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PXG Polo On the Golf Course

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Jake was a competitive golfer for over a decade dating back to the days of being the Captain of his high school golf team. He has played more than 200 courses across 32 different states in the US. Now semi-retired, Jake continues to golf 3-4 days a week with a current 2 handicap, gives golf lessons to his friends and family, and provides a wealth of knowledge to Golf Circuit from his competitive playing days. Jake combines practical expertise with technical knowledge to create golfing strategies and training techniques for both beginners and scratch golfers.

PXG, or Parsons Xtreme Golf, was founded in 2013 and took the golf industry by storm with their well-designed and affordable golf clubs. In 2018, Renee Parsons, the President and Executive Creative Director of PXG Apparel, found that golf apparel was very disappointing for the price. Therefore, she took it upon herself to start PXG apparel. Ever since then, PXG has been putting out everything from PXG polos to skirts and dresses to hats and belts.

The kind folks at PXG sent us a few polos to test out on and off of the course. This is our honest, unbiased review of the polos we received. We’ve been testing them for a couple of weeks and have come to a conclusion for these polos.

PXG Polo Designs, comfort, and durability

If you head over to the PXG website, you’ll notice that there are a bunch of different designs, materials, and types of clothing. The PXG polos we received are comfort-fit.


Before going into the comfort and durability of the polos, let’s discuss design. They offer anything from basic to vibrant designs, which suit every golfer out there. So if you are someone that doesn’t want your clothing to be flashy, they have you covered. If you like to wear vibrant colors and patterns, they’ve also got you covered. In short, they have modern patterns, innovative cuts, and a color palette that ranges from classic to audacious. Our favorite would have to be the cactus print.


The polos that we received surprised us. We weren’t completely sure what to expect from PXG apparel, but rest assured, it is of superior quality. The polos we received had two different materials. One was your typical golf polo material with nylon and elastane, while the other was more of a lightweight performance material. Both were extremely comfortable, even before machine washing them. A little further into this post, we’ll jump into how they performed on and off of the course.


We probably all have one or two polos with missing buttons, faded color, or just being overall worn out from regular wear and tear, but these PXG polos aren’t those. They have snap placket buttons that won’t come off and are easy to button up, feature quick-dry, moisture-wicking material with UV protection, and high-quality material that won’t wear. We wanted to make sure to test them out multiple times and, so far, they have lived up to the hype.


In the realm of golf, every element can influence a golfer’s game — and apparel is no exception. PXG understands this relationship between attire and performance. Their polos are not just designed to make a statement from a design standpoint; they’re also crafted to support any golfer during every swing or putt.

Prioritizing mobility, PXG polos are tailored to ensure that no movement feels restricted, offering a blend of stretch and support that’s rare to find. Also, these polos respond well to varying weather conditions. Whether it’s the heat of a summer round or an unexpected drizzle, PXG polos wick away moisture, maintain breathability, and resist water, which ensures that players remain comfortable and focused.

PXG Polos On the Course

Let’s touch on how they performed on the course. In short, exceptionally well. The quick-dry and moisture-wicking material made for a great round of non-sticky golf. We all know the polos that will stick to you because of sweat. The polos we had, and used, performed very well, especially for 100+ degree weather. The UV protection made me feel cooler than I should have in such weather.

I went out as a single one afternoon, so was accompanied by 3 other golfers. I say this with no exaggeration, all three complimented the polo’s design. So, on top of them being comfortable, moisture-wicking, and UV resistant, they are also stylish on the course.

PXG Polo - Camo

Off the Course

The versatility of the PXG polo transcends outside of the course. Since there are so many designs, you can indeed wear them off the course and still be stylish and comfortable. I went to an outdoor bar following my round, again in 100+ degree weather, and had on the black cactus print. Naturally, I was hot, but I could definitely feel the UV protection that it offered. With PXG, the polo isn’t just a part of the wardrobe; it’s an ensemble’s centerpiece.

PXG Polo - Cactus Print

PXG Polos Summary

In summary, we didn’t have high expectations for apparel from PXG. However, after testing them multiple times, we can easily say our expectations were far off. With that said, we will be buying more PXG polos so they can become a staple in our game. So, if you are looking for comfortable, stylish, and high-quality golf apparel, look no further than PXG.

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