Star EV Golf Cart Review: Testing These Golf Carts In 2023

star ev golf cart review

When I think about purchasing a golf cart, my mind goes right to playing golf. However, for some golf cart owners, the idea of using the golf cart to play a round is completely foreign. 

Golf carts are becoming a very popular mode of transportation for golfers and non-golfers. One of the leaders in street-legal golf cart designs is the Star EV. 

Star EV doesn’t say you can’t play golf in their carts; they are just more concerned about safety and functionality on the roads. I recently researched and tested some Star EV golf carts to give you a better idea of what to expect from these models. 

Star EV Golf Cart Models

The first thing you will notice about the Star EV golf carts is that you can really customize these and choose something that fits your specific needs. There are four models to choose from, and they all have varying price points and features. 


star ev classic lineup

The Classic is the standard of the base model, and there are options for carts with 2, 4, 6, or 8 seats. With the Classic, you will have room for the whole family as well as the safety you need to drive on the streets. 

Everything about this cart is manufactured to comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Standards. The visibility is impressive and overall noise is considerably lower than other roadside vehicles. 

Expect about 25 miles in maxed-out speed here. In addition, there are options for lithium-ion batteries and a large selection of colors for golf cart owners to choose from. 

If you recently moved into a golf cart community and need a solution, this would be the place to start with Star EV. 


star ev capella lineup

The Capella would be the cart I would choose if I needed a mix between a golf cart and a street cart. With the Capella, you have some unique customization options, but the cart does come street-legal. 

One of the things that Star EV is pretty adamant about is the fact that after-market parts to turn a cart street-legal are not as good of a choice. 

Essentially you will want to always choose a golf cart built from the start to be legal on the roads. When all the parts can work together, there will be maximum safety involved. 

The Capella comes in a 2, 4, and 6 seat model just like many models from Tomberlin golf carts.

Sirius and Sirius Lifted 

star ev golf carts lineup for Sirius models

The Sirius and the Sirius Lifted are the last two options from Star EV. 

The Sirius is quickly becoming the most popular legal street vehicle in the Star EV lineup. When you look at the Sirius compared to other models across the industry, you can tell this one stands out from a performance and looks standpoint. 

As with all other Star EV golf carts, the Sirius and Sirius lifted are compliant for use on the road. In addition, there are some unique features in this particular model. 

LED automotive lighting systems include headlights with high beams, daytime running lights, Roofline LED brake lights, hazard lights, turn signals, and full-color speedometer, making this a really safe and easy-to-drive the cart. 

If you are looking for an eco-friendly way to get around your neighborhood and enjoy being outdoors, the Sirius is a great choice. The lifted model gives some great usability for rougher roads or those who prefer to be up a little higher. 

Star EV Golf Cart Features and Benefits 

Now that you have a better idea of the Star EV models, let’s break down some of the most critical features and benefits of this golf cart brand.

As you will quickly learn, the street legal functionality is, without a doubt, the selling point of these Star EV golf carts. 

Street Legal Features

Taking a golf cart that was not street legal and turning it into one can be a process. However, when you get your Star EV, it will be ready to drive on the street that day. There are some strict requirements for taking a golf cart on the road. 

The Star EV carts come with a backup camera, have low sound emissions to be compliant, have a VIN number, and have reflex reflectors. In addition, the speeds on these carts are usually in the 25-30 mph range. 

star ev golf cart on grass

In addition, there are other features that make the cart more usable on the road. These include a full-color display, self cancelling turn signals, LED headlights, and independent suspension with double A arms. 

Even the pain used on the Star EV is a vehicle paint that will last a long time and keep your cart in great shape. Street Legal carts really take a different level of attention when they are created, and Star EV did a great job with it. 


The Star EV golf carts come standard with a two year warranty. This is a bit shorter than you will find in other golf cart models. 

However, the one reason that I think the warranty is a little shorter is that these are street legal carts. Sometimes riding on the road increases wear and tear on the cart because of the conditions. 

The warranty is something that you will want in place but be prepared to replace batteries and tires over time. Some individual dealers may offer an option for an extended warranty. 


Customization features are great from Star EV. You can choose between some of the following upgrades and custom features: 

  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Seat belts
  • Cooler 
  • Matching roof 
  • LED lighting 
  • Premium windshield
  • Premium steeling
  • Brush guard
  • Front storage net 
  • Back up camera 
  • Battery filling system 

The Ride 

The ride in the Star EV golf carts is excellent. At high speeds, the cart still feels stable enough. 

I don’t think it has the most impressive ride when compared to other premium golf cart manufacturers. I think at some point, consumers have to choose what they are looking for, and if you want something that is soft and comfortable to ride, it’s probably not a large street-legal cart. 

Something like a club car two seater built for luxury on the course would probably be a better option for those particular about the ride. 

Model Selections

I was impressed with the overall number of models to choose from with Star EV. You can see they are pushing the Sirus, and Sirius lifted lines, but the options for Classic and Capella are great to have. 

Website and Shopping Experience

The Star EV website is excellent. You will be able to review all of the features that these carts have and why they have become some of the best-known street legal carts in the industry. 

Star EV Golf Carts Pricing

The pricing on the Star EV golf carts is going to be a little higher than other golf cart models. This has to do with the fact that they come as a street-legal golf carts from the start. 

If you were to make the necessary modifications to make a cart street-legal, you would also pay for this in addition to the price of your base model. The Star EV golf cart pricing starts closer to the $12,000 range and can continue up higher than $20,00. 

Remember that when you purchase something like the Star EV, it’s really like buying another vehicle. 

Star EV Golf Carts: Our Take 

I recently did several golf cart reviews, and the Star EV carts were one of my favorite options. These carts have such great variety in their custom features, and the safety technology really made them stand out as one of the best street-legal options there are. 


Expect pricing to be a little high, yet the value is strong. If you don’t want to pay quite as much out of pocket, stay away from the Sirius model and look at the Classic instead. 


Although there are a ton of customization options and features that you can add to the Star EV, the cart does come standard with some great features for the price. 


I don’t love the fact that the warranty is only two years. However, the overall quality of the cart does not seem to be an issue. If you can find a dealer that offers an extended warranty, it is probably a good thing to take advantage of. 

Final Thoughts

I hope you are now feeling a bit more confident about the Star EV golf carts and what they have to offer. This is one of my favorite options for those that live in a beach or golf lifestyle community. 

The cart is safe to take on the road, comfortable, and plenty of room enough to store all of your belongings. If you are looking for a fair price, make sure you compare how much it would be to add all of the features that the Star EV offers to any other brand. 

If you compare features to features, you get some great value here and a cart that will give you peace of mind when taking your family around town. 

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