‏Which Hand Should I Wear A Golf Glove On?‏

which hand do you wear golf glove on

‏If you are an experienced golfer, you know that you typically wear your golf glove on the top hand. However, new golfers may not find this as evident.‏ So you are probably wondering, “Which hand should I wear a golf glove on?”

‏Traditionally speaking, the golf player will wear a glove on their weaker or less dominant hand. The less dominant hand is typically resting on top while swinging or putting. A right-handed golfer will wear a glove on the left hand; the left-handed player will wear the glove on the right hand.‏

‏Golf is a sport that requires ball control and precision.

A golf glove provides extra support to help maintain the club’s grip. However, they do not want too much pressure to reduce swing speed and power.‏

‏A good golf glove offers a more efficient grip than skin alone, helping us hold on to the club with confidence while taking a swing.

Gloves can also protect hands from blisters or callouses, making playing the game much more comfortable and enjoyable.

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However, some players opt to wear gloves on both hands because they prefer a better and balanced feel between both hands.‏

‏How do I find the right pair of gloves?‏

golfer putting golf glove on hand

‏When looking for a pair of golf gloves, make sure there is a snug fit across the palm and no loose material at the end of your fingers.

You do not want too much movement as this will be counterproductive but also protect yourself from cutting off blood supply to your hand entirely by wearing tight-fitting gloves that are constrictive. The general rule of thumb is that golf gloves should fit like a second pair of skin.

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Be careful about sizing with most glove sizes available to suit most people’s hand shapes.‏

You should be able to move your fingers around without difficulty and ultimately make a fist without feeling like you are stretching the glove.‏

‏Different gloves from different manufacturers will deliver different fits and feels, so try more than one manufacturer if you need to find “the right fit.”‏

‏Do I even need to wear a golf glove?‏

99.9% of golfers wear gloves, and that means you probably should too.

It is essential to make sure the club doesn’t slip from the hands as that may lead you to not entirely making contact with your ball, or worse yet, dropping your club right before taking a swing.‏

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‏Wearing a glove can help you grip the club better and give your hands more padding and protection downrange.

It also helps prevent turf burn, which can be nasty because it leaves ugly red marks on your hand and arm. ‏

‏Gloves tend to extend the life of both shots and clubs: shots by preventing damage to the clubface from contact with ground or grass before its hit; clubs by keeping them clean next to the skin; when sweat drips down into a shot’s impact area at low altitude, moisture makes divots in the face when pushed through the grass (which over time becomes very hard).

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