Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls Review (Tested 2023)

srixon soft feel golf ball review

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Srixon has been around for quite a while, yet, they keep improving their golf balls line, with their latest addition, the Soft Feel, getting even better.

This review looks at Srixon’s 12th generation ball’s performance on the golf course. 

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball Overview

Srixon is a well-known name in the golf industry, and for a good reason. It releases exceptional golf balls that many golfers have come to love.

It has released other hot offers, like the Q-star Tour and the latest Z-star collections, which are at the top of its product line.

Srixon launched its latest addition, the Soft Feel Golf Ball and Soft Feel Lady Golf Ball, in November 2020 as an upgrade to its already existing product line.

This time, it intends to focus on the “soft” in its name to help you improve your game on the course. 

Srixon’s 12th generation balls were made with a FastLayer Core and a soft and thin ionomer cover, yet, this straightforward design makes it sought after by players.

This design creates a desirable feel and efficient play that works much better than designs that feature three or more layers.

The reason for the feel of this ball and the uniqueness of its design lies in the fact that the ball’s core is soft within, gradually growing firmer as it nears the outer part. 

There’s more to this ball than just its name. How the design helps with its functionality, performance on the course, and much more make it a fun ball to review.

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Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball Design

srixon softfeel golf ball on grass

This ball’s design is unique and makes it more functionally efficient than all its counterparts. Here’s how I observed the creation of the Srixon Soft Feel Set. 


The Soft Feel’s new core is Srixon’s central selling point. The Soft Feel ball’s core provides the necessary response you need to play an excellent round of golf.

Srixon sports their most improved core design in this Soft Feel set, naming it their softest FastLayer Core to date. 

The Soft Feel Golf Ball’s core is resilient. It snaps back into shape as soon as the club hits the ball to improve the ball speed and reduce long game side spin drastically to ensure increased accuracy.

Srixon describes this ball’s core as an Energetic Gradient Growth Core that feels like it is made from a thousand layers, transitioning from soft to firm, giving you that much-needed distance without compromising the feel or control of the ball.  

Outer Layer

The Soft Feel Golf Ball sets have a single outer layer made from Ionomer, which generally has low compression.

Soft design with a thin outer cover gives golfers all-around improved performance no matter where they play.

The Soft Feel Golf Ball cover has 60 compressions and a thin layer of only 0.063-inches, while the Lady set sports an even lighter 58 compression and 0.058-inch layer. 

This unique thin outer layer helps distance off the tee and produces an increased spin on the greenside.

338 Dimple Pattern 

This is the dimple pattern for both sets of the Soft Feel balls, and it’s pretty useful for one thing during play. The 338 Dimple Speed Pattern helps eliminate a drag at the ball’s launch, which allows an increased and more prolonged lift. You also get a straighter flight and impeccable performance during windy weather. The dimple pattern works suitably in all types of swing speeds.

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At present, Soft Feel Golf Ball comes in 3 colors; Soft White, Tour Yellow, and Brite Red. The Lady set comes in Soft White and Passion Pink.

The uniqueness of these colors is lovely to have during gameplay.

The soft white color and bright pink or yellow help the ball stand out clearly on the course so that you have no difficulty in retrieving your balls.


These balls are excellent when hit due to how quickly they return to shape. The inner core quickly snaps back in place upon impact, which helps off the tee.

However, you notice a few scuff marks on the ball not too long after using it, which may irk those perfectionists.

The ball is durable with its Ionomer cover but not as durable as other balls on the market.

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball Performance

For all golfers, the ball’s design means nothing if its performance is zero. Srixon has efficiently created a stunning design that equals performance, putting it at the forefront of golfers’ choice. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball is a pleasure to work with on the course, and here’s why— 

How it Performs Off the Tee

If you’re a slow swinger, I think this might be your best ball yet. The balls give you an enjoyable boost as your swing off the tee. When you compare the Srixon Soft Feel balls to its other premium balls in terms of playing from the tee, you get a reasonably decent ball. 

However, the results are not entirely so bad. The ball still manages to deliver a high launch which is impressive and carries far.

Another good quality of the balls off the tee is their faultless accuracy with the improved dimple design.

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How it Performs From the Fairway

Soft Feel balls are excellent for golfers who have a hard time hitting shots with adequate height. I noticed some shots like mid-iron or hybrid shots went a little higher during play from the fairway than I would have expected. Despite its spin being just a little above average, it still carried far and long.

Even though some irons lacked backspin, I still think this ball performed well from the fairway. Golfers will appreciate this ball more if they start to consider it as a distance ball and not a premium or tour ball because that’s where its selling point lies. Of course, I prefer a higher-trajectory over spin for this category, so I would say the ball had a significant lift.

How it Performs On and Near The Green

On the green, the Srixon Soft Feel balls perform precisely as their name claims. It gives precisely that soft feel you want, allowing you to take shots with ease. The sound is also relatively mild, eliminating any significant cracking noise as your golf club strikes the ball. 

On the green, these balls feel as solid as other high-end balls, but they still delivered a top performance in this category. 

In terms of control, the balls are good but not great. The control is quite alright on approach shots, launching at an excellent height. You would also find spins that are just okay when you strike the ball from compacted bunkers or tight lies. Chips and pitches were also relatively lofted. 

Soft Feel balls have a straight and thick black line across the ball that improves your aiming at the green, making it great for amateur golfers aiming to improve their golf game.  

Soft Feel’s performance on the green does not leave golfers who prefer more premium balls afraid of their performance.

You can be confident enough that the balls will deliver an even more enjoyable experience. On the green, we think these balls will outperform short game golfers’ standards; it’s just superbly soft, making it incredible to hit. 

Other Performance Qualities

While testing to see how the Soft Feel balls performed on the course, I observed a few other performance qualities. Let’s review them below.


Of course, it should be pretty clear that the Soft Feel ball’s design focus is distance, unlike the other Srixon sets. But other elements affect the test for the distance, which might be essential to note for gameplay. Weather conditions make it a little tricky as most shots with this ball are pretty lofty, allowing the wind to affect trajectory.

Inconsistency like this can hamper confidence for amateurs who will find it challenging to choose the best club. 

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The colors that the Srixon balls come in make it an exceptional choice for tracking during unfavorable weather and low visibility like dew or hazy skies. Whether finding your balls from the fairway, greens or tees is no problem except during the early morning when the sun isn’t entirely out yet.


The Srixon Soft Feel balls are fun to work with because they’re pretty different from the regular balls with their traditional feel. However, I found it more enjoyable to work with the expectations that it is a distance ball and nothing more. Hoping to get great spins out of this ball will keep you from enjoying what exactly it has to offer; distance and a soft feel. 

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  1. I have found the right ball this time. Tried many and this is the one. It matches my age and my swing speed while it performs straight on my target and happy with chip shots close to green. I’m a bit disapointed with 5 and 7 iron performance but I think because of my age it may be due to shaft choice of old clubs. thank you love this ball (green) see it better. Love the game

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