Getting Close: What Is Pin High In Golf?

golf ball pin high on the green

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Pin high in golf means your golf ball landed on the green directly in line with the pin. That means your distance and power was perfect, you were just a little to the right or left.

It is understandable to ask ‘What is pin high in golf?” The vocabulary used within a golf game is very diverse and can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed and intimidated.

If you are new to golf or not very familiar with the sport, the jargon can get pretty confusing.

It only takes a few hours watching a game or spending time on a course to learn that there is a whole different language used in a game of golf, such as “birdie,” “par,” “break,” and “pin high” and “hook.”

It can benefit your performance to learn the jargon of the game to get involved more and see yourself less confused while playing.

It can also help more efficient gameplay and enable more interaction and engagement with other players. It will make you sound like a professional golfer. 

It may seem like learning a new language at first, but after a short while, you’ll pick up the terms quickly, and it will soon become second nature.

You will be able to easily follow the game, use the vocabulary yourself and improve your play

To help you expand your golf knowledge here is some more information on the common phrase “pin high” and what it means in golf. 

What Is Pin High In Golf? 

golf ball pin high to the hole

Pin high is a common term used in golf, but not one that you will find in the official rules of golf, as it has evolved over time.

In golf, the term “pin” refers to the flagstick or pin used to mark the hole’s location. Both the terms pin and flag are typically used interchangeably in a game of golf.

The pin is used to see the location of the hole from far away. Depending on where you are playing, you may find that the pin has to be removed before you put your ball.

The rules about the pin placement were changed in 2019, but it is always a good idea to check the rules of the course you are playing to ensure you do not get a penalty.  

The term “high” is also used a lot in a game of golf, but little does it have to do with the height of the ball.

It refers to the distance or depth that you have hit the ball and whether it is close enough to get into the hole or not. 

Pin high, therefore, refers to your shot of the golf ball being played on an approach shot at the same distance as the flagstick. It means you have hit the ball the correct distance, but maybe too far to the left or right of the hole.

For example, if you hit the ball five yards to the left of the pin, but it is located in line with the pin, then you are pin high.

Although it did not go in the hole, a pin high is still a positive shot, as it traveled the correct distance. 

Why Is The Term “Pin High” Used?

golf ball further away from the hole

The main focus of each game is the direction and distance of your shots in relation to the target.

Phrases like pin high are used to easily and efficiently describe the shot in a game so that you can continue to play without delays.

This type of jargon is well known in the industry, so everyone will know exactly where your ball is and how close it is to the hole when it is played. 

The term “hole high” is also used to describe a pin high. Both terms are used interchangeably.  

Why knowing the distance between a player’s ball and the hole can be helpful.

Knowing the distance between a player’s ball and the hole can be extremely helpful, as it can tell you more about the clubs you are using and your skills.

This will show you your strengths and what skills you should consider working on. 

Pin high can be a good thing. If you can hit the ball the correct distance, you are using the correct club.

The negative part about hitting a pin high is that your coordination, or direction, was off.

If you find that a pin high comes easily to you, you are very good at distance control, but your aim and accuracy of hitting shots will need some time and work.

Once you have identified your strengths and weaknesses, you can take the time to work on your coordination, which is one of the most important skills needed in striking a play in golf to hit more accurate shots in the future.

Golf is a game that requires a balance between distance and accuracy of shots. Without a good balance between skills, you will fail to consistently meet your objective.

Learning about your strengths and weaknesses allows you to create a balanced swing, which will ensure you have better control of your club and deliver your swing squarely to the ball, guaranteeing accuracy. Watch the video below to learn how to hit pin high in golf every time.

Whether you are watching or playing, knowing the distance can also help you better understand what is happening during a golf match, help you to make better decisions when playing, know what skills you should improve, and make you a better player. 

Final Thoughts

Learning the jargon is a great way to catapult your gameplay, whether you are new to golf or find yourself lost on the course.

When you have more knowledge about golf, you can get involved more, interact with other players, learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your play, learn how to improve your swing, and much more. 

The jargon can be confusing when you are just getting started with golf. It is essentially a whole new vocabulary that you need to learn.

There are hundreds of different terms that you can learn, but it is best to start with the terms relevant to your skill level and progress with the language as your skills grow.

If you stay consistent with your golf game, you will quickly pick up the jargon and be using it yourself in no time. 

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