How Much Does It Cost To Play Augusta National? (2023 Price)

how much does it cost to play augusta national

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Ranking at no. 2 in the ‘100 Greatest Golf Clubs’ by Golf Digest, Augusta National Golf Club is probably one of the hardest golf courses to get on. 

Not only does it host the Masters Tournament, but also cloisters some of the most influential people in the world like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Pat Battle, Roger Goodell, Dan Yates, and more. 

Getting invited to play at the Augusta National is a dream for every golfer including me! 

How Much Does It Cost to Play Augusta National? 

To have a shot at playing Augusta National, you will either have to be a member or arrive as a guest and pay a $40 guest fee.Their initial fee is much lower than most exclusive golf clubs. Augusta National Golf club’s membership price includes: 

  • Initiation fee: A one time charge ranging between $20,000-$40,000
  • Monthly dues: $300, or less than $4,000 annually 
Hole 10 At Augusta

Augusta National Golf Club: At a Glance

Founded by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts in 1932, Augusta National Club has been hosting the prestigious Masters Tournament since 1934. Plush with flowers & trees, this private golf club is built upon land which once used to be a fruit tree nursery. 

This club has seen many changes over the years, but is known for its renowned  history and only inviting the most elite businessmen in the States. This is a private club with close to 300 members, which can only be invited if an existing member leaves or passes away.

According to a recent report, Augusta National made $141 million revenue from the Masters golf tournament, nearly half of which came from merchandise and TV rights. 

Fun Fact: The Master’s font is specially designed for the event.

Is Augusta the Hardest Golf Course? 

Every golf enthusiast has at least once dreamed of playing at Augusta. However, limited slots and invites make it incredibly hard for anyone to go up there and play amidst the beautiful magnolias. 

This golf course has a course rating of 76, making it the toughest golf course to play on in the United States. Its layout, known for its beauty, is incredibly challenging. Its back nine, marked by the row of 11, 12 and 13 (Amen Corner), is the most remarkable theatre in golf owing to its reachable par-fives and tricky par-threes which decide the Masters champion every year. 

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Fast greens, broad fairways, towering pine trees and multiple changes in elevation characterize the expansive course. 

Did you know? Amateur players have their own secret room at the Augusta National. Known as ‘Crows Nest’, this room is filled with lore and pictures of golf legends that stayed there previously (Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Ben Crenshaw, etc.). 

Augusta Membership Cost

If you get an invitation from this club, consider yourself incredibly lucky! One needs to have a heavy wallet and a well-known background to be considered for an invite. 

Augusta National Golf prices include initiation fees between $20,000 to $40,000 and an annual fee between 2-4 grand per member. The same initiation fees used to be nearly $350 during the 1950s, which is roughly $5,000 in today’s time. 

Compared to some other private clubs, this is not that high. Their association does not charge an extravagant amount probably due to the heavy amount earned from TV events every year. 

Becoming a Member

The chances of becoming a member for an average person are worse than hitting a jackpot! Some even believe that if you apply manually, your chances of getting an invite plummet even further. 

However, there are some ways by which you can still make your way into the course, more on that later. 

Public can also visit the course with a valid ticket during the masters tournament. You can also attend the Masters if you have a patron badge. These badges are given out at a charge of $375 per year and are valid for the holders’ lifetime. 

Visitors get to watch one week of festivities and the Masters. Badge holders can also bring their children with them: ages 8-16 can attend for free. 

Augusta conducts a lottery two times every year on their official website. Players need to apply 10 months in advance. Patron badge owners can also go for a practice round on Monday/ Tuesday which costs upto $1200. 

Famous Augusta National Members

Augusta has prominent members from all walks of society, ranging from politics to the tech world. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are two members who do not need an introduction. Other notable personalities are CEOs from companies such as IBM, Bank of America, American Express, General Electric, etc. 

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Famous sports figures like NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Pat Haden, Lynn Swann; are also members of the club. Augusta National also welcomed their first female members in 2014: Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore. 

Fun fact: They only give one green jacket to the winners of the Masters Golf Tournament. If a player wins again, he is presented with the same jacket again, which has a highly coveted status, but only costs $250. Click here to know more. 

Ways You Can Play At Augusta National Golf Club

Apart from being a member, here are some ways with which you can possibly make your dream come true and play at the Augusta National Club. 

  • Knowing a Member 
  • Winning the Media Ballot
  • Qualifying for Masters 
  • Volunteering at the masters which earns you an ‘Appreciation day’. 
  • Being a part of Augusta University’s golf team 
  • Working at the club 


Why is Augusta Closed During the Summer? 

Owing to Augusta’s humid climate post the summer months, the club remains closed from May to October and only meets on a seasonal basis.

What is the Most Expensive Golf Course to Join? 

The Liberty National Golf Club in New Jersey is the most expensive golf course. The initial price of joining this club starts from a whopping $450,000. 

Where is Augusta Golf Course? 

Augusta National Golf Course is located in Augusta, Georgia. This location is roughly a 2 hour drive from Georgia, Atlanta. 

Is Augusta for Profit? 

Unlike many clubs in the top 100 which are non-profit, Augusta is a ‘for-profit’ club. Any information regarding holdings, membership sales, income, etc. is always kept private.

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