability.

You should be able to use this golf simulator setup indoors and outdoors, and the amount of data you can collect about your golf game is quite impressive. 

With this particular package, expect a great golf net, SwingTurf golf mat, landing pad turf, and the computer and Software to be able to use the package. 

If you are smart about following the directions on the Mevo+ and you have a little less than an hour to set things up, the Mevo+ Practice Golf simulator is quite easy to work with and get started. 

What Is Included

  • Mevo+ Launch Monitor and Carrying Case
  • Flightscope App 
  • E6 Connect or TGC 2019 Simulation Software 
  • Net Return Pro Series Hitting Net
  • 5’x8’ Landing Pad Turf 
  • IPad Pro or Gaming Laptop 
  • Laptop Stand
  • 25’ HDMI Cable
  • Ball Tray 

Who Is It For

The Mevo+ Practice Golf Simulator falls just into this price range. If you are just on the edge of being able to afford the premium golf simulators and the cheap, this would be a great choice. 

We also trust the accuracy of the Mevo+ and find that the new data parameters are considerably better than we have seen in the past. 

This entire setup is not hard to work with, and although it does not come with a projector or screen, you can still get a great experience practicing on the laptop or iPad that is included. 

Some cheaper models can save you money by not including the laptop or iPad, but you can run into issues with overall compatibility. 


  • Very accurate results
  • Quick setup time
  • Comes with laptop and Software
  • Ability to use both indoors and outdoors
  • New Mevo+ has more data parameters than previous models 


  • Still doesn’t have the projector and screen 
  • Mevo+ takes a bit more tweaking as part of the initial setup 

Garmin Approach R10 Practice Package (Best For Beginner) 

Garmin r10 practice package

I mentioned that the pricing on some golf simulators is starting to drop, and we are also seeing newer models with impressive technology be released to the market. One of those models is the Garmin Approach R10. 

The Garmin golf products are known for being technologically advanced, easy to set up and use, and compatible with each other. The Garmin Approach R10 Launch monitor is our favorite option for a beginner, as it is affordable and gives just the right amount of information and consistency. 

This is again another model that makes setup easy. Don’t expect a full impact screen and projector for this price, but the Garmin works really well with any modern phone. 

In addition, if you have a Garmin watch already that you use for golf, there will be some helpful compatibility. 

What Is Included

  • Garmin Approach R10
  • Carrying Case and Phone Mount
  • SwingNet Hitting Net
  • 5’x5’ SwingTurf Golf Mat
  • 5’x8’ Turf Landing Pad 

Who Is It For

If you like technology and you are new to the game of golf, this Garmin R10 practice package is a perfect solution for your game. You can now practice and get easy stats and data for a fair price. 

One thing to remember here is that you will have to have a phone to use this with, and the Garmin software is an additional charge. Expect to be paying a bit more for your Garmin each month, even though the beginning price is quite fair. 

The Garmin R10 does work both indoors and outdoors, and you can always use the launch monitor just to get stats, not as part of the simulator. 


  • 20 data parameters
  • Strong battery life (around ten hours) 
  • Lightweight golf simulator and launch monitor 
  • Can record your golf swing 
  • Helps a beginner play track their data and metrics


  • Still need to purchase Software to play rounds of golf
  • Add-ons to Garmin products can be expensive 

Optishot Golf In A Box 4 (Best For The Whole Family) 

Optishot golf in a box

Some golfers are the only ones in their house that enjoy the game. Others will have everyone fighting to use the golf simulator. If you are looking for an option that could be a good fit for the whole family, the Optishot Golf In A Box 4 is a great solution. 

This is for people that love the game of golf but also want to have fun while practicing and playing at home. It doesn’t matter what level of player you are when purchasing the Optishot Golf In A Box, but we did notice this to have slightly less accuracy than some other models. 

The Golf In A Box packages has become really popular through the years. They do not require any major setup and come with everything that you should need to get started. 

This particular model even comes with 15 golf courses that are already loaded and ready for you to play your next round of virtual golf. With the OptiShot Golf In A Box 4, you won’t be disappointed by the next rainy day; in fact, you may enjoy the chance to use your new toy. 

What Is Included

  • Optishot2
  • Software
  • USB Cable
  • Rubber Adjustable Tees
  • Foam Practice balls
  • Golf Mat
  •  9’4”x12’3”x5’ enclosure
  • Short Throw HD Projector 

Who Is It For

As you may have noticed, the projector and enclosure are not included in our top two models. Instead, you get a net that does not have sides. The OptiShot 4 Golf In A Box has all of the accessories, but the quality of each of these accessories may not be quite as good. 

Expect that there will be times when the numbers you get are off by a few yards. However, the instantaneous feedback is usually quite good. Your home will instantly transform into a golf practice facility when you purchase this package. 

Just make sure you are realistic about what you expect the simulator to tell you, and how it’s going to impact your golf game. If you can play all winter with a 7 iron going anywhere between 145 and 155, when you start playing in the spring, you can just narrow down a more accurate number. 


