ClubCorp Golf Membership Cost (Is It Worth It?)

clubcorp membership cost

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Among the most elite method to becoming a member of golf courses and country clubs in the United States is a ClubCorp membership.

Perhaps you’re debating whether or not it’s worthwhile to join ClubCorp, which has hundreds of locations across numerous states.

In this article, we will introduce you to ClubCorp (now known as Invited Clubs) and answer one of the most frequent questions: ClubCorp golf membership cost, so that you can make an informed decision about joining an exciting and revolutionary way to play golf in your region.

What is ClubCorp?

clubcorp logo on green background

Clubcorp is the biggest operator of private golf and country clubs in the US.

ClubCorp currently owns and manages over two hundred clubs. They operate in 30 different states and also in Mexico and China.

Since its establishment by Robert H. Dedman in Dallas, Texas, the corporation has had over 430,000 members. The corporation’s mission statement is to offer members of golf and country clubs exceptional service.

Members of ClubCorp frequently donate money to charitable organizations and neighborhood projects across the US. They focus their yearly fundraising initiatives on the various member courses that host the national charity classics.

In addition to golf and country clubs, members can enjoy discounts and perks at more than a thousand partner motels, lodges, and entertainment facilities.

Though Dedman is no more, his legacy lives on as ClubCorp has flourished in recent years, expanding its reach and incorporating clubs from other countries into its fold.

Dedman’s idea is one of a kind, and there aren’t many other networks comparable to it in the US. Due to the outstanding service that ClubCorp members deliver and the fact that everyone is welcome to join, the group has seen immense success.

What Does a ClubCorp Membership Cost?

The monthly fee for a ClubCorp membership ranges from $200 to $600. Although they don’t list their rate structure, members can select a plan based on its benefits.

Once you become a member, you get admittance to the group’s courses in your locality.

The membership fee includes coverage for green costs, but you are still responsible for cart fees. A trail fee of about $15 remains even if you have your golf cart on the trail.

Whereas ClubCorp does not list membership charges anywhere on their website, members have spoken up about paying an initial amount of about $2,500 to join their elite program. We recently learned that some Invited clubs were reported by members of having an initial fee of $50k.

Individuals under the age of 35 can join as juniors for $200 one-time and $250 recurring. It would help if you remembered that the group categorizes its clubs separately; thus, some are premium and entirely private, whereas others are semi-private.

???? Your degree of club access will determine how much your membership will cost.

Can I Transfer My ClubCorp Membership?

According to the group’s website’s terms and conditions, you cannot transfer your membership. You cannot transfer, sell or give away associate club privileges. That’s crystal clear, and you should think about it before committing to a membership, especially given how pricey it is.

Keep in mind that when your membership is up for renewal, you have the option to downgrade or upgrade. Therefore, if you discover that you are using your membership more or less frequently, contrary to your anticipation, you can change your membership accordingly.

The best way to decide whether or not to join ClubCorp is to play at the local golf courses and get a feel for which tier each one falls into. You will have an excellent chance to choose the ideal membership level for your requirements during this time, ideally eliminating the need to transfer your membership in the first place.

Which Clubs Make up the ClubCorp Group?

clubcorp golf course on background

The group operates golf and country clubs in 30 states. Their website’s “Find a Club” section contains a complete directory. The following are a few of the most well-known clubs:

  • Jupiter Country Club, Jupiter, Florida
  • Granite Bay Golf Club, Granite Bay, California
  • Brier Creek Country Club, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Bay Oaks Country Club, Houston, Texas
  • Anthem Golf and Country Club, Phoenix, Arizona

Using the club finder option is the most efficient way of locating golf clubs that are part of the group’s network. It is a crucial step since you’ll want to have a membership in clubs near your residence.

???? Clubcorp owns some golf courses in Michigan, but check out our guide if you want to play the best public golf courses in Michigan.

Frequent business travelers can significantly benefit from membership because they can take advantage of the club’s top-notch amenities at many locations across the country.

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The golf clubs’ network is that you’re never too far from the one you can access. That is one of the reasons why people want to join the network in the first place.

Is There a ClubCorp Mobile App?

The group does offer a free app for both Android and iOS. It may not have the finest ratings, but its convenience makes it a good choice for members. Find nearby clubs and services easily while taking advantage of exclusive offers to members.

The name of the app is Club Life, and it gives you the ability to:

  • Set up tee times at the courses that are part of your membership.
  • Use a customized calendar to see what’s coming up.
  • Interact with other members and make changes to your profile.
  • Make a payment and access your membership statement.

Since it is only available to paying members of the ClubCorp network, anybody who is not a member should not download or use the application. You must enter your member details before registering and setting up an account.

