We Tested 6 Of The Best Straw Golf Hats For 2023

best straw golf hats

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If you are anything like the 20+ million amateur golfers here in the states, you’re pretty used to playing a round in the sweltering heat.

In addition to slapping the sunscreen on and kitting yourself out in appropriate clothing, you might want to consider a straw golf hat to keep you both looking and feeling cool on the green.

After all, nothing sets you apart on the golf course more than looking and feeling your very best.

We tried and tested 6 of the very best straw golf hats to set you apart from the pack as well as protect you from the sun.

So, without further ado, let’s get stuck in.

The Best Straw Golf Hats

Best Unisex: Columbia Unisex PFG Bonehead Straw

The Columbia is a brilliant option for people of any gender.

It’s super stylish, but it will also help keep your head cool thanks to its breathable design, so it’s also incredibly comfortable. It copes with sweat and is resilient enough for even the hottest of temperatures.

This hat also features UPF 50 sun protection which will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. Made from 55% paper and 45% polyester, it’s durable, and yet it looks just like it’s been created from straw. It’s also easy to pack and won’t lose its shape.

It’s not just suitable for the course, either; wear it fishing, at a family barbeque, or anywhere else you like, and you won’t look out of place. (Kind of like these golf joggers do.)

However, it’s not the best straw golf hat if you have a large or small head, as it comes in one size only.


  • Super stylish yet understated
  • Complete head protection from the sun
  • Created from breathable manmade materials


  • Only comes in one size

Best For Tight Budget: MG Gambler Straw Hat

Coming in three different colours, MG Gambler golf sun hats are a must if you are style-conscious but still want the benefit of having some protection from the sun while you’re playing golf.

The brim has an impressive length, so the sun won’t be a problem even when you are facing it head-on. It is also appropriate to wear to a golf tournament.

This is one of only a few straw hats that are actually made of 100% straw, so if authenticity is your thing, this is the one hat to seriously consider.

This straw golf hat also fits most sizes of head, somewhat bizarrely as it only comes in one size. This is due to the elastic closure within the hat, which can stretch to accommodate most sizes.

Best For a Range of Designs: Hat Makers Milan Straw Fedora

Worried about size? Milan unisex fedoras are the best golf hats, not just for design but for size too, coming in an impressive four sizes, ranging from Small to X Large.

It provides plenty of air to the head thanks to the ventilation holes that surround the top of the brim, so it’s breathable and comfortable to wear on those extra warm days on the course. It also offers UV protection, so you know you are in safe hands regarding sun exposure.

There’s also a sweatband built into this star golf hat so you can stay cool and dry at all times.

The design is classic with contemporary vibes. There is a thin, dark leather hand around the golf hat, not unlike the timeless Panama hat.


  • Wide range of available sizes
  • Made to keep you cool and comfortable
  • Extremely durable


  • Rather pricey

Best statement piece: PUMA GOLF Men’s Nassau Straw Sunbucket Hat

This specially designed straw golf hat from Puma is another on our list made from 100% straw. Inside, there’s the super moisture-wicking band and a large brim for sun protection. In fact, we found it to be one of the best wide brim golf hats out there.

The Puma logo is emblazoned on the front of the hat. Meanwhile, underneath the brim, there is a funky and colorful floral design.

This straw hat is machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about hand washing it – simply throw it in the washing machine after a game of golf and it’ll still keep its shape.


  • Easy clean
  • Wide brim
  • Cool floral design


  • Doesn’t have ample ventilation

Best For Keeping Cool: Panama Jack Safari Straw Hat

This well-priced Jack Safari unisex hat is super trendy and a real fashion statement with its teardrop pinched crown. It’s modern while still retaining a classic feel; quite the feat! It comes in three colors – black, brown, and navy and two sizes, so you can find the perfect size for you.

It’s created from woven rush straw material and has lots of vents for keeping cool. There’s also an elastic band to keep it in place. The brim is 3 inches on this straw golf hat, so the sun is no problem when playing that all-important hole.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Stylish design
  • Range of colors


  • A popular option, so it tends to sell out quickly

Best For Women: VIVIAN & VINCENT Women’s Wide Brim Sun Hat

Vivian and Vincent straw golf hat

The VIVIAN & VINCENT straw visor is the best straw golf hat for women who don’t want the glare of the sun but also don’t want their heads covered by a full golf hat. It’s extremely well-priced, so even if you are on a budget, you can still look the part on the course. There is a huge range of colors and designs to choose from too.

It has a simple hook and loop closure system, and it’s also ponytail friendly for those that have longer hair. There’s a fully adjustable Velcro strap, meaning it will fit just about anyone and won’t cause a headache from being too tight.