  • Has everything needed to get started all in one box
  • Comes with 15 golf course that are preloaded
  • Easy to setup
  • Looks like a professional and impressive model


  • Won’t work quite as well from an accuracy and data standpoint 
  • The longevity of the technology is not quite as good as Flightscope or SkyTrak 

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Practice Package (Best Value) 

Skytrak Practice Package

SkyTrak is a really strong launch monitor with impressive accuracy. As you may have seen in each of these packages, the component that we focus the most on is the launch monitor. 

If the launch monitor is not accurate, you will lose your ability to get accurate results. 

Trust me on this one; playing a simulated round of golf when you don’t have accuracy is almost pointless. None of the results will let you feel like you have any control over your actions. 

The SkyTrak is one of the more trusted golf launch monitors in the game. This is a good package that focuses mostly on the accuracy of the data and results as opposed to the overall accessories and components of the system. 

Many golfers will compare the SkyTrak accuracy with that of Trackman. Keep this in mind as you look for something with the best value that keeps the cost in mind. 

What Is Included

  • SkyTrak Golf Personal Launch Monitor
  • Play and Improve Plan
  • Protective Case
  • Golf Net
  • Side Barriers
  • 6’x10’ Turf Golf Mat 
  • Two rubber tees
  • Duffle Bag for transporting net
  • USB Charging Cable 

Who Is It For

Some of the dates that you can get from a SkyTrak are things like launch angle, back spin, carry distance, and more.If you are on a budget but still feel like you don’t want to sacrifice accuracy, you will want to include this SkyTrak on your list of potential simulators. 

We like this for the aspiring player that wants to learn about their swing and get accurate data to make adjustments through the years. The SkyTrak Play and Improve Software comes with 12 golf courses and even has multi player capability. 

The 3D driving range is a really fun feature and just keeps practice exciting. So if you need some motivation to practice and play more often, this SKyTrak package is a golf simulator under $5000 that we highly recommend. 


  • Net with side barriers
  • Allows you to customize environmental settings
  • Skills assessment tests
  • Progress tracking 
  • High levels of accuracy 
  • Net can withstand high ball speeds 


  • It can take a little while to set up at first

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Flightscope Mevo+ Magnolia Package (Best For First Golf Simulator Purchase) 

flightscope magnolia package under $5000

Making your first golf simulator purchase is a big deal. The number of options out there, combined with the total amount of money you are going to spend, has this feeling like a really big investment. 

If this is your first time purchasing a golf simulator and you want something that has great quality and functionality for a fair price, we highly recommend this Flightscope Mevo+ Magnolia Package. 

The Magnolia Package gives you the net, the mat, and the launch monitor, and you can then expand this into whatever you need it to be. The key here is that you are investing in a high powered and very effective launch monitor, one that will have relevant technology for years to come. 

With the Mevo+, you will get some great data with the 16 parameters that it offers. In addition, the SwingNet Golf Net is durable and easy to move around if you want to go from outside to inside. This model won’t come with a gaming laptop or iPad so be prepared to look for compatibility as far as that is concerned. 

Overall, this package will ease you into being a golf simulator owner and help you feel as though it’s the right choice for your golf game. 

What Is Included 

  • Flightscope Mevo+
  • SwingNet Golf Net
  • Swing Turf 5’x5’ Golf Mat 
  • Two Turf Landing Pads 

Who Is It For

If you are more concerned with practice and skills challenges than with full rounds of golf, the Flightscope Mevo+ Magnolia package is a great place to start. Use this to establish base line numbers and stats about your game and then set up goals for yourself to improve. 

This is a bit more fairly priced than our top choice, but it does not come with the gaming computer and other accessories. Try to consider how you plan on using your golf simulator package and whether or not an option like this could work for you. 

As you have seen, the mats and nets used for most packages are interchangeable, and there is typically a very small amount of money paid to upgrade from one choice to another. 


  • Skills challenges
  • 16 Data parameters
  • Net is collapsible and can be easily stored 
  • Low profile design 
  • Mats will not make your hands hurt 


  • Not gaming computer included 
  • More advanced Software will require an additional investment 

What To Look For In A Golf Simulator Under $5000

Hopefully, these choices of the best golf simulators under $5000 have given you a bit better of an idea as to the choices that you have. Don’t feel as though you are stuck with poor technology because your budget is not high. 

There are plenty of great options to consider under the $5000 mark.

However, if you want to get a simulator that is going to last and will give you the results that you need, there are some important things to look for. Let’s look at what to look for in these golf simulators under $5k. 

Launch Monitor 

The most important factor in this entire golf simulator decision is your launch monitor. The launch monitor is the piece of the puzzle that allows the data from your golf swing and golf ball to translate into the simulator software. 

Golf launch monitors come in different styles and types, but they are all going to work to give you accurate results and data about your swing. 

Some launch monitors, the less expensive ones, will focus more on golf ball data. These won’t’ be able to tell you about your swing path, and the results for things like spin and carry distance may be a little off. 

The best launch monitors will work both inside and outside so that your entire simulator setup can be a bit more portable. With the proper launch monitor, you will also be able to record data about your golf game and go back to it through the years to see how far you have come. 


