Wondering Why Golf Is Boring? 6 Ways to Make It More Fun

why is golf boring

Do you wonder why golf is boring? Golf isn’t exactly the most beginner-friendly sport. It was hard to get into when I first started playing because it was so difficult to make the ball fly straight. Most new golfers end up asking, “Why is golf so boring?”

After many trips to the driving range and countless hours spent on the golf course, I have completely changed my mind. Golf is an amazing sport and a great way to spend your weekend outside.

An amazing golfer I had the pleasure of golfing with described golf as “A walk in the park with something to do along the way.”

I love this quote because it reminded me that golf is, in fact, fun. There is something to be said for hanging out with friends with a little competition along the way.

If you are looking for ways to make golf less boring, give these a shot. If you try it out and still can’t seem to get into it, that is okay! It isn’t for everybody.

Why Do People Think Golf Is Boring?

I have had the pleasure (like everyone) of being a novice to the game of golf. Not only that, but I have introduced many people to the game of golf.

golfers having fun

It is not uncommon for someone to think golf is boring.

People find golf boring because it is pretty difficult to get good enough to have consistent rounds. 

But there are a few other reasons why people find golf boring. See if any of these ring a bell for you:

Golf is hard.

Nobody ever said golf was easy. I have found that golf can be too difficult for people just starting. 

You pay money just to go and be frustrated. People love to be good at things. It is just human nature.

Most golfers start off golfing with someone who is experienced in the game. Golfing with a more experienced player is good because it can help you improve, but it can be hard to watch someone else do well while struggling to hit the ball. We have more fun when we are succeeding.

You’re playing with someone who is too competitive.

Competition is truly the killer of fun for most people. Sure, some people out there crave it, and maybe you are one of them.

But when your main goal is to focus on getting better and just having a straight drive, competition can make golf boring. 

You haven’t taken the time to learn the basics.

To get good at golf you have to learn the basics and practice a lot.

I have experienced first hand (and second hand with golf buddies) who get frustrated and bored with golf because they are struggling with the basics of the game.

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Golf is very technical, and once you understand the basics, it will make it way less boring.

6 Ways To Make Golf More Fun

Instead of asking yourself (or the internet) why golf is so boring, let’s turn that perspective around and figure out ways to make it more fun. Most people who have been playing golf for a while think it is a pretty fun game (or else they wouldn’t play.) 

Even if you have been playing for a while and still think golf is boring, these ways to make golf more fun will still apply to you:

Start with the driving range

having fun at a golf driving range

Before I ever played my first round of golf, I remember how fun it would be to go to the driving range with a group of friends.

It is a budget-friendly way to get into the game and start having fun. Places like Top Golf and your local driving range may even offer loaner clubs to those visiting the range. 

By starting your golf journey at the driving range, you get the hang of how to hit the golf ball, a feel for what clubs to use for different distances, and have a much less boring golf experience.

If you’re an experienced golfer who is starting to find golf boring, try bringing a beginner to the range so you can reignite that feeling of hitting your first great drive.

Play with other beginners

golf beginners having fun

As we mentioned earlier, playing with a competitive edge can make golf boring. Some people, of course, love competition.

But for a game like golf, where even the best golfers can make silly mistakes, competition can cause your round to be spoiled.

If you are a beginner, playing with other beginners is a great way to make golf less boring. You can make silly mistakes together and laugh at your divots without feeling pressured to make par.

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For experienced golfers, bringing a beginner out to play can take the edge off your normal golfing experience. It can be tons of fun to teach someone new to the game how to improve!

Have a drink on the course

having a drink while playing golf

We all know one of the main reasons people get out on the course to play. No, it isn’t a competition, and no, it isn’t to get a nice suntan. It is a good place to tip back a few brews and release some of the tension that daily life brings.

Drinks can help make anything more fun, but for those that think golf is boring, maybe visiting the beverage cart might help. 

As long as you don’t overdo it, the sound of cracking open a can of your favorite beer on the course is a signal to others in your group that this isn’t a very serious game. 

What is the point if you aren’t having fun anyway? Going out with some friends and loosening up can make golf way less boring.

Try playing at beautiful golf courses

beautiful golf course

This is my favorite solution for people who think golf is boring. There are over 16,000 golf courses in the United States.

Of course, you can’t play them all, but that is more than enough to try a couple out every golf season. I typically try out a few new courses every year until I find one that I have to play a few times to understand its beauty. 

Golf is a game where you battle with nature more than anything, and golf courses typically revolve around nature. I have played at some extravagant courses, and as someone who loves nature, this is my favorite part of the game. 

Of course, it can get expensive to play golf at the most beautiful golf courses to make golf more fun. We recommend waiting to drop some serious dough until you get more experienced.

Use the handicap system

golf handicap to make golf less boring

In short, the handicap system in golf is a system that allows better players to play against players who are not on their level.

You can read more about the handicap system in this post here, but figuring out your handicap will make the game of golf that much more fair; and hence less boring. 

If you are serious about finding your handicap, you can go the traditional route of getting it certified through the USGA, or if you don’t take the game that seriously, you can use an app like 18Birdies to figure out what your handicap is.

Play golf games instead

golf games like wolf

Most experienced golfers asking why golf is so boring probably have just played the same course too many times and played the same game too many times.

In addition, for beginners just starting, playing games like the wolf golf game is a great way to make the game more fun.

There are other golf games out there that involve small bets against your golf buddies like:

  • Sixes
  • Rabbit
  • Vegas
  • and Nassau

Final Thoughts

At times, golf can be boring for everyone. But like most things in life, a little twist and a lot of lime can make the game more fun.

To recap, people who think golf is boring probably aren’t playing with the right people, making it too competitive, or haven’t reached the level where they aren’t being frustrated with every shot.

If this sounds like you, try out those six ways to make golf more fun, and let me know what you think down below!

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