  • Completely foldable for easy storage
  • Classic style
  • Wide range of colors and options


  • Doesn’t give complete head coverage

Hat Sizing: How To Measure For The Best Straw Golf Hats

In order to know what size hat you will require, it’s important to measure your head. Nothing is as frustrating as a hat that’s too big that tries to fly away when you’re putting it on, or a hat that is too small and ends up giving you a headache.

Follow the steps below in order to discover what size you will require.

  1. Using a tape measure, place it at the back of your head and bring it to the front of your head, forming a loop that meets at the front.
  2. You should then adjust the tape so it sits no more than 1 inch up from the ears and slightly over the eyebrows.
  3. Take note of the measurement and compare it to the size chart the manufacturer has provided.

Straws Hats: Things To Consider

Old man and grandson wearing straw golf hat

The first main consideration when considering a brand-new golf hat is you want something that will keep you protected from the sun and minimize any glare during play. A hat that blocks out UV rays for the ultimate sun protection is an excellent option for this.

Some other factors to consider are:

  • You may want to consider a hat that has a sweatband which will allow you to stay drier during very hot weather.
  • Hats with lots of ventilation also work great for keeping sweat at bay while keeping you comfortable and cool.
  • Look for a wide brim to keep you shaded from the sun.

Best Straw Golf Hats: Buying Guide


While it may be tempting to pick the cheapest straw hat for playing golf, it’s not always the best solution.

You want something that’s going to go the distance, not a hat that’s likely to get damaged or not provide you with the correct amount of sun protection.

Cheap hats usually, not always, but usually, won’t last very long as they aren’t the best quality. A slightly more expensive hat will normally be better quality and therefore will last longer, so spending a few extra bucks isn’t a bad thing in this case.


Straw golf hat sitting on fence

The material of a straw golf hat is really important too. When it’s warm, and you begin to inevitably sweat, the material of the hat will soak a lot of this up, which can cause it to degrade, and eventually, the fibers will break down.

As well as this, certain materials can begin to break down when exposed to the sun over long periods, meaning that you won’t always get the sun protection you require.

You will find that many straw hats aren’t actually made from straw, even though their appearance might suggest differently.

This is a good thing, however; many straw hats are made from manmade materials which are more durable and will last longer than natural fibers.


An often-overlooked factor when it comes to the best golf hats for the course is the weave. Be sure to choose wisely; if the weave is overly tight, you could end up feeling too hot because the tighter the weave, the less breathable the hat will be.

A weave that is too loose isn’t a good thing either, however. Looser weaves allow lots of sun rays in, which is something you will also want to avoid.

There are some great options for golf hats where the weave is variable, which allows a good level of ventilation as well as sun protection.


What’s the point in having a hat that isn’t enjoyable to wear? Comfort is paramount. There’s no point in investing in a straw hat only to find that it’s itchy or ill-fitting – and it certainly won’t do your gameplay any favors!

As previously mentioned, some wide brim straw golf hats have a moisture-wicking headband that will help keep sweat away.

These tend to be wider brimmed hats which will also help you to avoid the glare of the sun, which can be very off-putting when you are about to take a shot.


And speaking of the brim, it must be wide enough to block out the sun effectively. If the brim is short, you’re not going to get much protection.

Saying that, if the brim is too wide, it’s likely to affect your swing. Don’t forget that your neck and shoulders won’t be static, so you don’t want a hat that will interfere if your swing.


Size is important when it comes to golf hats. If it’s too tight, it will cause a lot of discomfort and could even lead to headaches, particularly on a hot day when the sun is beating down on you.

Then there’s all the chaffing and rubbing that can occur.

If your golf hat is too large, it’s going to cause havoc. It could blow off in the wind, fall when you are taking a shot, and just be downright annoying.

Top Tips To Keep You Protected From The Heat On The Course

Women wearing a straw golf hat to avoid the heat

While a golf hat is great for keeping you cool and limiting your exposure to the sun, it’s not going to stop you from getting at least some rays.

  • Always ensure you have sun protection on. The higher the SPF, the greater the level of protection from the UV rays of the sun.
  • In addition to a golf hat, invest in a good pair of sunglasses in order to avoid as much glare from the sun as possible.
  • Avoid wearing dark colors on the course when it’s warm. Darker colors absorb more heat which will mean it’ll be much harder for you to stay cool. Opt for lighter colors that will reflect this heat and allow you to keep cool.
  • On the note of clothing, consider wearing t-shirts and shorts on the course. Although longer-sleeved shirts and trousers will protect your skin from the sun, using a good quality sunscreen will do just as good a job of keeping the rays at bay.
  • You might want to think about using a sun umbrella as you walk the course. This will help keep the harsh rays off both your back and neck.

Final Thoughts

We hope our guide to the best straw golf hats for 2023 has been helpful in giving you some inspiration to try out a hat on the course.

While hats of these types are brilliant at making you look good, it’s important to remember the important function that they serve – to keep you protected from the dangerous rays of the sun.

See you in the 19th hole!

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