Cazador Golf Cart Review: Our Test For 2023

cazador golf cart review

Some golf cart manufacturers are large and offer dozens of models to choose from. The Cazador golf carts are manufactured by Cazador Motor Sports, and their current line of products is very narrow. 

However, if you are located in the Texas area, the Cazador golf carts could offer some great value. The pricing of the carts seems to be in line, if not a little below other models, and customer service from Cazador is known to be good. 

I recently tested the Cazador golf carts to get a better idea as to if this golf cart worth the money. 

Cazador Golf Cart Models

As of 2023, there is one Cazador golf cart model, the Eagle. Some customizations can be made to this specific cart to make it different than others on the market, but Cazador keeps things simple with just the one model. 

Cazador Eagle Model 

People looking at the Cazador golf carts should be aware that these are almost a mix between a UTV and a golf cart. There is certainly a little more size, strength, and overall ruggedness about the Cazador model. 

In other words, if you just need a simple golf cart to go play 9 holes, this is probably not what you need. 

Although the Cazador Eagle could be used at some golf courses, this is primarily a design that people look to turn into a street legal solution. 

The Cazador Eagle comes in one size. It is nine feet long, 52 inches wide, and 78 inches high. The cart will hold a maximum of 1200 pounds. 

Although the golf carts from Cazador are sold standard with 8V batteries, there is an option for a lithium battery as an upgrade. If you have the extra money in your budget, the lithium battery will be a great solution. 

Lithium batteries have a much longer life span than the 8V battery, and they will last a little longer on any single charge. 

However, the reason I’m recommending lithium batteries more than any of the others is because of their weight. If you want top speed, the 8V batteries are going to slow you down quite a bit. 

The Cazador is a steel frame cart that will hold up well over time, and if you are local to the Cazador Motor Sports location, you can have it serviced there. 

Cazador Golf Cart Features and Benefits

The Cazador golf cart has some great features and benefits. However, it’s hard to learn everything available from the website alone. 

Unfortunately, the Cazador website is a bit minimal, and you will have to go to the location in Texas to get more specific information about the Cazador carts. There are also other online retailers that sell Cazador carts. 

Here is the information I have about the Cazador to help you decide if these should be on your list. 

Made In America 

back of cazador golf cart

One of the major draws for people to the Cazador golf carts is that they are considered to be made and manufactured in America. Although this is true that these carts are assembled in the Texas facility, some parts are made overseas. 

Without the processing of certain golf cart accessories overseas, the pricing on the Cazador would be too much money. 

One of the things that Cazador golf carts like to keep in check is the pricing; to do that, it would be difficult to make the entire cart in the United States. 

However, the benefit of the carts being assembled here is that the ability to customize as well as the ability to problem-solve certain issues with the cart is generally a bit better. When you buy directly from the source, there are often benefits involved. 

Plus, you might not have to jack up your golf cart as much!

Built For On Road Use 

Although the Cazador golf carts will need a bit of work to make them street legal, the general design and capacity are built for on road use. 

Certain upgrades to make sure the cart reaches the proper safety specifications for on road use are certainly going to need to be added. Driving on the road requires licensing as well as an adequate windshield to protect the driver of the cart. 

With Cazador golf carts being made in house, you can get all of these upgrades in place as you order your golf cart. 

Style and Look 

To keep up with the modern look of golf carts, Cazador has to offer some great looking colors and design packages. Although the carts start at a lower overall price than others on the market, expect to see big numbers when you start customizing the cart’s style and look. 

With Cazador offering a wide range of sport vehicles, you can often work with them on custom colors if that is something you are looking for. Expect pricing here to be slightly higher, but well worth it if you end up keeping your cart for quite some time. 

Range and Speed 

A Cazador Eagle cart’s range will depend on whether you go with the 8V batteries or the lithium. Lithium tends to have a slightly longer range, closer to 40 miles, because it is lighter in weight. 

From a speed perspective, expect the Cazador will travel around 25 miles per hour. This is all you will need or want from a street legal cart. For a golf cart on the course, 25mph is way more than you will ever need. 


cazador golf cart quarter

Although the pricing of these customizations is not available on the Cazador website, there are some options that we are aware of that can help to make this cart feel like it’s your own. 

For starters, there are windshield and chrome rim attachments that will really change how the golf cart looks. In addition, you can upgrade to a front metal bumper; I would recommend this for those that like to use the cart for offroading. 

Of course, Cazador also offers the option to put a golf bag holder on the cart; this is especially important if you plan to use it on the course. Some of the time, Cazador will also offer a snowplow kit. 

Since this company sells a lot of UTVs and ATVs, there are specific attachments that can work on a cart too. The problem here, however, is that electric golf carts don’t always do well with the snow plow attached. 

Dealer Network 

Cazador golf carts are mostly sold at the Cazador location in Texas. However, there are some other dealers in Texas that may have a Cazador in stock for you to see. 

Overall the distribution on these is not nearly as impressive as with something like Club Car, EZ Go, or Tomberlin golf carts. 

There are online distributors of the Cazador that will send the cart to you, partially assembled and ready to get started. 

Website and Shopping Experience

The website from Cazador golf carts needs a major upgrade. When shopping for Tomberlin, EZ Go, or Club Car golf carts, you can upgrade and update all of the features and essentially build out a cart online. 

This is not the case with Cazador; expect to have to contact the dealer directly. I’m hoping they will change this shortly as it would make the shopping experience considerably better. 

Cazador Golf Carts Pricing 

With no option to build out or customize a golf cart on the website, you can imagine that finding the pricing for these is also a challenge. 

However, from the pricing I did find for Cazador, I was pleasantly surprised by the affordability of the golf carts. In fact, this was one of the most affordable I could find. 

Expect some of the base models to be in the $6000-$8000 range, with upgrades available from there. 

Cazador Golf Carts: Our Take 

It’s hard to say that Cazador truly competes with the big names in golf carts. This company seems to offer a reasonably priced product for the customer looking for value, a bit of customization, and stock or standard-level speed. 

I liked the Cazador for golfers that live in a rugged area and want to be able to take this one off-road a bit more. You can tell by the rounded front design of this cart that it can hold up to a lot and stand up against other golf carts. 

The other appealing feature here is the American-made design; when it comes to replacement parts and issues with service or warranty, Cazador should be easy to work with. 


We hope this review of the Cazador golf carts gave you more insight into what to expect from this company. These are affordable golf carts, built almost like a UTV. 

However, the Cazador website is lacking when it comes to user experience. If you want that type of experience, it can be challenging to make the Cazador carts work. 

If I was on a budget and needed a street legal cart that could also be good to take off the road every once in a while, the Cazador would be on my list.

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