Regular Vs. Cadet Golf Gloves: Achieve the Best Fit

golfer putting ball on tee while wearing cadet golf gloves

If you’ve ever gone shopping for golf gloves, you must have come across two kinds of gloves: cadet golf gloves and normal golf gloves. Most people don’t know the difference between the two and can’t choose the perfect golf glove for themselves.

Since the differences are quite subtle, it cannot be very clear having to choose between the two. When I was starting, I was completely bogged down by the immense number of golfing gear options.

But you don’t have to be! I’ve laid down all the key characteristics of cadet golf gloves and how they differ from regular ones. Read on to find out which one would suit you best.

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What Does Cadet Mean In Golf Gloves?

A cadet golf glove is made to fit a different hand structure than a regular hand glove. Not everyone in the world fits the standard hand structure, and cadet golf gloves provide a comfortable fit to people with different shaped hands.

golfer wearing cadet golf glove at sunset

Almost 20% of all golfers need cadet golf gloves. But they’ve never even heard of them, so they continue to struggle with regular golf gloves. If you have a wider palm and shorter fingers than most people you know, you might be one of them.

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Like regular golf gloves, cadet golf gloves come in many different sizes. Every golfer deserves to have a comfortable glove that helps them improve their game.

Since cadet golf gloves are not very well known in the golfing community, many golfers who need them aren’t aware that there is a better alternative available.

What Is Cadet Golf Glove Size?

Cadet golf gloves come in different sizes; like regular golf gloves. They have wider palms and shorter fingers to fit unconventional hand structures.

Sizing can seem ambiguous, so it becomes a little difficult to find the right glove size for yourself. There are many different ways of figuring out your golf glove size, but the best way is to measure your hand.

It is very simple; just take a tape measure and measure from your long finger to your wrist. Make sure you stop measuring at the first crease on the wrist. Otherwise, you’ll end with a glove way longer than what you need.

Keep your fingers together (except the thumb) and wrap the tape measure around your fingers. This is the circumference of your golf glove.

Usually, the sizes run from small (6 ⅞ inches – 7 ⅛ inches length and seven ¾ inches – 8 inches circumference) to triple XL (8 ⅜ inches – 8 ⅝ inches length and 9 ½ inches to 9 ⅞ inches circumference).

As you can see, the sizes are pretty specific, so you should be able to find the perfect fit. Most brands have a size guide to help you figure out which size will fit you. Trying them on is also a good way to feel what is most comfortable.

Choosing the Right Golf Glove

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Here are the factors you need to consider if you are trying to choose the best fitting cadet golf gloves:


This is the most basic aspect of finding the right glove. The sizes range from small to triple XL, but not every brand has an extensive range. Smaller brands might only have small, medium, and large sizes.

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If there is room left over at the fingertips in the gloves, you are not wearing the right size. Cadet golf gloves are specially made to fit your fingers as they are shorter than the usual standard, so don’t compromise on this aspect.


Next, look for the perfect fitting. Golf gloves are not a piece of clothing where you can choose fashion over fit. Not everyone knows that they require cadet gloves, and it can be difficult to judge if your hands’ structure is different or not.

My advice is to try on both regular golf gloves and cadet golf gloves the first time you go glove shopping. This will make it very clear what you need. Once you know what you need, you can worry about other things like size and brand.


Playing method also matters while choosing a golf glove. Most players I know wear only one golf glove, and they wear it on their non-dominant hands. So if you’re left-handed, you need a right-handed golf glove.


The material of the glove directly connects with how long it will last, so you definitely need to consider it. I have noticed that synthetic gloves last a really long time and never shrink with use.

Leather gloves are surely thinner than synthetic ones and give you that ‘second skin’ feeling, but they wear out fast. You will need a new glove soon if you are a regular golfer. If you only golf occasionally, you should be fine with leather gloves too.


It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a cadet golf glove or a regular glove; comfort is one of the most important factors either way. Flex your fingers and make a fist to ensure the glove is comfortable in different grips.

The glove’s material should be flat or taut across the back of your hand, and the fingers should be a snug fit.


Consider the environmental factors wherever you play. If rain is very common in your area, make sure you get waterproof gloves. They will not only keep you dry but also give you a better grip in the rain.

If the temperature is low, you need gloves with proper insulation to keep your fingers from freezing. You cannot focus on your game if your hands are constantly cold.

Bad weather can also make your golf gloves awfully dirty, so finding a golf glove that is easy to clean will be helpful.

Body Conditions

This is a minor detail, but it might impact your game. If you tend to run hot or you constantly have sweaty palms, you need to find golf gloves with a mesh lining inside. They will absorb the sweat, and you will feel a lot more comfortable.

The Difference Between Cadet Golf Gloves and Regular Golf Gloves

close up of golfer with golf glove

Cadet gloves and regular golf gloves are built for different hand structures. Children often choose Cadet golf gloves as they tend to have smaller fingers, but many adults need them.

The biggest difference between the two is the dimensions of the hand itself. Cadet golf gloves take into account wider palms and shorter fingers. The size of the fingers is usually a dead giveaway to whether they are cadet gloves or regular gloves.

If you need a cadet golf glove and keep wearing a regular one, you will develop blisters on your hands. Always choose the gloves with the snuggest fit.

If you are a woman and need cadet golf gloves, you should be okay with a men’s medium or small.

It might seem like a minute difference, but it does affect your grip and the state of your game, so make sure you pick the right gloves!

Parting Thoughts

Cadet gloves are specially made for people who do not have a conventional hand size. Since it is a common enough occurrence that cadet gloves are readily available, every golfer should stop and consider which glove suits them better.

It can make a huge difference to your game and help you feel more comfortable while golfing.

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