Rick Shiels Net Worth: 2023 Case Study

rick shiels net worth

Meet Jake

Jake was a competitive golfer for over a decade dating back to the days of being the Captain of his high school golf team. He has played more than 200 courses across 32 different states in the US. Now semi-retired, Jake continues to golf 3-4 days a week with a current 2 handicap, gives golf lessons to his friends and family, and provides a wealth of knowledge to Golf Circuit from his competitive playing days. Jake combines practical expertise with technical knowledge to create golfing strategies and training techniques for both beginners and scratch golfers.

Rick Shiels is a well-known YouTuber in the United Kingdom. He is a former golf player with an impressive career that revolves around coaching the sport.

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details about this popular star and discover his net worth.

Rick Shiels Net Worth:$4.5 Million
Full Name:Rick Shiels
Birthday:July 3, 1986
Birth Place:Burnley, Lancashire
ProfessionYouTuber, PGA Coach

Rick Shiels: An Overview

Rick Shiels is a 36-year-old former English golf player. He is popularly known for his role as a golf influencer in the United Kingdom.

He is a social media sensation and is known to host the popular golfing podcast called ‘The Rick Shiels Golf Show Podcast’.

Let’s take a look at his early life and career achievements.

Early Life

Rick Shiels was born in Burnley, Lancashire, England, on July 3, 1986. He began to show interest in golf at the age of 11. Rick used to play at the Hart Common Golf Club He began PGA training by the age of 18. He went to Myerscough College and earned his Golf Studies diploma.

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Once he qualified as a professional golf player at the age of 21, he started working at The Mere Golf and Country Club situated in Cheshire, England. This was the start of his rise as a professional player and golf coach.


Soon after, in 2011, he started work at the Trafford Golf Centre as a teaching professional. In the same year, he started his YouTube channel called ‘Rick Shiels Golf’. He kept his channel content mainly focused on golf aspects such as golf stories, equipment reviews, golf techniques, etc.

The YouTube channel became a success. In 2020, he became the first golf vlogger to gain over a million subscribers. The channel gave him worldwide fame.

He left the Trafford Golf Centre to set up his own academy called the Quest Golf Studio located in Lytham St. Annes. He did this with the help of Peter Finch.

In 2019, Rich Shiels was the co-host of the first-ever YouTube Golf Day. This event was held to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK. The event was joined by over 19 million followers and forty-four content creators.

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The numerous mini-series on the channel are put up courtesy of his partnership with brands like MasterCard, Nike and IncGarmin. He has also brought forth celebrities like Eddie Hall and Robbie Williams.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Rick has a podcast that is available on various platforms such as Audible, Pandora, Spotify, etc., as well as on YouTube.

The podcast topics mainly revolve around the golf industry and related topics. Many well-known celebrities have also made appearances on the podcast. Rick Shiels podcast draws in worldwide listeners that include 315,00 golfers every month.

In 2021, Rick axed his long-time Nike partnership. Although Nike wanted to bring on Shiels as a ‘paid to post’ model, he refused and choose not to restart the partnership.

Rick Shiels Net Worth

rick shiels net worth holding a youtube plaque

Although Rick Shiels’ net worth is not a public record, he is said to be worth approximately $4.5 million. The majority of his earnings are a result of his successful YouTube channel and his PGA coaching.

At present, Rick Shiels has nearly 2.41 million subscribers on his primary YouTube channel. It has over 2,000 videos and around 460 million views. His channel is among the biggest golf channels on YouTube.

In addition to that, as a source of revenue, he earns from affiliate commissions, sponsorships and speaking gigs.

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In 2020, he created ‘The Rick Shiels Golf Show.’ This is his second YouTube channel. It currently has 185,000 subscribers. The goal of the channel is to entertain and educate golfers worldwide.

Besides his YouTube career, Rick Shiels exerts his influence through other social media platforms as well. His Facebook page has over a million fan followers. He is active on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter as well.

Personal Life

Rick Shiels is married to Claire Shiels. The couple married in 2013 and have three beautiful children. He is a private person, and not much is known besides that about his personal life.


Rick Shiels is a famed name in the YouTube golfing community. He is popular for his primary channel, through which he managed to gather the biggest fan following any golfing YouTube channel has ever had.

In addition to YouTube channels, the former professional golfer has a golf-related podcast and is active across social media platforms. Today, his total net worth is around $4.5 million.

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