SkyTrak Launch Monitor Review And Test (2023 Update)

skytrak launch monitor review

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If you are planning on buying a launch monitor for yourself, chances are the SkyTrak name has come up. SkyTrak prides itself on the ability to simulate golf course conditions and results while keeping the price of the launch monitor reasonable. 

The SkyTrak is a launch monitor I have tried, and I was impressed with the accuracy of this launch monitor. If you want the ins and outs on what is good and bad about this SkyTrak, I have all the info you need. 

SkyTrak Launch Monitor Features and Benefits

skytrak launch monitor on table

The SkyTrak Launch Monitor is known for being extremely accurate for an affordable launch monitor, especially for golf simulators under $5000. Most of the time, when you increase accuracy, you increase pricing, but in this case, you won’t find that. 

Take a look at some of the features and benefits of the SkyTrak Launch Monitor. There is a lot of info here, as the SkyTrak has many impressive features. 

Data Parameters SkyTrak Measures 

The SkyTrak can measure five things when you have it set up and in simulator mode. 

  • Ball speed
  • Back spin
  • Side spin
  • Side angle 
  • Back spin 

The SkyTrak will then take those five measurements to gather the information you need. Whether you are practicing or playing using the SkyTrak, the information you need may vary; here is what to expect. 

  • Carry distance
  • Roll distance
  • Total distance 
  • Clubhead speed
  • Angle of descent
  • Distance offline 
  • Flightpath with an apex height 
  • Hang time

The bottom line is that SkyTrak can give you the information you need to have a highly accurate simulator experience. 

Simulator Software Plans 

skytrak software

There are three plans that you can choose from when you get a SkyTrak golf launch monitor. The basic plan will not cost anything additional. 

With the basic plan, you get to take advantage of the 3D practice range with shot tracer technology; you get all the ball performance data you need and, of course, shot replay. 

If you want to use your SkyTrak for a bit more than this, then you will need to purchase the Game Improvement Plan or the WGT Play and Improve. The Game Improvement Plan allows for skills challenges and opens up other software options to play golf. 

The WGT Play and Improve plan is the most expensive, but it gives you access to ten golf courses. 

Skills Challenges

skytrak skills challenges

One of the most important parts of purchasing a launch monitor is ensuring that you use it. If you want to use the launch monitor more, you will appreciate the skills challenges that SkyTrak has incorporated into this model. 

Not only is practice more purposeful, but you can also keep track of how well you are performing as you make changes to your golf game. 

Bag Mapping

skytrak bag mapping

As a serious golfer, one of the most important facts I have in my head at any given time is the distance I’m able to hit each club. I even know this distance changes slightly if I change golf balls. 

I need to know how far the ball goes if I expect to find any type of consistency in my golf game. What I love about SkyTrak bag mapping is that it doesn’t only give you information for total distance, but it also helps you calculate carry distance. 

If you find yourself coming up short from time to time, the bag mapping could be eye-opening. This is one of the best features for carrying over to the golf course. 

Shot Optimizer

skytrak shot optimizer

When you first start using the SkyTrak launch monitor, it will collect a ton of data about your golf swing and your tendencies on the golf course. This information is then used to help SkyTrak make recommendations for golf clubs that you should use on the course. 

The SkyTrak will look at the course conditions as well as your history and determine the best club choice for your needs. It’s an impressive feature that works well for golfers who are just learning the game. 

Environmental Controls

The SkyTrak launch monitor allows you to set the humidity, elevation, and temperature as you play and practice. 

If you are currently living in Denver and used to the higher altitude, it’s smart to set the launch monitor to match. For those living at sea level, you want your results to be as close as possible to the current conditions on the course. 

Limited Space Requirements 

Some launch monitors require that you have a very large space to play, but the SKyTrak is one of the best for smaller spaces. 

With the SkyTrak launch monitor, you just need the ability to swing. It collects all the data it needs just after you make impact with the ball. 

Some monitors require you to put it several feet behind you and have plenty of room in front to be able to read the launch; with the SkyTrak, that won’t be an issue. 

Difference Between SkyTrak and Premium Launch Monitors

With SkyTrak being known as one of the best launch monitors under $2000 and the fact that it’s supposed to be highly accurate for its price, what makes it any different than a premium model? The major difference comes down to the information that SkyTrak measures and calculates. 

SkyTrak does not measure club path, face angle, face to path, attack angle, dynamic loft, swing plane, spin loft, spin axis, or swing direction. You can still have a great user experience without this data. 

However, for golfers that are thinking of turning professional or starting a golf club fitting or simulator business, the SkyTrak is not the best solution. 

It is a great solution if you want to build a golf simulator for under $5000.

What I Like About The SkyTrak Launch Monitor? 

Overall I was impressed with the SkyTrak Launch monitor. I found that the results were accurate, and they did a good job of representing my results had I been out on the golf course. 

