How to Clean Golf Gloves: 4 Best Methods

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Knowing how to clean golf gloves is one of the easiest ways to keep your equipment in the best condition possible and save money.

 For some reason, not many golfers take advantage of this. Do golfers not know this is a possibility? Do they like flushing money away? 

Does it seem like a futile task? 

Thinking of the golfers, I know it’s probably a combination of both. 

Cleaning golf gloves is a low-effort process requiring minimal supplies that can help your game in a big way.  

Don’t make any mistakes; a golf glove will not last forever. 

You will have to buy new ones the more frequently you play, but knowing how to wash gloves guarantees extending their lifespan.

So, can you wash golf gloves? The answer is yes, and we’ll walk you through our four favorite ways below. Each method goes about it differently but accomplishes the same goal. 

Don’t worry if we don’t touch on everything. We answer the most common questions on how to clean golf gloves and list some other helpful tips below our step-by-step guides.

No matter if you wear cadet golf gloves, or what hand you wear your golf glove on, this guide will help!

Method One: Can you wash golf gloves in your own sink?

The sink method is the easiest and most effective way to clean golf gloves. 

It gets the job done while requiring minimal effort and supplies. Using similar guidelines, everyone has washed something in their sink, so this will be familiar for most. 

Can you wash golf gloves the same way you would a shirt or something else? Yes.

Also, if you’re going to teach someone else how to wash golf gloves, this is where I’d start. 

What You’ll Need: A sink full of lukewarm/room temperature water, dish soap

Step One

Fill a sink with water and let it sit until it’s room temp. If the water is too cold, it will seal dirt and debris in.

 A bathroom sink is great for this.

Step Two

Submerge the gloves completely for 15-30 minutes.

Step Three

  • Take the gloves out of the water.
  • Shake them out a bit.
  • Put the glove on your hand.

Step Four 

Let the glove air dry. Your pursuit of how to clean golf gloves is finished in less than an hour.

Method Two: Can you wash golf gloves anywhere?

clean golf glove with ball on it

Does anyone here like to play 36 holes? Or take a break between 9’s for lunch? I’m personally a fan of both. 

On a dull day at the course, you need to know how to clean golf gloves.

When I have a day like this planned, I don’t buy four new gloves. I make time to wash my gloves during my break. 

I’m asked too often, “Can you wash golf gloves?” by the same people who wonder why their gloves rip late in rounds due to excess moisture. 

My go-to glove washing method is the simple towel and water when I’m on the move.

What You’ll Need: Water (any kind), a clean towel, a warm place for the glove(s) to dry

Step One

Continue wearing your glove and pour water on both sides (you do not need soap).

Step Two

Use your non-gloved hand to rub it in. This will remove dirt and loosen sweat that has already sunk in.

Step Three

Lightly use your towel to wipe off anything on the surface of your glove. Pay special attention to the palm since this has the closest contact with your grip and anything you pick up.

Step Four

Leave your glove outside to let it air dry. 

If you’re going back out to play, make sure to dry the gloves off in the sun, where the process can happen quickly. 

If you begin playing again without allowing the glove to fully dry, you’ll face the same problems as someone whose glove is soaked with sweat.

Good places to dry your glove off while at the course are the dash of your cart or the towel hook on your bag.

Method Three: How to clean golf gloves in a washing machine

how to clean golf gloves

For those of you with plenty of time on your hands and the desire to give your gloves a deep clean, this one is for you. 

If you’re new to the game or are still asking, “Can you wash golf gloves?” a washing machine will make your life easy.

What You’ll Need: Washing machine, garment bag, mild detergent

Step One

Load your golf gloves into a garment bag with the Velcro undone.

Step Two

Set your washing machine for a short cycle using cold water and mild detergent only.

Step Three

Put your hand into the gloves when the cycle finishes opening the fingers.

Step Four

Let the gloves air dry, and then put them back into your storage bag of choice when they are just about completely dried out.

Method Four: How to clean golf gloves using leather cleaning products

If you’re buying the most expensive, fine leather golf gloves, this is the best answer for how to clean golf gloves. 

However, if you don’t know how to wash golf gloves, you’re going to want to stay away from this process.

Full disclaimer, we recommend this method for leather experts only. But, we’re here to walk everyone through the loose guidelines of how to clean leather golf gloves.

What You’ll Need: Leather cleaner, soft bristle brush, fabric moisturizer

Step One

Apply leather cleaner to a damp cloth. The best leather cleaners for golf supplies will come in a spray bottle. 

Step Two

Blot the affected areas with the cloth. Rubbing across the entire surface creates an uneven clean and stains the glove.

Step Three

Use a dry cloth to remove the excess cleaner left on the surface.

Step Four

Rub a leather moisturizer onto the surfaces you cleaned. This will prevent the glove from drying out and keep the tack on the grip fresh.

Step Five

Let air dry.


What happens if a golf glove is cleaned improperly?

frayed golf glove from improper cleaning

You need to know how to clean golf gloves the right way, or your efforts will be worthless.

Using a towel or brush that is too abrasive will scratch up the surface and lead to quicker holes.

Not letting a glove air dry will “dry” it out and shrink it. Stuffing it back in your bag without a proper wash will leave it crusty. 

Keeping true to any of the methods we laid out keeps your glove in the best condition possible.

When is it time to say goodbye…even when you know how to clean golf gloves?
If there are any rips, cracks in the leather, or it’s stained beyond repair, toss it. It doesn’t matter if you know how to wash golf gloves if it’s worn down too much. 

How does buying a good golf glove affect the longevity?

There’s a reason some gloves cost more than others.

More affordable gloves made of synthetic materials break down quicker than expensive ones. A larger investment when shopping means more rounds with the same glove. 

Does where I store my golf glove matter?

Absolutely, 100%, yes. A sealed plastic bag is extremely effective in keeping a glove from drying out.

Other strong choices are a leather valuables purse (the kind you see at pro shop cash registers) and the plastic case your glove originally came in.

Bonus: Extra Tips on How to Clean Golf Gloves

• What’s the use of knowing how to clean golf gloves if you sabotage yourself? Use your bare hand or a towel to clean dirt off your ball and clubs. Don’t add unnecessary dirt and grime to your glove using it to clean. 

• Cleaning your glove immediately after a round prevents sweat and anything else from setting in. Take care of your glove before it dries off or maintenance becomes more difficult.

• Golf course bathrooms are your friend. It’s usually right where you finish, and most of you wash your hands after the round anyway. Wash your glove too.

• Taking your glove off between shots is a bit of a nuisance, especially on really hot days, but it can make a major difference. You dry your non-glove hand already. Dry both hands, and that’s less moisture around to sink into your glove.

• Do not try washing your glove during a round. Knowing how to wash golf gloves is the knowledge that should be applied after the round, not during. While you’re on the course, the dryer your glove, the better.

• Rotate gloves during the round. Use two or three gloves and swap them out every six or nine holes. Your glove stays dry, and it helps your performance along the way.

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  1. I have always been partial to the texture of golf gloves. My husband never seems to clean his. I will be applying this technique to see if we can get some extended life out of his gloves!

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