Wilson Profile SGI Review: We Tested This Complete Set 

wilson profile sgi review

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The Wilson Profile SGI Complete has been on my list of clubs to try for quite some time. I saw this set advertised as one of the top beginner sets on the market, and I had to test it out. 

The one thing that has always stood out about the Wilson Profile SGI Complete is that it is available in several different options for men, seniors, teens, and women. 

If you are curious as to whether or not this is a beginner set that will work for your needs, let’s take a look. 

What Does The Wilson Profile SGI Complete Come With? 

testing the profile sgi golf set

Regardless of which Wilson Profile SGI Complete set you are considering buying, here is what you can expect from it: 

  • Driver
  • Fairway Wood
  • Hybrid
  • 6 iron
  • 7 iron
  • 8 iron
  • 9 iron
  • Pitching Wedge
  • Sand Wedge
  • Putter
  • Carrying Bag 

Wilson Profile SGI Complete Features and Benefits

The Wilson Profile SGI is a standard beginner or occasional golfers type golf complete set; it features a total of 10 golf clubs.

The set also features a carry bag and headcovers for the driver, fairway wood, and hybrid. 


profile sgi driver

You will notice that throughout the entire Wilson Profile SGI Complete set, lightweight performance is key.

To help beginners and less accomplished players hit the ball far, Wilson did what they could to make this a lightweight set of clubs. 

The driver is a 460cc driver, which is the USGA maximum at the moment. This is a good thing. 

The driver has super game improvement technology built in to try and help golfers that slice or struggle to get their shots up in the air. 

Fairway Woods and Hybrid

Wilson profile sgi fairway wood and hybrid

The set features a 5 wood and a 5 hybrid. Each of these are again built with forgiveness in mind. 

We won’t tell you that the jump off the clubface will be anything like it would be with a Callaway Rogue or a TaylorMade Stealth. However, the fairway woods and hybrids here are built for consistency and fair performance. 

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You should have no trouble using the 5 hybrid from the rough; it’s a good set combination for those that do not love long irons. 

Remember this is only a 10-club set, so you have room in your bag for more clubs which will likely include an additional fairway wood or hybrid. 


wilson profile sgi irons

The irons include 6, 7, 8, 9. These are deep perimeter weighted 431 stainless steel irons. 

This is, without a doubt, a set of irons built for ultimate forgiveness. The clubs have a very low center of gravity, and that helps to promote improved distance. 

In addition, the lower center of gravity increases the total launch. Hitting the ball up higher makes it easier to stop the shot on the green and improves overall scoring capability on the course. 


wilson profile sgi wedges

There are two wedges in the Wilson Profile SGI. One is a pitching wedge the other is a sand wedge. 

With many beginner sets, only one wedge is included, so this is a major positive. 

The pitching wedge is relatively standard, built to look a bit more like the irons. The sand wedge is a clean looking blade style wedge with a wide sole. 

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When looking at both wedges, you will quickly see that the sand wedge has better looks and overall workability than the pitching wedge. However, it is good to have both in the bag. 

Golfers that feel the need can always add an additional lob wedge to the set at some point for some added performance in the short game. 


profile sgi putter

The putter is a heel toe weighted blade style putter. Wilson calls this one of their more popular models because of its feedback and accuracy. 

To be blunt, this is a pretty standard blade putter with a soft grip and an accurate overall design. This putter will likely be one of the first clubs you decide to replace in the set. 

Carrying Bag 

profile sgi carry bag on grass

In addition to all of the golf clubs included in the set, Wilson also provides a lightweight carry bag. The carry bag comes with Airflow shoulder straps. 

This is a unique design allowing you to carry the bag on your back without becoming terribly sweaty. The carry bag is a good addition to the set as it is lightweight but still has enough room for your golf gear to be properly organized. 

Wilson Profile SGI Complete – Review and test

Now that we have some of the details out of the way let’s look at how this golf club set performs on the course. 


Most people talk about how forgiveness is so crucial for the beginner golfer. Of course, it is. 

However, distance is just as important. Who really wants to stick with the game of golf when you can’t get the ball to go anywhere? 

Overall the distance capabilities of the Wilson Profile SGI are good. They won’t be the best on the market, but you aren’t paying very high prices for the distance these clubs can get you. 

The driver is a 460cc club head makes it easier to hit in the center of the clubface and get some good length. In addition, most of the clubs are lightweight, helping players to increase clubhead speed

The only thing that causes these clubs to lack a bit of distance when compared to other premium golf clubs is the material that is used in the club head.

The Wilson Profile SGI lacks premium materials with thin club faces that act almost like a trampoline. 

Compare something like the Callaway Jailbreak technology to this; you will see the difference pretty clearly. 


The Wilson Profile SGI Complete is a forgiving set of golf clubs. These are not designed for a better player that is looking for premium performance and feel.

Instead, expect this to be a forgiving set that allows for higher launch and a golf ball that can stop around the greens. 

Wilson did a good job putting this set together, as they didn’t include too many long irons. 

The 5 wood was a better choice over the 3 wood as it has a little extra loft and an increased ability to hit great shots from the fairway or the rough. 

For those seeking forgiveness, the 5 hybrids will likely become one of your favorite clubs in the bag. 


Customization helps the Wilson Profile SGI stand out from other options on the market. The set has 13 total options that you can choose from. 

Of course, this does not include actual customization of each of the clubs to the preferred lie angle or individual grip selection. However, it does include things like shaft or length selection. 

Many of the individual sets are available in a tall or standard version. In addition, there are sets that feature the option for a carry bag as opposed to a stand bag. The senior set even has an option for midsize grips. 

The key here is that you can pay a very cheap beginner golf set price but end up with a set of golf clubs that is pretty close to a perfect match for your game. 

This is especially important for golfers like teens and women, who Wilson makes sure have a choice for a set within the SGI lineup. 


Feel is where you notice the difference between a premium set of golf clubs and a cheaper beginner set. 

The Wilson Profile SGI does not have a feel that is bad, but it’s certainly not great. 

With this club, set expect to be rewarded for good shots, but it won’t be that pure buttery feel that we expect with something like a blade or forged golf iron. 

Feel in golf clubs comes down to premium technology and materials that help to improve the overall experience at the ball. 

To put it simply, with the Wilson Profile SGI, you don’t pay enough money for a great feel. 


The price of a Wilson Profile SGI complete set is incredibly fair. In fact, where we see this set stand out is when you look at something like the tall option or the senior or teen option. 

These types of golfers often need to purchase a complete custom set. However, with these impressive options from Wilson, you will have all the gear you need for a very fair price. 

Is The Wilson SGI Complete Set Worth It? 

The Wilson SGI Complete Set is worth it for a beginner golfer looking for an affordable way to become a golfer.

With the Wilson, SGI Complete expects you to have a good mix of distance, forgiveness, and customization. 

For the price that it is offered, the SGI Complete gives golfers a few years of solid performance before having to switch to something with a bit more technology. 

For players that are taller or shorter, make sure to take a look at the customization options available in the SGI. There are 13 different set options within this line of clubs, something that no other company on the market is offering at this point.

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  1. I am a novice to the game, started taking a class for beginners & individual lessons. I researched senior flex clubs for seniors & this product was highly recommended. I purchased this complete set & learning to play with set, for the price, very reasonable. The highlight is including the sand wedge

  2. Ram Accubar and MacGregor come with +1 and stiff flex. Would you recommend this one or one if those for an 18 handicap looking to get better by taking lessons but starting with a complete set? With Ram you’d have to pay $37.99 for a sand wedge as the set is D, 3wd, 24 degree hybrid, 6-PW, and putter.

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