In addition, the SkyTrak golf app is really fun to work with. There are interesting stats and skills challenges that make practice more fun. 

I found that the SkyTrak and the way it is designed made me want to use it more. 

If I had to recommend the SkyTrak to a friend, I would highly recommend it. The value you get for the technology that this SkyTrak comes with makes it a smart purchase decision. 

What I Don’t Like About The SkyTrak Launch Monitor

Of course, with any product review I do, I try to give you both sides of the story. Of course, I find the SkyTrak great for a $2000 launch monitor, but I don’t think it compares to something like the Trackman. 

The load-up times are a little slow on the SkyTrak and if you are left that you are friends with, using the SkyTrak is a bit of a pain. There is no easy way to switch back and forth and get the SkyTrak to accurately record the data. 

In addition, the SkyTrak launch monitor is not all that accurate on shorter chip shots. So far, I have found that only the most premium models of launch monitor technology can get accurate short-game results. 

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Packages 

The SkyTrak golf simulator is not quite as much fun all on its own. If you want to play full rounds of golf at home with your friends and family, you will need the full simulator setup. 

These three packages, the SwingBay, Retractable, and Practice, give you some great options to consider when looking for the complete SkyTrak package. 

SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator Package

The SkyTrak SwingBay is a complete golf simulator package. If you were shopping for something like this years ago, it probably would have cost you double the price. 

Golf simulator packages are becoming easier to set up and easier to afford as well. This SwingBay golf simulator package comes with the SkyTrak Launch Monitor and the protective case. 

In addition, you get access to the SkyTrak App and Game Improvement Software. 

To complete the full experience of a hitting bay, the SwingBay Enclosure, screen, and side netting are also included. The laptop, golf mat, and short throw projector are thrown in as well. 

If you don’t want to take the time to piece together a golf simulator package, the SkyTrak SwingBay combination is ideal. 

SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator Package

If you want a home simulator setup but have a little less space, the SkyTrak is already a great solution. However, when you combine it with retractable netting, things get even better. 

The SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator package comes with the same SkyTrak and the protective cover. In addition, the SkyTrak App and Game Improvement Software are also included. 

With the HomeCourse Retractable Screen and the Ceiling and Wall Mount Kit, you can just open and close when you need or don’t need the simulator setup. An Optoma 1080P Short Throw projector is included to make it easier to get that real golf course experience. 

This retractable screen does not have as much side netting, so make sure you are careful as you use it. 

SkyTrak Practice Golf Simulator Package

For those on a budget, the SkyTrak Practice Golf Simulator Package is the most affordable. In fact, this is one of the best ways to get a simulator in your house without blowing your golf budget. 

The package comes with a launch monitor, a protective case, software, a hitting mat, and even a laptop with gaming capabilities. 

Where you will save your money here is that it comes with a standard hitting net. That means if you are going for the full simulator experience, it will be a little more difficult. 

Instead of looking at a screen in front of you with all the information and watching your shot, you will have to look over at the gaming laptop. If you don’t mind this, and you don’t need the screen and projector in front of you, the SkyTrak Practice is a great choice. 

The only thing I caution about here is the lack of side walls. A missed shot will do some damage to walls, so be ready for that with some sort of plan. 

Even with these less expensive SkyTrak packages, expect that you are still getting the same highly accurate SkyTrak technology. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you are still on the fence about the SkyTrak and whether or not it’s the right launch monitor for you, here are a few questions that may help to clear things up. 

How accurate is the SkyTrak launch monitor?

The SkyTrak launch monitor is not as accurate as the Trackman or Foresight GC3, but you will find that the numbers produced will be within 1 to 3% of the numbers you get with the premium launch monitors. 

How much does SkyTrak cost?

SkyTrak is sold for just less than $2000. 

Can you use SkyTrak without a subscription?

SkyTrak can be used without a subscription, but it is not going to have nearly as many features. Mostly SkyTrak is just a practice and data collection tool unless you have a subscription, where it becomes more entertaining and involved. 

How accurate is SkyTrak compared to Trackman?

SkyTrak is not as accurate as the Trackman, yet it is still said to be within 3% of the accuracy of the Trackman. 

Should SkyTrak be level with hitting the surface?

SkyTrak works best when it is set up on the same playing surface as where you are hitting the ball. The numbers seem more accurate, and the reading of the data happens faster. 

Final Thoughts 

At this point, you should have a much better idea as to what to expect from the SkyTrak golf launch monitor. This is an impressive tool, but it’s also a big investment for many golfers. 

The bottom line here is that if accuracy matters to you and you want a launch monitor that balances accuracy with overall performance and capabilities, the SkyTrak is a great choice to consider. 

In addition, for those building out a simulator, the SkyTrak is an affordable solution for the golf launch monitor piece of the puzzle.

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