Nevertheless, considering the application’s ratings on the PlayStore and AppleStore, it’s best to maintain your ClubCorp membership via a desktop-accessible online portal. You don’t want to deal with the unnecessary hassle of reserving tee times because of an unresponsive app.

Does ClubCorp Own Their Golf Courses?

ClubCorp focuses mainly on golf clubs, but it also operates several prestigious country clubs that feature swimming pools, tennis courts, and other sports facilities.

In addition, the group runs several city clubs that cater to the needs of their business clientele, who are consistently on the road. As opposed to being predominantly golf courses, most of their city establishments are rather hotels, gyms, and upscale restaurants. 

We appreciate ClubCorp primarily because it allows its clubs to keep their distinct identities and allure. They do not convert their clubs into faceless corporations; therefore, golfers should expect a genuine challenge at each course.

The group has numerous associate agreements with dining establishments, sports stadiums, and other entertainment venues, which adds another arrow to their quiver. That essentially implies that ClubCorp members have access to a wide variety of amenities besides golf courses.

Is It Worth It To Pay a ClubCorp Membership?

Is joining ClubCorp worth the $200 to $600 monthly fee?

If you have the budget for it, the answer is yes. 

Their membership benefits include access to a vast system of golf courses, country clubs, and urban hotspots.

I think it’s great that ClubCorp members always get first-rate treatment, and it’s clear that becoming a part of the network will improve your golfing life.

Joining ClubCorp means you’ll never have to play the same boring course repeatedly. Instead, you can switch it whenever you like. In our opinion, that’s a complete package.

You may expect to run into many prominent members of society, affluent business people who like to play golf, and other persons of influence in any decent golf country club or membership area.

If that’s something you’re interested in, the exclusive ClubCorp membership is a fantastic way to network with influential people, make new friends, and expand your golfing circle.

You may improve your game and devote more time to it by becoming a member of a local course. Some say that if you practice something for 10,000 hours, you’ll become a master at it.

If you live near the club you want to join, you can frequent the club more regularly in the mornings or evenings after work.

Nobody likes being stuck indoors for hours on end, particularly not during the warmer months. Active participation in ClubCorp’s course is a wonderful way to spend time outside, socialize with like-minded people, and improve your game in an organized setting.

Because of the high demand for public courses, you’ll need to book at least two hours in advance. A ClubCorp membership should make the course much less overcrowded, allowing you to show up whenever you like without worrying about making a reservation.

Since you pay a membership fee for ClubCorp, you can expect the clubs to be in immaculate condition. You’ll gain access to the top courses in the world that host members-only professional tournaments.

When you join ClubCorp, you’re taking your engagement with the game from a friend zone to a serious relationship, so it’s worth every coin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions about ClubCorp golf membership costs.

What should I consider before joining a golf course?

The most important thing to consider is how frequently you play golf. Membership will likely save you money if you play at least once weekly. If you play less frequently but are considering becoming more active, a membership might not make sense immediately unless you’re certain you will use it.

How will a ClubCorp membership benefit me?

Membership at a golf course typically includes unlimited rounds of play, which is one of the best perks. You will also have unrestricted access to the courses at any time.

Final Thoughts

Whereas practicing on any golf course will help you become a better player, it’s best to join a club with a great course if you’re going to commit to joining only one.

In joining a golf course like ClubCorp, you declare that you wish to devote more time and energy to the sport. We hope the article will help answer all your questions about ClubCorp golf membership costs.

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  1. You are missing one massive and sneaky caveat: a club member cannot play within 50 miles of one’s home club! This is a change that the cash gordo’s at the top decided on let fall. Straight up highway robbery and blatant financial greed.

    1. Not a fan of their marketing. membership rates were listed in December and went to an inquiry form. Memberships are 12 month commitment. The Downtown Club Houston gym is still tired after the recent remodel. Gym equipment is old (mostly the same equipment when we were members). Crammed two floors of lockers into the upstairs men’s locker room. hot Tub is gone, new cool room is not working, lots of maintenance to attend to on the gym floor. For a high-end club, someone is not walking the building

  2. I’m not aware of that 50 Mile limit. I live in DFW & have played most of the other “Invited” courses in the area although am limited to two a month at each. There’s a lot of fine print in the membership levels & course tiers however, some of which may be limiting in some circumstances.

  3. We were members this past year, and my husband was told, after we signed up that he could only play twice a month, period! That is is insane. We were sold on the program that he could play as much as he wanted M-F, but only 2x per course per month. 2 rounds of golf a month is highway robbery. Not sure I will renew this, with these limitations.

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