My best tip for choosing a mat for a golf simulator is to go big or go home. There are, of course, lower priced options for smaller mats or even just small turf pads where you can put the ball in place and stand on the floor. 

Don’t do it!

Spend the extra money on a mat that allows you to stand at the same level as the golf ball. Use this mat to make it easier to stay balanced and to get an accurate impact on the ball. In addition, the cheaper golf mats will quickly wear out, leaving you looking for a replacement in no time. 


Most of the lower-priced golf simulator packages come with a net that does not have sides. When you add the side barriers to a net, the pricing will increase a bit, but you may also be able to save the walls of your home. 

A golf net should be able to withstand high clubhead speeds so that players can use it over and over again without deterioration. 

I also like to look for golf nets that fold down for easy storage. Being able to put the simulator away from time to time is a great benefit. Not all golfers have an entire room in their house that they can donate to golf; the net ensures that you won’t need one. 


To play actual rounds of golf on your golf simulator, you will need some type of golf simulator software. The Software allows players to see what their results are and how they are playing the actual course. 

Sometimes with a golf simulator, you will pay for the entire service upfront, and then you can just upgrade the Software if you feel as though you need to at some point. 

Other software applications have monthly fees that are due. These monthly fees can be where you pay for the entire course or a group of courses, but they should be considered when determining total out-of-pocket costs for your home simulator. 


The projector is a piece of equipment that very rarely is included with the golf simulator. Projectors take the image you have on the computer screen through your Software and then put it on the screen in front of your golf hitting net. 

When you have a great golf impact screen and projector, you will feel like you are actually on a golf course. This certainly brings the simulator experience to an entirely new level, but you have to pay for this. 

Only one of our five options came with the projector, so you will have to save some room in your budget if this is your plan. 


The accuracy of the golf simulator is really important. It’s worth spending $5000 for something accurate as opposed to $2500 for something inaccurate. Inaccurate golf simulators make it hard to trust any of the information you are given about your game. 

In addition, you may struggle to put together any usable information about your golf sign and what you will need to work on the next time you get out to the golf course. The brands like Flightscope and SkyTrak are known for being quite accurate. 


A golf simulator package typically runs from around $2000 to $50,000 or more. The closer you can get to $5000, the more equipment and accuracy you will get. 

For golfers that are really on a budget, you may want to invest in just a launch monitor for now and upgrade to a full simulator at a later date. 


Technology is constantly improving, and this can be both a good and a bad thing for golfers. The longer your technology lasts, the easier it is to justify your initial purchase price. However, you can expect that your simulator will need an upgrade after a few years. 

Luckily most of the time, all that you will need to do is download an update to your 

Software or to your launch monitor to bring it back up to speed. This may even be free, depending on the brand you purchase. 

Most mats should last for at least five years, even with fairly regular use. In addition, a net should last for at least five years as long as you stand the proper distance from it as you practice. 

Brand Name 

There are only a few top companies that are involved in golf simulator packages. These include SkyTrak, Opti Shot, and Flightscope in this less than $5000 price range. Mevo is known for being easy to use and affordable, the SkyTrak is very good for accuracy, and Opti Shot is the value-based brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the best golf simulators under $5000. 

u003cstrongu003eHow much does a TrackMan golf simulator cost?u003c/strongu003e

The TrackMan golf simulator costs more than $18000. This is considered to be one of the most accurate in the game, but the high pricing makes it hard for many amateur players to afford it. 

u003cstrongu003eAre golf simulators worth it?u003c/strongu003e

Golf simulators are worth the price if you feel as though you will use them often. If it snows for three months where you live, a golf simulator will keep you playing all winter long. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf you hardly ever practice at home and don’t have a desire to, give up on the golf simulator idea; you won’t use it enough. 

u003cstrongu003eHow accurate is SkyTrak compared to TrackMan?u003c/strongu003e

SkyTrak claims to be 99% as accurate as the TrackMan. Of course, this will depend on the testing conditions and the parameters you are measuring. 

u003cstrongu003eHow high of a ceiling do you need for a golf simulator?u003c/strongu003e

It’s recommended to have u003ca href=u0022https://golfcircuit.com/posts/how-high-of-a-ceiling-for-golf-simulator/u0022 data-type=u0022postu0022 data-id=u00222417u0022u003eat least 10 feet of ceiling space for a golf simulatoru003c/au003e, but this will change depending on the type of player you are and what your goals are in the game. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf you had a 9 foot ceiling, it certainly be even better and would make it, so you don’t have to think about your game. 

u003cstrongu003eHow long will a golf simulator last?u003c/strongu003e

A golf simulator will last for at leave five years, but most golfers like to get ten years out of their system, if not more. Golf simulators will need software updates from time to time. 

The Bottom Line 

Hopefully, you now feel as though you can choose one of the best golf simulators under $5000. I like the Flightscope Mevo+ Package as it has really strong data, impressive usability, and the ability to set it up and take it down in a matter of minutes. 

If you are a serious player or just want to learn how far you are hitting some shots, this is a great package to get you started.

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