How Much Is Topgolf In 2023? (Per Hour and Per Person)

how much is top golf

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Created as an alternative to driving ranges, Topgolf has become the number one destination for people looking to have a good time while playing golf.

Topgolf facilities are typically three-story structures with climate-controlled hitting bays wrapped around driving ranges.

Those ranges are equipped with ball retrieval, tracking, landing zones, and digital screens that include several game plays, making Topgolf suitable for players of all skill levels.

Even better, TopGolf venues have bars and restaurants where players can order food and drinks while they play.

If you’ve never been to Topgolf, you may not know that costs can vary depending on Topgolf locations. So, how much is Topgolf?

In this article, we’ll break down the prices at TopGolf and the various factors that influence them. So, read on!

How Much Is Topgolf per Person?

Top golf in Columbus price

While not common, some Topgolf locations may charge per person. Most Topgolf venues charge by the hour for a bay. Nonetheless, per-person rates are usually similar to what you’d pay at bay rates.

Many factors can affect how much a Topgolf bay costs per person.

To begin with, new players need to pay a one-time charge of $5 for a Lifetime Membership card. This membership gives you access to play all available games and track your scores. It also allows you to receive special offers throughout the year.

What’s more, most Topgolf venues charge per hour for each bay, not per person. This hourly rate varies depending on the time of day and day of the week, which we’ll discuss in detail in the following section.

Another significant factor in how much Topgolf costs per person is that each bay can only accommodate a maximum of six players.

So, for example, a bay on the second floor on a Monday afternoon may cost around $45. If you’re a group of four people, this Topgolf bay should cost around $11.25 per person.

Just keep in mind that these prices don’t include food and beverages. However, they include Top Golf’s golf clubs.

While you’re welcome to bring your own clubs, Topgolf provides a variety of golf clubs that are complimentary during gameplay. So, you won’t have to pay extra for either bringing your own clubs or using the venue’s clubs.

How Much Is Topgolf per Hour?

As we’ve mentioned before, you pay an hourly rate to rent a bay at Topgolf. This hourly rate varies depending on the day of the week and the time of the day you choose to play.

In addition, most Topgolf venues have around three floors. The floor on which you play influences the bay’s hourly rate. The higher you go up, the more a bay on that floor costs.

If you plan to stay longer, you can rent a bay at Topgolf for more than an hour.

From Mondays to Thursdays

For the first and second floors, a bay costs around $25 to $30 from opening time to 12 p.m. The hourly rate for the same pay increases to $35 to $45 from noon to 5 p.m. Starting from 5 p.m. to closing time, the hourly rate is the priciest, costing between $45 to $60.

The third floor, on the other hand, costs around:

  • $40 to $45 from opening time to 12 p.m.
  • $50 to $60 from noon to 5 p.m.
  • $60 to $75 from 5 p.m. to closing time

The reason there are different price ranges is that some Topgolf locations, such as the Las Vegas Topgolf location, have higher hourly rates. What’s more, these hourly rates don’t apply to Tuesdays in many Topgolf locations. 


Because Sundays are usually busier than other days of the week, some Topgolf venues have different prices on Sundays.

From morning until noon, the first-floor and second-floor bays typically cost around $45 per hour. From noon to closing time, first-floor and second-floor bays cost around $60 per hour.

However, third-floor bays are $60 from morning to noon and $75 from noon to closing time.

How Much Is Topgolf on Saturday?

Top Golf has different hourly rates for its bays on Saturdays and Fridays.

From opening time to noon, Topgolf bays on the first and second floor cost from $30 up to $55 per hour. The price goes up from $40 up to $70 per hour from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Starting from 5 p.m. to closing time, a Topgolf bay costs from $50 to $70 per hour.

To rent a third-floor bay, on the other hand, you can pay around:

  • $60–$75 from morning to noon.
  • $75–$80 from noon to 5 p.m.
  • $80–$90 from 5 p.m. to closing time.

Cheapest Time to Go to Topgolf

One of the cheapest times to go to Topgolf is on Half-Price Tuesdays. Most Topgolf venues provide bays at half price to all of their customers.

Just keep in mind that this offer comes with a few restrictions. For example, it doesn’t include arcade games. It also can’t be used with other coupons, offers, or promotions.

Half-Price Tuesdays are also not valid at El Segundo, Las Vegas, Lounge, Ontario, Renton, Swing Suite, or Toptracer Range locations.

Another available offer at most Topgolf venues is the $15 Unlimited Play offer. On Mondays through Fridays, you can enjoy unlimited Top Golf play for only $15 per person from morning to noon.

Some locations, such as Las Vegas and Ontario, charge a fee of $20 for this Unlimited Play offer. This promotion is also not valid at the El Segundo, Lounge, Swing Suite, or Toptracer Ranger Topgolf locations.

In Conclusion

Topgolf takes pride in being a place that provides a safe, fun, and affordable environment for both aspiring golf pros and those picking up a golf club for the first time.

Most Topgolf venues offer several dozen bays that are similar to, if not better than, standard driving ranges. A group of six players can rent a bay at any time all week from morning to night.

So, how much is Topgolf?

Many factors go into how much a Topgolf bay costs per person, including the day of the week, the time of day, the floor on which the bay is located, and even the Topgolf venue location. You can, however, expect to pay as little as $15 for an hour of fun golf.

Topgolf also has some generous offers, such as Half-Price Tuesdays and $15 Unlimited Play.

What we’re certain of is that no matter how much you pay, you’ll have a great time at Topgolf!

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