Callaway REVA Review: We Tested These Clubs For Ladies

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Every year, more and more women enter the sport of golf. Just last year 6.2 Million female golfers stepped onto the course to sink some putts and drive some greens.

Callaway, one of the top golf club brands, recognized the migration of women to the sport and created one of the most advanced golf club sets for women: the Callaway REVA Set.

We got hold of the Callaway REVA set to test it out and see just how good it is. This set comes with 11-pieces, which include:

  • Driver
  • 3 Wood
  • 5 & 6 Hybrids
  • 7-9 Irons
  • Pitching Wedge
  • Sand Wedge
  • Putter
  • Cart Bag
  • Headcovers

One major thing I would like to point out is the sizing on this golf set.

Height: 5’2″ – 5’7″Height: 5’1′ – ShorterHeight: 5’8″ – Taller
Length: StandardLength: -1/2″Length: +1/2″
REVA Height Size Chart

Callaway REVA Review

The Callaway REVA set is, in our experience, really good for the price. The clubs were forgiving without sacrificing distance, and the bag was extremely high quality. It’s exactly the reason why it made our list of the best golf clubs for beginners.

These clubs were designed specifically to help women, of any skill level, golf more confidently and enjoy the game.

First Impressions and Overview

callaway reva full set

When trying out the Callaway REVA, our expectations were high. Especially because they come from a brand as well known as Callaway.

In short our expectations were met. While unboxing the set, we were met with the usual high quality that we have come to know from Callaway. The bag is nothing spectacular, but exactly what you would expect from a cart bag.

The pockets are big, and I am a big fan of the black on black design of the bag.

We will get to the driver in a second, but my first impression there can be summed up in one word: Large. Which is a good thing and exactly what I would expect from a set of clubs that is supposed to be forgiving.

Let’s break down the bag and check out exactly what makes the Callaway REVA set so good.

Driver and Woods

Callaway Reva Driver

Like I said earlier, my first impression of the driver was that this is going to be forgiving. I took the set to my favorite Michigan golf course to try them out.

With the first swing, I was impressed, which doesn’t come easily for me. I think it was partly because I didn’t have a great swing, yet the ball didn’t slice or hook. I said earlier that the face of the 12.5 degree driver was large, which helps it to be much more forgiving.

While trying out the woods, it was honestly a pleasant experience.

The woods easily launched high, which I think has partly to do with the design. The 3 wood has more loft than other clubs I have tried, allowing the ball to sail high in the air.

I’m personally glad that Callaway went with woods instead of irons, since woods tend to be more forgiving.


ClubLoftLie Angle
3 Wood20°57.5°
5 Hybrid27°59.5°
6 Hybrid30°60.5°

Irons and Wedges

callaway reva irons

We all now that irons tend to be some of the harder clubs to hit in the golf bag. Callaway designed the irons that come in the REVA set to be forgiving.

They are “oversized” according to Callaway, which give you more wiggle worm if you tend to hit fat golf shots, thin golf shots, or anything that isn’t right down the fairway.

The irons are cavity back irons which we noticed gave them an easy launch off the fairway.

The Callaway REVA set comes with two wedges: a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. Both of which are high quality, but nothing particularly striking about these two clubs.

I would still high recommend picking up an additional 54 or 56 degree wedge to add to your bag, since this isn’t a full set.


ClubLoftLie Angle
3 Wood20°57.5°
5 Hybrid27°59.5°
6 Hybrid30°60.5°


callaway reva putter

The beautiful putter that comes with the Callaway REVA set was a joy to review.

Callaway is no stranger to creating putters that have won championships at the highest level, and its obvious that they know how to make a putter that is both well performing, and aesthetically pleasing.

This curved mallet putter has Callaway’s ‘Stroke Lab’ shaft to improve consistency and pace on the green. It also features three dots right down the middle of the face, to allow for alignment. I actually prefer this compared to line that you would see on other putters in this category.

Just like the rest of the set, I found this to be a rather forgiving putter under the right circumstances.


Is Callaway REVA Good For Beginners?

This set is great for beginners and experienced golfers alike. Callaway has made the REVA to be a great option for any skill level.

When Did Callaway REVA Come Out?

The Callaway REVA set was first released in October 2021.

Is Callaway REVA The Same As Big Bertha?

The REVA set is similar to the Big Bertha set, but they are not the same. It is safe to say that the REVA set is more advanced than the Big Bertha Set.

Final Thoughts

Callaway’s REVA set is a great women’s golf set for both experienced and beginner golfers alike. The forgiving design of every club, keeps the game enjoyable, while not sacrificing distance or control.

We highly recommend this set for anyone looking for a change of golf gear this season

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